Friday, 14 January 2011

Tale of the Crack-Berry!

Something funny to start off your weekend!!

So I know a lot of people are trying to deal with their 'Crack'-berry addiction.. lol
Here's a little joke someone sent to me...

Family and friends, join me in praising God. My name is One + The One.
Just 2 days ago, I was descending a pedestrian bridge when I suddenly tripped on my shoe lace. I fell down the steps (tumbling several times). In the process, I broke 2 ribs, my hip, my left shoulder, lost 2 front teeth and I also suffered a mild concussion.

Miraculously, nothing happened to my blackberry (Insert shocked smiley here). Not even a single scratch on it! So once again join me in thanking God. God is truly wonderful!!! (Insert dancing smiley here)

PS.. Isn't it funny how it's now so difficult having a conversation or writing a post without the temptation to insert a smiley/emoticon... :-)
PS.. Isn't it funny that you haven't spoken to at least 20 of your bb contacts in the past 1 month.. I tell you this device is making it difficult to maintain human interaction.
PS.. I was chatting with a guy for 2 months and never heard his voice before... I need to 'hear' your voice darling. Enough of the *batting eyelashes* smiley.. Let me bat them at you for real hehehe!
PS.. I haven't spoken to my brother this year (He is in another country and all I we did was 'bb-d' our happy New Years)..
PS. Now you don't have to place that call, just send a voice note!... And end all form of personal interaction
PS..I love my bb still.. xx

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Why don't you trust me?

Dear Daddy,

How are you on this beautiful 12th day of the year? It's been so long, I know! I'm sorry.. I wish I could be more loyal to the blog, alas so many things happening, but I thank you!

I don't talk to you through this forum often enough but thank you that you have made it possible that there are so many other ways to communicate with you so I don't feel bereft of your company! I love you so much.

Daddy, recently, there's been such a huge mix of emotions.. One day I am filled with such over-flowing joy that I know your love for me and your plans for me are undeniably great. Nevertheless, other days, I feel so so low.. I remember the things that are not quite right and I feel so sad. I remember that I need more money and I feel so sad. I remember that I am still single while it seems so easy for my friends to be in and maintain a relationship and I feel so sad. I remember that particular thing I have been talking to you and I feel so sad.

To be honest my love, I sometimes feel so afraid of the future and it pains me to admit that sometimes I am not 100% sure about whether you have my back and whether you wouldn't let me fall. I feel guilty when I have these thoughts because I remember ALL the wonderful things that you have done for me and given me and then I feel like such an ingrate.

But I thank you for the opportunity to be honest with you.. I love you and I know, I really KNOW that you love me beyond my comprehension and beyond words. Please help my unbelief... When I feel let down or disappointed by you, it feels like I hear a voice saying 'Why don't you trust me?'

You see I have a special relationship with my family and when I think of what I would be willing to do for them, I remember your promise to me in Psalm 27:10 that even when my father and my mother forsake me, then you would take care of me.. I guess you have to help my unbelief..

Help me to understand and see that when things don't work out quite as well as I think they ought, it's only because you have better plans for me . Help me to understand that patience is a virtue that always produces results in you . Help me to understand that your love for me is so awesome and your power so mighty to do ALL things.

With this my love, my Ever Present Help in time of trouble, my Constant Reassurance, my Light and Salvation, the Stronghold of my Life, the Pillar that Holds my Life, the Glory and the Lifter of my head.. I say thank you for having my best interest at heart :-)

As always, all my love,
One xx