Monday, 1 September 2014

September - 30 Days of PRAISE!

Hello everyone!

It's a brand new month and it's excting to see the 9th month of the year 2014!!!!!

Thank God for the gift of life! I was thinking some days back about how much more difficult it is to survive in our world today (bombings, threats of bombings, diseases {Ebola}, sicknesses, threats of diseases, natural disasters, missing planes, kidnappers, accidents etc).. There are so many threats to life and living that it's a miracle to still be alive each day.. Thank You Jesus for life!! I really do appreciate this wonderful gift!

Last year on the blog in September, we had a Month of Praise.. It was 30days of doing nothing but celebrating the awesomeness of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit each day.. I had a wonderful time doing it! It was pleasurable researching and talking about the many names of God and the many diversities of the nature of God! It is inexhaustible and absolutely amazing!

So this month, I would like to invite you to join me as we do it again and hopefully even better!!

We would shout His praise from the roof-top and exalt Him!

I would like to ask that you send in a song or anything - it could be a picture, a poem, a letter, a dance- anything at all that expresses praise to Him in your own way.. Like David, let's play before the Lord our Maker!

Each day, I will publish a Praise-post and we can praise-along!!


30Days of Praise - #Day1

One of my favourite songs is 'With You' by James Fortune & FIYA feat Kim Burrell, from his 'Identity' album. The words of the song are so amazing.... Let me share the chorus with you:

With You, I find my strength
With You, I can hold on
With You, I know I'm covered
No greater power than You
No god is greater than You

As in, I am in love with this song. It helps me to express the fact that with God I can survive anything! That He is the strength that never fails and that with Him, life is worth living despite the ups and down, and that I will finish with a smile.

That when I have You Lord, I have ALL that I need in this life and beyond. You complete me, You are altogether perfect for me. And the best thing about it is that no other person could do what You do or can do. No greater power than You, no god is greater than You.

I went through a very tough time in 2012 - singing this song and practically declaring the words of this song helped me a great deal. I kept on repeating it like a chant, that Lord "With You, I find my strength, with You I can hold on...."

I love music (A LOT) and my friends know this. So when I was in the throes of hurt and at that 'Lord, why me' place lol, my darling friend would say to me "Ayo, listen to your songs now.. Listen to the words that you sing and let it speak to you..." (God bless her :-) .. At first I was like "Noooo, I just want to wallow in self-pity" (said in my mind lol) but I listened, and how it blessed me!

This is to the God who was with me through it all, who is with me today, with me tomorrow and with me forever... I praise YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Please share too! What praise song lifts up your spirit when you're down? Have you been through a difficult time? What helped? Would you like to publicly praise God for it? Please send me an email at xx


  1. I love that song so much!!!
    I'm looking forward to being a part of this...

  2. I'm so glad you're doing this again. I remember last year, it was a great testimony and ministry. Praise party time!!! I'm excited and looking forward to our 30 days praise party.

  3. Woohooo! Sounds fun...I'd love to play and praise too! :)

  4. @Isioma, Yesss! I am excited too! And I can't wait for your praise expression hun :-) xx
    @HF, Awww, thanks a lot dear. I am very grateful.. Hope you'll be a part of it too.. God bless you hun xx
    @Gee, Yayyyyy!! Let's do this!! :-D :-D

  5. Super excited! This is a wonderful idea looking forward to participating. May we all have a blessed month.

  6. My Praise is all about you by Anita Wilson....Though most time i struggle with focusing on the problem but when i finally get cleared i run to this song to remind myself of some truths....
    THANK you Lord for all you've done for me:)))

    1. My Praise song is "All about you"

    2. Thank you Lord! Thanks for sharing that song, I am going to listen too :-) xx

  7. When my life is really screwed up, self pity always looks like the best way out. you know you feel that strength only comes from the sorry's, and the ehya's. But you see, i learnt last night, that no matter how (Please can i Curse just this once? Please) fu**ed up my life is, there is always a reason to be grateful to my GOD. Last night was a total level of scare, but I thank GOD cause it could have been worse. may GOD strengthen you Ayo. Keep keeping on Bubba. Cheers


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