Monday, 15 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 15 *Consuming Fire!*

The God that answers by fire is indeed my God!!

I remember that song and I smile because it reminds me of a time, long ago when You showed that You are the Consuming Fire in HD... Real life.

There was a contest between God and a 'something'.... That something was called Baal.. Unfortunately, people worshipped this something and it even had prophets! Something that was carved by the hands of men was worshipped by the same things that made it.. (Do you get that paradox?!)

Anyway, enough was enough and the Prophet of GOD challenged the prophets of the something to show who was GOD indeed..

The challenge was simple; whoever was God should send down fire from the sky....

So this something's prophets did all they could, shouted, spoke, beat themselves up - all to get it to move.... Alas, something did not show...

Then it was GOD's turn... And boy did He show up and show up BIG!! One of the days that will never be forgotten in history! They dared to take the challenge against our great God! (they forgot that God Himself is fire - remember the burning bush?)

Not only did the fire fall, it was the kind of fire that consumed stones and the kind that licked up water... Like when God shows up, He usually does it in style! Protocols are broken, 'the order of things' wait for permission to happen, He leaves everyone in awe and without a shadow of doubt of who is BOSS, of who has the final say.. Of who is the Sovereign God!

I AM, who can contend with You? What can stand against You? Who is he that says a thing when You have not decreed it?

Take all the glory Lord, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.. You rock, You reign!

(He Reigns) Our God is an Awesome God - Kirk Franklin


  1. Let that Consuming fire, burn away everything in me that stands in the way of our relationship....You must be weary of me already because my heart finds delight in things i call "Baal".........You showed yourself in the days of Elijah and your word says your the same God yesterday, today and forever....Nothing can stand in your way and your all powerful....In my weakness you said your strength is made perfect....I praise you for doing this and more Amen :)

  2. Amen! Glory to our Consuming fire! Indeed, may He melt away all our impurities in Jesus name *big hug* xx

  3. These words are from a song that came to me while reading this post."Consuming fire and sweet perfume, Your awesome presence fills this room....This is holy Ground, so come and bow down....."

    I'm so proud and honored that my God, my Father, My Creator is all power.

    1. I know that song!! Beautiful..
      I am proud too dear :-) xx


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