Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Wow! I am his helper

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you” John 14:26

Ladies! Do you realise that the bible refers to you as a HELPER (Genesis 2:18). Your responsibility to your husband is likened to that of the Holy Spirit to us – isn't that amazing and humbling? You have a very special position and role in your husband’s life and destiny. Please don’t let self, society and fear stop you from fulfilling this God-given role.

Many times, when a wife is referred to as her husband’s helper according to the word of God, there are many reactions that follow. Sometimes, the word helper sounds so…. I don’t know “not quite lofty” lol.. However, recently I have begun to see the unique privilege it is to be called his helper. Why? Because I learnt that the Holy Spirit was referred to as the Helper – and that it in no way diminished His power in our lives, rather it shows that He enables us to do things beyond what our natural ability and strength would allow us do and very importantly, without Him, we can do nothing.

In the next few posts, I will be discussing the attributes and the powerful role of a God-ly wife to her husband inspired by the attributes of the Holy Spirit.

No 1 – Our Advocate (John 15:26 - NIV)

The dictionary defines an Advocate as ‘A person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy’.

As my husband’s helper, one of my roles is to give him support at all times. I will be in a position to give him good recommendation to all people. I have a special role to be his no 1 fan and cheerleader. As his wife, I will not stand where people criticise him or speak ill of him rather, I will be on hand to make him shine before their eyes by stating and professing his many wonderful qualities and attributes.

From my lips will not be found anything negative to say about him – whether it be in front of him or at his back.

It will be my privilege to champion his cause and ensure that people believe in him and his dreams as much as possible. Even when he is in the wrong, I have the wonderful responsibility of ensuring that I speak well of him so that people will see the good in him. It will not be my place to judge him or condemn him. By God’s grace (cause it will take only the grace of God), I will be his friend and confidant in and out of season.

And in order to fulfill this great and humbling privilege, I will never neglect to seek (desperately) the help of the ultimate Helper.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

My darling and precious King, my best friend, my All in All, I celebrate You.

You are so good, it's unreal but I know it's definitely real because I experience your goodness on a daily basis.

Thank You for the gift of being alive. I hear of so many people dying, lives being wasted, people dying for being at the wrong place or being at a place at the wrong time. However, you have in your mercy kept my family, friends, loved ones and I in your safety. I bless Your most holy name.

Thank You for the blood of Jesus! Thank you for the miracle in the blood and the name of Jesus. A name that's high above every single name - in heaven, on earth or underneath the earth.. Wow, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, what an awesome wonder You are!

I'm grateful for the season I am in in life for I know that to everything on earth, there is a time and a season and right now, I am grateful for this season because I believe that there is a purpose. My no 1 Personality, please let me recognise the purpose for this season and let me not miss nor overlook it in Jesus name.

Help me to enjoy my single state, knowing that it's a gift of time to do so many things and explore many areas. Help me to learn how to enjoy it and not allow anxiety to spoil the experience for me.

And Lord when my David comes (cause You know I desire a David - a man after your own heart, your beloved, in my care while we remain on earth), let me recognise him. When He comes Daddy, help us to relate to each other with love, wisdom and the fear of God.

The King of my heart, I declare my love to You again, above all else, today and always.

Your forever girl,
One xx

Friday, 12 April 2013

Dear Daddy

My dear Daddy,

How are you this lovely Friday evening? (What time of the day is it actually in heaven? What heavenly clock operates there? Hmmm, I wonder! I guess I'll get to find out when I get there)

You see my Best Friend, that's why I really really have to get to heaven, to see You face to face, to experience what it means to truly behold You face to face - WOW!. To ask You questions that my heart longs to ask.

You know I'm a curious cookie. I love to enquire, to ask questions, to find out things, so please get ready to answer numerous questions lol

I love You always Daddy, You make my whole life worth living.

I am grateful for eternity with YOU.

Your forever girl,
One xxxx

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Trust?! Err..

If you say you trust him / her, act like you do..

I used to have trust issues and I also wanted to be in a mutually committed and faithful relationship.. Can you already tell where the trouble would start?

Well if you can't tell yet, I will be happy to let you know.. It made me very paranoid and extra-nosy.. My friends fondly refer to me as Investigator Extraordinnaire (IE)..

So usually, here is the drill - Girl meets nice guy, girl thinks hmmm something good in the offing, girl starts MAJOR investigating paroles.. (I was also kind enough to offer free services to my friends :-)

Social media doesn't help my situation.. facebook et al and then GOOGLE is my best friend! When I lived in the UK, it made it a lot easier.. Everything there is on the internet so if I type your name, information will come up and I will be able to deduce what you do, if you do, how you do etc etc (Are you shaking your head at me, I  know I am doing it myself!)

Well, as you would also be able to tell, it didn't work out well for me at all.. So many things I could point out, but end point was that it made me a very bad partner / girlfriend etc.. I used to say to myself "Don't kill yourself before your time"

I was so fixed on ensuring that I wasn't being taken for a fool or being cheated on that I checked and checked!

Now, some people may have issues like this and let me say (as you probably already know), it is one of the the most unhealthy habit to have in a relationship.

1. A major factor in relationships is TRUST. If you don't trust him / her, you shouldn't be with them.
2. Sometimes, trust issues are purely an individual thing, it's the state of YOUR mind.
3. The first step to renewing your mind is to admit that you have issues in that area for whatever reason (previous relationship, bad experience in life, family history etc)
4. You need God to help you! You need to openly admit it and pray to God for help to break that pattern.
5. Don't rush into relationships, as bad relationships only worsen the situation.
6. Keep busy. As flippant as it sounds, the worst periods of nosiness and paranoia is when you have nothing to do.
7. Re-affirm yourself. Have faith and confidence in yourself enough to believe that you are worth being with.
8. Resist the urge! No, don't look at their phone / facebook inbox etc
9. When you fall, ask God again for grace! And then start again

I will be glad to know what you think or if you have any helpful suggestions?

God bless xx

Monday, 8 April 2013

It's definitely a love thang!

Sometimes I love my mum and sometimes she makes me absolutely CRAZY!!

She has that unique ability that many mothers have to make you frustrated one minute and fall absolutely in love with them all over again the next!

What makes this relationship more complicated is the fact that we are so alike in many ways like people rightly observe and comment on - I think this is primarily one of the reasons why we drive each other up the wall many times!

My mum is one of the strongest women I know! She was built with very tough stuff mehn! And sometimes I marvel at the extent of her strength. Just like many mothers, her resilience is award-worthy!

I was reading on Aloted's twitter handle earlier today that sometimes those closest to us are our worst critic and I just had to agree with her. One of the first people that came to my mind was my mother! Oh lawdy lawd.. I could be like "Oh mummy, guess what!?! I got this job" and her response will be like "I don't get your excitement at that"

TRANSLATION - I think that job is beneath you, you can do better!.

On the flip side, along with my sis, she is my BIGGEST cheerleader! My mum's belief in me is humbling! She firmly doesn't believe that there is nothing that I cannot achieve and just when I'm about to rest on my oars or settle for less, she's just round the corner to encourage me to get better, to push harder, to not quit and just press forward to reach for the best.

When I was younger (I remember this always with much fondness) if you come and tell my mum something negative about me. pssshhh, you're just wasting your time. She would say "I know my daughter, she would not do such a thing" *I smile even as I remember and write* - (And most often, she was correct.. the other times *shrugs shoulders* lol)
And this graciousness she extended to all my siblings as well..

And relationships? As I have become of age to 'officially' date (we wouldn't tell her about the younger runs now would we?) We both enjoy the gists of the 'toasters' and earnestly pray for the right one to come! (And come he will :-) And when my heart was breaking under the weight of the end of my last relationship, she was ready to 'shake me up' + tell me how special I am and how God will only give me the best. (My husband gast to get along with this great woman!)

As I grow older, I try again and again by God's grace to understand how best to relate to this woman with whom I'm so alike that it drives us bonkers lol!

I'm beginning to learn that her love language must be 'Acts of Service' - She feels special and loved when I go out of my way to do things for her and that's possibly because she wouldn't hesitate to do so and much more.. In all her 'hardness', she has the softest, kindness and most tender of hearts.. A true woman of GOD..

*Please God, give me the grace to make my mama proud and extra extra comfortable in this world*


Friday, 5 April 2013

Dear Daddy

My Dearest Daddy,

The Love of my life, my Everlasting Love. My Beautiful King who sits on His matchless throne of glory.

How I adore You!

In the words of the songwriter, you make my life so beautiful - the more I know You, the more I want to know You.

The more I find out about You, the more I fall in love with You and know that I certainly want to do life and eternity with You. With You, I can do ALL things. With You nothing is impossible for me to achieve.

You change my life, You make life worth living, You make waking up each morning - amidst the news of chaos and disaster around the world, heartbreaks and disappointments - worth it. I look forward to growing my relationship with You and falling deeper and deeper in love with You.

Thank You for your mercy, thank You for your kindness, thank You for your compassion to me. I'm grateful for the fact that You know me inside out and yet still choose to love all of me. Oh, I bless the day that walked forward to publicly acknowledge that henceforth You are the LORD of my life. Thank You Daddy.

Thank You for the testimonies of this week, for cheering me up with the amazing news :-) My heart rejoices in You.

May I use this opportunity Daddy to ask that on behalf of the person reading this post that You put a smile on their face as well and give them something to sing about. Please Daddy, as You do for me again and again, grant them the desires of their heart. Most importantly Daddy, please let them grow in the knowledge of You and make their walk with You beautiful - That's the best thing that could ever happen to any man.

Thank You Daddy, You are All Together Lovely.

Your forever girl,
One xx

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Can you die for your wife?

Hiya all!

How was your Easter long weekend? Aren't you extra grateful that Jesus Christ came to die for you and I? (What if he rose after 1 week - mehnn that's one week holiday! lol, iKid).
I'm very grateful for the sacrifice and blood of Jesus..

*Side note* Remember that the bible says that the man must love his wife like Christ loved the church and laid down His life for it.... I hope he is willing to die for you? (I hope he will be willing to lay his life for me!)

Thinking - Do you think a man would be willing to die for his wife in today's world? Are there men like that?

My ex-boyfriend once said that he could die for his family members and some friends and to be honest, looking at the way he handled his relationships with family and close friends made me believe it could be possible.

He wasn't an 'oh let's spend all the time in the world together' kinda guy but he was an epitome of loyalty and devotion. He was / is devoted to his family, to people, to his church (very) and his work (passionate more like)...

There are some people who love their children so much that they wouldn't hesitate to give up their own lives for their wellbeing. I know a number of parents who have been put to the test and have put their lives on the line or their health at risk in order to save their children.

Infact there are some children who love their parents so much that they wouldn't mind stepping in line to save their lives. Once, while growing up, my mum fell ill (a parent falling ill can be one of the most frightening of things for children) and I remember my brother praying desperately in his childhood adoration love for his mum, that the sickness would be transferred to him so that she wouldn't have to suffer (to God be the glory, it was only mild malaria and she soon recovered - I am happy to say that both mother and brother are alive and hearty :-D )

Such is the kind of love that can exist between two human beings.. So, it's possible.

So I guess the question for the day would be "Do you think your man would be willing to lay his life for you?" / As a man, would you be willing to lay down your life for your wife?