Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Cleaning out the Closet...

*Hoovering the dust*
**Side note: But One, this is getting kinda old! *sheepish smile*

Hiya everyone.. It's been a while..

So I was reading an article on Myne Whitman's page here about who gets to keep the engagement ring after a breaking off of the engagement?
The comments were quite interesting but majority of the people supported the fact that it should be returned to the guy since he probably bought it.

Now, I have never been engaged so I don't know what I would do, I guess probably return it to the individual but also I have come to realise that it may also depend on how the engagement ended...

Now, I want to ask as well, after the end of a relationship, do you return the gifts ie the ones that are quite significant and/or expensive?

When I was going out with HOG, one of the great things he used to do very well was give gifts - very nice and poignant ones.
In the past, I haven't had any qualms about using an ex's gifts after breaking up but this one is kinda a bit different and I have been wondering what to do.. To keep? To continue using? To discard? To give out? To sell?

So he loves jewellery a lot and I got a few from him. One of the first gifts he got me was this expensive friendship bracelet which he had a similar type.
On our 'first week anniversary' he gave me a nice Swarovski necklace that had some kind of significance (there was some explanation involved)
He also got a matching ring over Christmas (not engagement) but another thing we had in common, as well as a nice watch.
On another occasion, he got me another nice necklace

So, a while after we broke up, I stopped wearing these things cause:
1. They were quite personal
2. I saw him a few times and I didn't want him to see me wearing them (*covers face*)

Thing is sometimes, I think "What's the big deal, they are mine now" and other times I'm like why are you still holding on to these things.

I have been tempted to sell them (££ hehe) or give them away or give them back.. But I have some reservations about thse options.

At the moment, they are just lying in a box on my bedside table and I'm thinking 'what a waste!'

So what do you think, to keep, to give back, to give away or to make some money? :-)


Thursday, 11 October 2012

In need of a Miracle?

Miracle: An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and is held to be supernatural in origin r an act of God (

I don't know if you believe in miracles, but I DO! God does miracles. 'Big', 'small', 'medium'.. He does them.

Many people have tried to take the glory from Him by terming it a "coincidence", a "mistake that was not detected", "mis-diagnosis" etc But one thing I know is that it was God and only GOD!

(read my lips or watch me type) HE IS A MIRACLE-WORKING GOD!

God works on a day to day basis, it's either we fail to recognise it or sometimes very comfortable with the available physical resources or sometimes 'managing' the situation. But I tell you, God desires that you and I have life and have it in abundance (John 10:10). He is still working! You can go back to Him and ask Him for yours! Don't be satisfied with average, be hungry for more and let God in His awesomeness fill that hunger.

I want to share what happened to someone I know recently and I believe that it will touch somebody, encourage your faith in this mighty God and believe in Him for your miracle. God says in His word, All things are possible to all who believe (Mark 9:23)... Including that 'impossible' situation!

Let's call her Divine.
So Divine had been dealing with this protracted illness for so long. It had to do with her womb and there seemed to be no way out. She always fell ill and had multiple Doctor appointments. Eventually the Doctor said that in order to prevent her developing cancer, the only solution was to have a hysterectomy ie take out her (uterus) womb. Implication being that Divine will be unable to conceive naturally. Meanwhile, Divine is a young lady and not yet married.

It was a very difficult decision to make but in order for her to prevent something even more fatal, she had to consider having it done, hoping against hope for the best. Now, the date for this had been fixed. A day to this procedure, she raised a prayer request at her Home Cell Group, a simple prayer was said and everyone prayed that God will intervene (in fact most of the prayer point was that God make it successful, let there be no complications etc).

Well, we serve a God who does beyond our expectations, beyond what we can ever ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). The next day as she was being wheeled to the theatre, they did the routine pre-operation scan and to the Doctor's amazement, he saw nothing.. Yes, you read that right, NOTHING! He was very surprised to say the least. He exclaimed saying "this is not what we saw the last time!" and immediately, Divine said "God has done it!"... He asked her to repeat her statement and she said it "God has done it!".. He said well whatever you believe in, hold on to it! She got up and walked out of the hospital in floods of tears.. God just changed her life! And HE turned it around from something that would have changed her life in another terrible way to a miracle!

This happened about a fortnight ago in a very good British Hospital where things are checked meticulously and where they try to avoid having operations on the National Health Service (NHS) - so the Doctors must have been certain that they saw something that had to be removed. The Doctor saw one thing weeks before but GOD corrected it in His own wonderful way! We call Him" the Surgeon who operates without spilling blood!"... The Balm in Gilead, The Mighty Healer, The Jehovah Rapha, The One that has the FINAL say, the MIRACLE worker, the same God yesterday, today and forever!

I tell you, God works, the bible says that there is NOTHING impossible for Him to do, if HE could part the red sea to make a way for His children, your case is too small. If HE could bring out water from a rock, how difficult can your issue be? If HE could send down manna from heaven? What is it that you are asking for? If HE could raise Lazarus from the dead after 3 days! What situation is too hopeless for Him to sort out?

I can tell you countless experience of miracles from a personal point of view and even from others.. You can even read more in Aloted's account here and here

God is able to do ALL things, do you believe right now? Then hold on TIGHTLY to Him for that expectation


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Let's talk about SEX!

I know you would be eager to read this post.... hehehehe

Today, I just wanna share an excerpt from a message given by Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo this morning at the RCCG Youth Convention in Nigeria (Yup! I'm a bonafide RCCG-ite :-D)

Judging from my 2 previous posts, the issue of sex is one that a lot of people are interested in for a variety of reasons. For some, it's that we they are looking forward to it excitedly, some are wanting to keep themselves from it until it is done rightly in the context and security of marriage, some are looking to get away from it as it has been dabbled in before marriage and are looking for a way out.

We certainly need to know more about sex from God's point of view and I hope that the following write-up will help someone who reads this blog:

(It's quite lengthy but it's worth the read)


Proverbs 4:23, Proverbs 6: 23-27

Be careful what you take in, the music and movies you watch could desensitizes you to the truth. It is the truth you know that will set you free.

Colossians 3:5-6

You are to honour God with your body, sex is not allowed outside marriage.

Even though Nike may say 'Just do it!" You're not to with SEX!

The simple thought of sex crossing your mind is not a sin but the desire for sex is the sin!

Sex goes beyond the physical, it's spiritual and emotional!

In the bible, when a man sleeps with his wife the bible says "He knew his wife" but when a young man sleeps with an unmarried woman the bible says "He laid with her"

Don't let anybody deceive you, you can know them by their words. e.g "You don't need to tell anybody what we are about to do!"

If a guy comes to you with a condom, he is a con(artist) and you are dumb!

Virginity is something you give away and not what is taken from you by force! If you were violated and tampered with, only your virginity is broken, you destiny isn't, so don't mess up yourself! You are still so precious in God's sight. God values you, He values your body so honor Him with it!

85% of those who live together before getting married end up divorced. 50% of marriages in UK and 80% of black marriages in US end up in divorce!

If you sell yourself cheap, you end up being treated anyhow. A man who cannot treat you like a lady doesn't deserve you and any woman who cannot treat you like a prince doesn't deserve you!

Don't start what you can't handle! The skin is only a few centimetres deep and beneath that skin, there are 18million nerves passing information round. When ever someone touches you sexually, your nerves sends info that are stored somewhere in your brain. That's why when you see the person later you remember the touch! You have imprints of people on your life through sexual relationships.

Don't let anyone touch you in a way that is not holy. From hugs to kissing and then the deed happens unplanned!

Once you mess up your sexual life, it messes up your spiritual life! Get it right!

Exodus 26, 27 gives a summary of the Tabernacle. It was divided into the outer court, the Holy place, Holy of Holies. As a human being, your body is the outer court, your soul the holy place and your spirit the holy of holies!

The outer court gave access to many levities and they brought their sacrifices there. Your body is your outer court many people will have access to you, you'll meet many boys/girls but be careful, many will come and go. Proverbs 4:23

Only the priests were allowed into the holy place. The holy in your body is your soul. Your emotions are conceived there. Before you let anyone touch your soul, be very careful! The reason many broken relationship ends up a soul tie is because they let someone else make an impact on their soul and no matter how much they try to forget the person it is difficult.

Guard your soul, don't let just any nice person get in. The holy place had a lampstand in it, anyone who must get into your holy place was be a lamp. Ladies, any man that wants to court/date/marry you must have more light than you already have! He needs to be the lamp! Don't settle for less!

Only the High priest was allowed to enter into the holy of holies (Hebrews 9:7) ! He had to break through the veil to get in. There is only man allowed to get into you and that is your husband! When a man sleeps with a virgin, it's more than just sex! It's spiritual, it's a blood covenant!

Guys note, everywhere you go as a man and have sexual releases, your testicles will testify against you! The reason God gave you two testicles is because the bible says out of 2 or more witnesses, a statement is established (Deuteronomy 17:6).

There is a point when sexual activities goes beyond the physical, it becomes a demonic activity! It is spiritual!

Easy sex does not make more romance, neither does not give joy and happiness!

When you have sex while waiting to be married, you crush the foundation of your marriage

Don't let anyone blackmail you to stay in a relationship! After giving your life to Christ break away from every ungodly relationship!

Titus 2:11-12

To get out:

It requires the decision to maintain your integrity!

It requires a bold step to confront ungodly relationship you are in!

Break away and make a vow to be pure!

Keep yourself and honour God with your life!

No sex is safe sex!

Desire change, deny yourself!