Friday 6 December 2013

White Christmas in Lagos!

Tuesday was OFF THE CHAIN!!!!!!!!

I started my Christmas in styleee yo!

So, for those who follow me on twitter @1plustheone, you may have seen me mention on my TL that the RCCG City of David Christmas Musical Concert '13 was the place to be on Tuesday the 3rd of December.. If you were not there, the only thing I have to say to you is "You should have listened to me!!"


It was simply magnificent! WOW!

I know City of David has excellence embedded in its framework but this was just so superb!

Initially, when I saw the invitation card and I read 'White Christmas'.. In my mind I was like "Hmm.. White Christmas in Nigeria.. ermm there's a reason why it's referred to as 'white' Christmas oh!" but I thought let me not under-estimate this people..


When my friends and I got to the venue, the first thing I noticed was the place teeming with people!  I was like huh? Have I just dulled myself by not arriving earlier? Would I have to sit outside in the overflow and not get a live view?!! I also noticed that they seemed to be fascinated by the car-park for some reason which I didn't quite understand.. Until I saw the white top of what looked like a large tent.. When I saw the FULL picture, I almost squealed to myself in delight!! Wowieeeeeeeeee!


The car-park had been transformed into a picturesque Winter wonderland!!! I was soooo excited! The tent was all white with re-creations of ice and snow! Honestly it looked so beautiful! Like a movie-set! I had to mentally applaud the sheer creativity! I was like "Yeahhh.. They promised a White Christmas, we sure got one!".

Next, I saw what was a pre-concert cocktail with small chops (light refreshments) and mixed drinks being served to all - and there was a crowd! At this point, all I wanted to ensure was that I was able to secure a good seat! (I sadly missed out on the food *sob sob*) So I walked quickly upstairs to the hall and waited with other fellow enthusiasts to run get into the room as soon as doors were opened..

Now, the concert itself.. I don't quite have words enough to describe what was a very well produced, fully entertaining, blessed and joyous evening.. (I spent Wednesday evening at home re-living the evening through videos I recorded!). The voices were just divine.. There was a buffet of traditional Christmas carols, an infusion of jazz-y carol, Christmas carol with a Nigerian twist (loved the animal song and the lead vocalist was OMGoodness!), carols in languages that existed before my fore-fathers! It was simply amazing!

One of my favourite Christmas songs is 'Oh Holy Night' and I was hoping they would do it but was disappointed that it wasn't listed in the programme of events. However, a young lady was introduced to play the violin (I loveee violins by the way!) and we were told that she would be playing Oh holy night.. I was a bit cheered up but I thought I would have preferred it being sung UNTIL she played! Wow!!! Honestly God has truly bestowed talents on His children. She played accompanied by the piano and it was breath-taking..Some people had to give her a standing ovation when she finished!

And how can I forget the comperes! The comedian was particularly hilarious! Haha.. My friend laughed till tears came..
We also had a surprise visit from Santa bearing chocolates and sweets for all with imitations of snow flakes being gently released from the gallery! The children were delighted! And of course the *cough cough* child in me  was jumping inside :-D

There was a very brief but powerful message by Pastor Bamidele Sturdivant on the theme of the evening 'Live to Love'.. I loved his message on doing something this season for someone who cannot repay you. We are reminded of God's love this season in giving the ultimate sacrifice. Love is about doing not just saying.. So just do it! And do it now!

It was a truly wonderful evening and my invited guests kept saying "Thank you for inviting me"

Now guess what we rounded off the evening with!!!? FIREWORKS!!


*Aside* (I saw someone's tweet saying "Please can someone tell me what's happening around the VI area, I can hear loud explosions) - Clearly, we don't  feel safe enough yet to have unannounced fireworks LOL.. Things will get better..

So now that I have made you sufficiently jealous that you weren't there hehehe.. Next time, please listen when I invite you for an event - it probably would be awesome! :-D

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Next stop.. Who's going for THE Experience? Don't be a LASTma(n). Tonight at TBS, 7pm with a HOST of amazing worship leaders! For more info

After that, we dive straight into the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress - 9th - 14th of December, 7pm daily at the Redemption Camp 'The Overflow'! Oh la la.. December is going to be liveee!

Let's go thereeee!


  1. Tues 6th ke?? Is today not 6? Lol

    Oh yeah, you made use jealous. LOvely. I can't be at the experience sha. Out of town :(

  2. lol... I guess I juxtaposed today's date and Tuesday.. Thanks for pointing it out, I've gone to rectify :-D
    Awww.. Don't worry, there are many events lined of for the rest of the year.. Thanks a lot for stopping by xx

  3. Mmmmmm @ the carol concert... I sure missed!!!

  4. It was a real delight and joy! Don't worry, plenty more to come by God's grace.. I shall keep you informed xx

  5. Na wa for you oo. Which kain torture be this? You are writing this much detail, and you left out pictures to punish us.

    I heard daystar's carol service is always the best in Nigeria. I've never attended any, but that's what everyone says. Have you been there before?

  6. White Christmas for Lagos? Don't make me laugh. And that is one gigantic ear, 1 + the one! To be honest, I really miss naija ans reading such posts puts a smile on my face. I rep Naija!

  7. OH! This sounds like so much fun! Nawa o! Ibadan gets no

  8. @ilola.. I think I need to work on posting live pictures.. Thanks!
    I would have loved to attend Daystar's carol! Next year, I actually plan to do a carol 'tour' lol. City of David, Fountain of Life, House on The Rock, Daystar etc
    @W&S Repping Naija all the wayyyy! Honestly, it was truly a white Christmas in Lagos!
    @HD! It was funnnn! Ok, I'm now on a mission to signpost you to exciting events in Ibadan :-)
    PS when you're in Lagos, stop by at City of David! xxxx

  9. Was at the experience and it was ama-mazing!
    Missed this white christmas though and I am so jealoussss! Looks like it was great all round. Oh well,next time.

  10. Yes you should be jealousss! lol..
    Experience was superlative!! My first time and it WAS an experience! God bless Pastor Paul and HOTR xx