Friday, 26 September 2014

Dear Daddy - 30 Days of Praise: Day 26

My dear Daddy,

Miracle-working God, my Defence, the Fountain of life and Bread of Life, Eternal Excellency, my Help in ages past, my hope for years to come. You are worthy of my praise.

Daddy, I have absolutely enjoyed the past 25 days (and today) 26th day of praise! It's been great discovering new songs of worship, reading other people's expressions of love and praise for You, learning new songs and re-discovering old ones. One of my favourite parts my King is getting to call You by Your many names! Oh Lord I love it!!

Daddy, I was thinking the other day that it's wonderful to refer to You using different beautiful names, so I wondered if You also had special names that You called us by.

I remember the beautiful Grandma that You blessed me with. She delighted in calling me Ayo-mi-Olaaa.. It was her own special way of calling me and anytime she enunciated the syllables and dragged the word out, I felt the love behind it. Just by saying that one word in the special way, she passed many beautiful messages, particularly expressing her love for me.

In the same vein, I thought about the possibility of You calling us Your children fondly, I remembered that indeed in Your word, You call us by special names -

You say that I am the Apple of Your eyes, iBlush :-), that I am Your Battleaxe, that I am your Beloved (hence why You sent Jesus to die for me), that I am Your Little child, that I am the fearfully and wonderfully made one, that I am a chosen generation, You call me a Royal Priesthood (I feel like a Princess already!), a holy nation, You call me Peculiar (I am very unique), You refer to me as anointed.. You call out to me that I am more than a Conqueror.

Awwww Daddy! Thank You for these and many more names that You have given me! It makes me feel so so special and loved by You.

I praise You today for being generous in love to me, holding nothing back. Thank You my most Excellent God, my Hero, the Joy of my heart, the Centre of my existence, my no 1.

I lovey love You.

Your Princess,

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