Monday, 18 November 2013

How do I know for sure if I don't sample?!


So, last week, I wrote a post that I had been meaning to write on being proud to be a member of Team V! You can read it HERE

Now, I'm writing this post in response to one of the comments that was posted from a dear reader. Now, this comment did not come as a surprise as usually whenever this topic comes up, it is one of the most popular concerns/fears/questions about not 'testing the goods before buying' or as in this case, not sampling the dude or dudette before agreeing to spend the rest of forever (well at least while you breath) with this one person..

When I initially read the comment on my phone, I was like YES.. Let the discussions roll in, let's talk about it, let's get answers to questions we want to ask but don't quite feel comfortable asking before they think one is 'corrupt' (haha, who remembers when that used to be the worst insult everr?).. I was very grateful to my darling InThe for sharing her link HERE to help the person connect with the truth (God bless you InThe *kisses*).. I recommend you take a few minutes to read it too.. It talks about what sex is not.. very enlightening, especially for those in doubt..

Now, I remember saying once that marriage is one of the greatest acts of faith EVER! Imagine willfully committing your life, your plans, your future to someone else and saying that from now till forever on earth, you are the one that I want to wake up to each and every single morning, you are the one that I want to share the bringing forth of my future generation with, from now on, you share my history - you will ALWAYS be a part of my history. I choose you to walk with you as my partner on this journey called life, it is you that will have full access to my body and it is only you that I will 'romonce' for the rest of my life.. No scoping other guys/girls, even if I see a better looking/richer/more focused/more intelligent/more caring/more spiritual individual (because trust me, there will always better).... Now that could be a scary thought! Like really?! Forever? Forever and ever? No return policy? lol

And you go through this with very limited information... Limited, limited.. Because usually, even when you think I just KNOW this person Bam! they go ahead and reveal more unknowns (good and bad) after you say 'I do'.. You never fully know a human being.. Only God knows the make-up and capabilities of the indiviual HE created.. You see why you need Him?

Sex is an aspect of faith in marriage that being a virgin enables you to have.. How would I know that we will be sexually compatible? Am I sure that he/she can satisfy me? What if we don't know what to do? What if...?

"But without faith it is impossible to please God".. (Heb 11:6a)

Rephrasing - "When you have faith, you please God".. When you say "Lord, I know I cannot see it or I do not know it for certain, but I trust that you got me covered".. "Lord, you know me, I like to meddle, to be sure before I go into any venture, talk more of such a HUGE commitment, however, I will obey you because I know that You will sort me out" - You please God. That takes GREAT faith..

So ladies and gentlemen, on this issue, you have two choices - you can decide to take matters into your own hands and test the goods to be sure and live with the choice you make with your very limited ability or you can choose to say okay Lord, my wisdom doffs it's hat to yours, over to you, I trust You.... And please Daddy, make it super-liciously GREAT! *wink*

You KNOW God always delivers.. and as you like it - Big, small, medium, super, super strength.. He did say "Ask and you will receive" (Matthew 7:7)

He sure does!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Team V for the win!

This post is loonngggggg due! And it was re-inspired/'re-gingered' by this POST written by one of my blog favourites!

She was responding to a question about sex before marriage and something she mentioned struck me and reminded me of a 'project' I'd wanted to undertake for a while..

For many friends of this blog, you would know that I am proudly and unashamedly Team V! Don't know what Team V stands for? Well it's a term that I got introduced to by InThe in one of her comments on a post I wrote previously..

Team V simply means Team Virgin aka Team Virgin 'r' Us, aka Team no sex before marriage by God's grace aka Team saving it till he puts a ring on it aka Team staying celibate to honour God's word aka Team only by grace can I ever achieve it!

Now, I don't write smugly - not at all (who born?).. I don't write because I feel I have superior will-power that has enabled me to abstain throughout the years! I write cause I want to stand to be counted as one who says - it's by no means easy, but very possible (for both men and women!) by God's GRACE.. Is it easy you ask? Capital NO.. Infact, I dare say it's easier to give in to the whole hype of 'Sex - Everyone is doing it,Pick a Partner today' than to say:


Everyday sex is thrust in my face through different means and channels.. Both overtly and through innuendos.. People are too happy to share their latest sexual escapades and new adventurous styles.. I sit and listen like a 'foolish' virgin to the 'wsidom' spewed by experienced friends at some bridal showers, reunions etc and I have to admit that it's usually 'safe' to siddon and look rather than tell them the beauty I have experienced in waiting..

Now, when I say beauty, don't get me wrong.. It can be toughhh! I talk to a guy who I totally fancy and I know how my body reacts! (Girls are moved by words afterall).. I read a book or watch a movie and all they have to do is kiss and I know that I'm like "Father can you hear me??!" But has it been worth it? YUP..

It gives me more pleasure to know that I am not compromising my precious relationship with God.. I can do a LOT for it including saying no to pre-marital sex.. It has helped me get over break-ups easier because I know that I haven't left a part of me with him or him with me.. I leave without a 'keepsake'. Then of course, let's not forget the plethora of STDs that I avoid .. And it goes on and on! (I will share in subsequent posts)..


Anyways, the whole koko of the post is that the silence of people who have chosen to wait can be deafening.. It almost seems like we see it as a 'burden' rather than a gift.. To be quite frank, if we were meant to be shining the light or salting the earth, we are not trying much.. It seems that the candle of pre-marital sex is outshining the bright lamp of (glorious) sex in the context of marriage..

I will be doing more posts on this and hopefully showing how wonderfully possible and incredibly beautiful saying no to sex before marriage is!

So wanna join Team V?? Excellente! It's not too late xxxx


Monday, 4 November 2013

I just called to say.. Thank you!

I know a single-mother family who are experiencing a difficult time at the moment. I sent some things to them as a show of love and I had even forgotten about it when I got a phone call from the mum. Initially I thought she was calling to acknowledge the items but she called to say that oh when her daughter is coming home, I should send some money through her.. Now, I am quite close to her so this request was not out of place, however I still felt a bit upset.. Like not even a thank you! Just a request for more things!

IMMEDIATELY that thought crossed my mind, I got a gentle 'nudge' in my mind that "that's how I feel too when you do the same".. And I paused.

HOW many times have I received the 'small' and big blessings of God without acknowledging it, instead I bombard Him with more requests because I feel that ALL my needs are not yet met?

YOU see in recent times, I feel I've been told off by God for my attitude of ingratitude. I was a feeling a bit low a few weeks back and I just focused on ALL the things that weren't right in my life at the moment + the requests that I had made that hadn't been granted.. yet. And so, I nagged God and complained - probably not overtly, but He could hear my complaints in my sadness, in my sighs, in my feeling sorry for myself, in my unwillingness to get excited in church when it was time to say thank you.. I was just a spoilt little ungrateful chit!

I forgot the fact that earlier this year, I made a move that only His grace made a way for me.. And make a way HE did! I forgot the countless favour He has bestowed on me! I forgot how I have had food to eat every single day this year.

I frowned that I don't have a car and the cost of transportation made it seem like I was working for the cabmen but I forgot to thank Him for legs to walk and provisions to afford it. I complained about the fact that I was still single and felt alone on occasions and I forgot to thank Him for the toasters that come my way and that the land is not dry (lol).. I complained that today "I really feel like eating Chinese food in a nice restaurant but I don't have the money *sob sob*" that I forgot to thank Him for all the fancy restaurants He has enabled me eat at in my years on this earth lol..

I forgot so easily, so quickly or perhaps, I didn't even think them 'relevant' enough.. All I wanted was more, more and more...

AN ungrateful heart finds it difficult to receive more.. A person who knows how to show gratitude holds a powerful key in his/her hands.. Doors remain open for you1

IT'S a reminder again folks.. Do you appreciate the 'little' things or would you rather just keep demanding more and more and more without taking a minute to say "Thank You, I appreciate you sooo much"

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Your little girl's saying thank You Daddy! I truly really appreciate you, with sprinkles on top! *kisses*