Wednesday, 24 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 24 *Your Presence is Heaven to Me* - Isioma Ikediashi

'Your Presence is Heaven to Me' is the song I couldn't stop listening to on my way back from the long journey from choir rehearsals last week.

It summarises my thoughts, frustrations and desires right now!

I'm at a place where I feel like reminding God that I'm NOTHING without my daily dose of His presence. 

The song put everything into words that I've been trying hard to communicate to God and since I started to sing it, God has sent me comfort through His word to reassure me that He's right by my side and will never leave me so I want to share it with someone who is feeling like I am and encourage them to sing and tell Him how they feel but also be reassured that He's always with You!

Here goes -

Your Presence is Heaven to Me (Israel Houghton)


  1. This is definitely one of my favorite songs...
    I have been listening to 'don't do it without me' by Pastor Paul Morton. The Lord has helped me hold unto my faith through this song, i recommend it.

    1. Thank God.. That's wonderful... I thank God for the way He reaches out to us through different means.
      To Him be all the glory! xx


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