Friday, 12 September 2014

Dear Daddy - 30Days of Praise (Day 12)

Dear Daddy,

It's me again! :-)

My one and only Lord and Saviour! The Beautiful One that I adore, my Gentleman of Galilee.

My One and only Saviour, my great and awesome Deliverer. My One and only Light and Salvation, The One and Only stronghold of my life. My One and only Assurance, the One that my confidence is totally in. My One and only Messiah, the Anointed One, the only One that atones for my sins.

Thank You for praying for me, for interceding continuously on my behalf. Thank You for giving Your life for me and shedding your blood for me on the cross of Calvary. Your blood set me free from sin and bondage, your blood makes me clean, makes me pure. Your blood is a mark upon me that enables me to boldly come before the throne of grace to obtain mercy. I overcome by your blood!

Thank You for the victory that you have given me in every way. Thank You that You became poor while on earth that I may be rich, thank You because you took painful stripes that I may be healed. Thank You for you took the bruises for my iniquity,thank You for paying the ultimate price that I may go scot free.

Why would I not praise You? Why would I not sing to You? Why would I not rejoice in You? Why would I not give my whole life to You my Father? What could ever be too much to give to You? What could ever be too great to give up for You?

Abraham must have understood a lot more about Your love for him, to have gladly given up his son at Your word. It must have been beyond obedience, I think it was a deep faith in the solidness of your unfailing love.

What joy it is to know You, to worship You, to praise You, to call You Abba Father.

You remain my ONLY God, my only King, my only Lord. No one or nothing comes even close.

Daddy, this song by Your son Nathaniel Bassey whom I love (very platonically :-D) has been on repeat this evening for me and I would just like to make that declaration again loud and clear that Saviour, I have No Other God But You...

Love You always Lord,

One xx


  1. I love love that description "gentleman of galilee"..
    Awww...He is!

    Where I can download the audio version of the Nathaniel Bassey's song?

    1. Oh, I got that description from an amazing song I heard a long long time ago - I think it fits beautifully!

      I don't actually know dear.. I wish I did! I would like to buy his album - I am an avid fan! I think he is just a spectacular worshipper


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