Friday, 26 June 2015

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy!

Shepherd of my soul, everlasting Father, the King of my heart, the One that makes my life complete, the One without whom I am nothing.

I celebrate You Father of Fathers today and always. I like Fridays Daddy - not only because it marks the beginning of a new weekend :-D but because I get to write to You (when I am faithful :-)

I am grateful for the fact that I am able to relate with You in such a simple manner. You made that possible Jesus, thank You.

A God so great - Creator of heaven and earth, Master of the Universe, Commander-in-Chief of the hosts of heaven, earth and even hell.. Every single created being responds to Your command - Yet, You gave me and all mankind the privilege and grace to come boldly before You as a beloved child to their Father, to communicate with You, to fellowship with You, to play at Your feet, to have You wrap us in Your everlasting love and assure us that everything will be alright.

It is such an amazing feeling that a Great God like you would love a mere human like me. Sometimes I wonder, what you have to gain? In the real sense of it, this is an unbalanced relationship - You do sooo much, You ask for so little in return, and unfortunately we give even less... Yet, You love us as if we gave You life, as if we watched over Your head so that You would not fall into any evil, as if we provided for Your needs, as if we never took our eyes off You.... Instead, You do all these things and more and I am so grateful.

Daddy, I am so very grateful. I acknowledge Your goodness, mercy and compassion to us Your children, to me Your daughter and I am so so grateful.

What would life have been like if Jesus didn't come to die for us, giving us the opportunity to have a beautiful relationship with our Father in heaven.

Thank You Jesus... I would never be able to repay the sacrifice - You don't even require that - but I pray for grace Daddy, to show my love for You without reservation every single day.

May I not disappoint You, may my life give You utmost pleasure and may all the glory go to You always and always.

I love You Daddy... Very very much.

Your girl,
One xx

Friday, 19 June 2015

Dear Daddy

My darling, dearest Daddy!!!

It's another Friday and it is with much pleasure and delight that I write to you again :-) :-)

As I write to you, I am listening to the song of one of your sons, Nathaniel Bassey. I think I've told you how much I love his worship to you!

In this particular one, he simply says "I will worship you forever, love you forever because.. This God is too good oh"..

The first time I heard this song Daddy, I absolutely fell in love.. The words of the chorus are so simple yet so moving.. Because it speaks the absolute truth. Indeed, You are too Good dear Abba.. You are too Kind, you are too Loving, You are too Merciful, You are too Compassionate, You are too Gracious, You are too Awesome, You are too Powerful..

And we sing that 'too' not in a negative way at all, but an acknowledgement that you give us Your best in excess..

Olowo Ori mi, why won't I worship You forever, serve You forever, praise You forever, love You forever, be loyal to Your government forever? (Twale Baba!).

Glorious King, there comes a time in life when serving and obeying you is no longer just an obligation but borne out of love because You are more than deserving.. You do so much more for us Your children. You blow my mind with how wonderful You are to me. I am eternally grateful.

Thank You for making it obvious time and time again that putting my trust in You is more than worth it. It's not a gamble, it's a certainty that You will always remain Faithful.

With much love and gratitude forever,
Your One xxxxx

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

It's Been Too Long!

... Yes, we are back!!

*phew* it's been too long. I didn't think it would take so long but it did!! *eyes wide open!*...

Thank God for everything! It has been a great time away to get refreshed (and get a new domain lol)..

I apologise sincerely for the long hiatus and for being largely MIA, without notice too.. To be honest, I didn't get notified either... *Boom* it just happened! :-D

I didn't realise 1 + The One had gone offline until some wonderful people brought it to my attention. I felt I would quickly resolve it and speak to the very lovely and kind guy who had been helping with managing the technical bits of the blog but alas, before we knew what was going on, a simple glitch meant that someone else had poached the previous name and parked his 'kanyan' right there!

Thank God, all things always work out for God's people (can I get an amen? :-) {Romans 8:28}, I had planned to change the domain name of the blog anyway to match with all its social media identities ( so this gave prime opportunity to do so! :-).. The only snag was that it took longer than we thought it would lol..

Again, I say thank God.. It feels good to be back! We are excited to be back.. 1 + The One is back by God's grace... and we ain't going no where *cue music*..

At this point, with most sincere and heartfelt gratitude, I'd like to say a BIG HUGE HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to every one of you lovely people who showed love, sent emails, Facebook messages, Tweets to check in... It meant more than you know.. I am deeply and immensely grateful. Thank You.

May God remember you and send you love and encouragement when you need it the most (and even just to let you know He's ever mindful of you).

As always, our regular series will continue and we will also be throwing in some new stuff by God's grace.. I'm excited.. Hope you are too! :-)

Alright people, let's go!!

PS I have missed Blogsville very much :-)

One xxxxx

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