Tuesday, 16 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 16 *Age to Age*

Age to Age He stands
And time is in His hands
Beginning and the End.

You are ageless God.. I remember a description of Yours that I was taught in Children's church many years ago - The God who is from Everlasting to Everlasting! You have no beginning and no end - No one can tell where you start and no one could ever know Your end, yet You know the beginning and the end of everything, every matter and everyone.

You are timeless - Relevant yesterday, today and tomorrow. You are ahead of fashion and trends; before they are even conceived, You're done with it!

Time is in Your hands - Only You can determine times and seasons and only with Your permission can it be altered. Only You can make the sun stand still and give an extra day on earth by special request. Only You can make a weeping man at night dance in the morning - time is in Your hands.

Only You can turn around the captivity of a man in split seconds so that it seems as if it were a dream - Time is in Your hands

Only You can bring a promise of years and years to pass within the twinkling of an eye - Time is in Your hands

Only You can restore lost years as if they never happened, and compensate a man for all the lost time - Time is in Your hands

Only You can go back in time and give a glimpse of the future - Our Supernatural 'Time-Machine', Time is in Your hands.

Indeed You are very very great, You have my praise from now to eternity.

How Great is Our God - Hillsong


  1. How great is our God
    How great is His name
    He's the greatest God
    Forever the same
    He rolled back the waters of the mighty Red Sea
    He says I will bless you
    Only trust in Me

    1. Amen! Thank you Sykik.. Please teach me this song, I like the words a lot!

  2. Yes! Yes! God's power is just amazing—I love what you wrote about His ability to bring about something that's been a long time coming in the twinkling of an eye: one day you could be single, the next you could meet the person you've been waiting for for what seems like forever. It happens!

    He is a great God indeed, and that is a powerful song.

    1. GNG, very very right! And I have seen it happen many times.. The way it happens you're wondering "Did I really wait?" lol
      One of my favouirte Psalms - When the Lord turned around the captivity of Zion, they were like them who dreamed!
      Glory to Jesus!

  3. Love this song! thanks for sharing :)

  4. Replies
    1. Me too!! I will never forget the first day I heard it.. It HIT meee - I was like wow!
      And it never gets old too..

  5. How great is our great is our God. He only can made a weeping man at night dance in the morning. Our God is great....he is too much.

    1. Too Too much hun! Our God is too much (that makes me excited!!)


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