Tuesday 28 December 2010

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

As it is customary, the first month of the year, January is well-known for resolutions. Usually, the dawn of a new year brings with it fresh promises, renewed dedication, re-ignited passion and fresh hope! In December, one reviews the past year, counts their losses and blessings and hopes that the following year would be better than the previous one.

In the same vein, we say goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011! It’s time to take stock of how well we did in the area of relationships and which area we need to make resolutions about. The success or failure of the relationship area of our lives does not lie in whether one was able to meet the one or whether one’s relationship status changed from single to engaged , or from engaged to married, rather it is important to measure how much progress one has made.

Progress to some may mean that as a single person, you have been able to improve yourself while waiting patiently for the right person. It’s time to ask yourself questions: “What have I done with myself in the past 12months?” Have you ‘counted sheep’ while waiting for the right relationship to come your way? Have you spent the time obsessing about whether or not the new friend you met is the ONE? Maybe you have spent the last year being bitter and angry at your single status and wondering everyday when your turn to be in a relationship with a significant other would come. Otherwise, you may have been discovering the amazing person God has made you to be! Have you spent time getting to know and fall in love with YOU? Have you come to understand the unique purpose that only you were created to fulfil on this earth? Have you taken time to learn new skills, travel to new destinations, make new friends and enjoy the companionship of family and friends? Have you spent the last one year being the best that you can be? If you haven’t, then it’s time to make a resolution.

Progress in the relationship section could also mean for some that you have been able to get rid of the unfulfilling relationship to make room for God’s best for you. Have you been able to let go of the one that seems to be draining you rather than building you up? Have you been able to say no to the one that common opinion says to just endure but your heart knows will not lead to what you have always dreamed of? Has the past year meant that you have had to make some tough decisions and walk away from some associations? If you are still hanging unto a dead-end relationship, you need to make a resolution.

In addition, progress could mean for some that you have met the ONE. The one that meets your individual preference in a life partner, the one that makes you smile from within, the one that builds you and encourages you to be the best that you can. Have you confirmed with the One who knows all hearts and intents, the One who created the ONE? Have you committed it in prayers to God and asked Him for directions and guidance, as His word says.. “In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path”. If you haven’t, it’s not too late to make a resolution! And if you have, you can still make a resolution, ask yourself “At the end of this year, where would I like to see us?”

It’s time to make a resolution!

Monday 22 November 2010

Just Before You LAUGH....

Hi people!

Hope you are all well..

Recently, I have learnt something interesting about relationships. It's funny that sometimes, the 'rejected stone' becomes the chief cornerstone.
What do I mean? Well I have come across some ladies or men who say they would rather die than be in a relationship with a particular person. Sometimes we raise our noses up at certain people and think to ourselves that it could and would and should never happen! We laugh even at the thought of it!

Alas! What happens then is that a few weeks/months/years down the line, we are singing a new tune and loving up to this same person we earlier laughed at!

You see, I understand that the older you get, the qualities you look for and desire in the opposite sex starts to change. When I was younger, I wanted the tall, dark, handsome, BAAAD, rude boi! I wanted someone with attitude and someone that was popular. As I have grown older (and hopefully wiser), baad bois don't do it for me anymore like that (I still like a good measure of swagger though!) but now, the inside of a man matters to me much more than the way he looks. Don't get me wrong, I still very much want a man who is very good-looking and charming but I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole if he didn't have character!

For me, life has taught me that when a man treats you right, he becomes the most beautiful creature to you in the world! Even when no one sees it, you begin to look at him with the eyes of love, he appeals to your senses, he becomes attractive to you and you are able to respond to him romantically. I believe I can safely say the same for when a man finds a woman with an excellent character. You know, as I grow older, I have begun to understand more the phrase 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'..

Another thing I also understand is that time, circumstances and age changes people. You see that 'swaggerless' individual you see today? In a few years he becomes the hot 'sturving' that others are running after. You see that doppy girl with the crooked teeth you see today? In a matter of time, she becomes the model chic that men are dying over! The years have matured them and they have come into their own. The experiences they have been through has made them 'metamorphosise' from the caterpillar they once were to the butterfly they are now. Age has fully completed their look. You know, if a mother saw her baby at 1 or 2 months old, she would probably say 'God forbid!' lol.. But when they have been fully formed for 9months, they become the cute, cuddly babies that everyone wants to carry.

There was this guy that had been asking my friend out for the LONGEST time! We used to laugh at him so much and when I want to tease my friend or get on her nerves, I would be like "You and X would get together" or "Why don't you just give him a chance" with my tongue firmly in cheek.. and she would just get so upset or laugh it off saying God forbid, even if he were the last man alive, etc.. For her, looks and image were priority and this guy at the time didn't seem to cut it at all... I remember once having a conversation with her and discussing about how it is possible to fall in love with him if they got to know each other better and she said she was very confident that it could and should and would never happen!
Well imagine my surprise and speechless state when she told me recently that they were in a relationship and had been together for a while! She spoke about him so glowingly and spoke about how she 'just realised' that he was a great person with a great heart... He was there for her during a difficult period and his unshakeable persistence with her through many boyfriends and laughter(s) (at his expense!) eventually melted her heart.... I was GOB-SMACKED!!!

Another friend of mine mentioned that when the man who was to become her husband asked her out, she burst laughing, thinking "You must have guts"... Now she is happily married to him and speaks so well of him..

The ways of God and His plans are soo far from ours that sometimes our limited vision cannot comprehend it and like Sarah we laugh...
But thank God for His mercies, cause even though we laugh He still unveils the treasure in the person and brings His will to pass. Nevertheless, we need to be careful as like Sarah, we may act or do something that has a long-lasting effect before we come to SEE what God sees!

God bless xx

May God give us the grace to SEE before we laugh..

Monday 4 October 2010

Dear Daddy....... It's a Journey!

Dear Daddy,

I know it's a Monday and normally, I write to you on Fridays (When I actually do write..*sorry* :-). I discovered that sometimes, writing a letter to you makes it easier to express myself.

As always, let me start by saying I love you from the bottom of my heart, you're my number 1! My first love, my best friend, my confidant, my joy, my hero, my daddy.

Daddy, it's a confused little girl that's writing to you this afternoon.. You know Mr E that I was talking to you about in our earlier post here well, it seems like the feelings are back again! I don't know what to do!

You see I really had closed that chapter and even moved on but you see recently we had the opportunity (?) to spend some time together and I loved EVERY bit of it. He brought back all those memories again, how he made me come alive, how it was so easy for him to make me smile or laugh at silly things. How he made me feel young and adventurous! How he seemed to make me come alive!

I wish things could be so much more simpler but alas!!!! But as I read the description of this blog I remember what I said in my first post here.. This thing of "waiting for the one" is a journey and like all life's journeys, you encounter different experiences to spice up the experience.. I guess this is part of my story..

However way it turns out, I hope to use my journey to inspire, educate and bring humour to someone else's life...

Thank you daddy 'cause I am certain that you have the BEST plans for me and for that I am thankful. Thank you for this Adam to my Eve, thank you for keeping him especially for me. Thank you for ensuring that we compliment each other, thank you for all those things on my list that you have put into consideration when leading him to me. :-)

And thank you for all the young ladies and men who are also trusting you to bring them to the completion of this part of the journey...

Love Always,

Sunday 29 August 2010

Just a Little Something....

Hiya Blogsville!!

I have missed blogging soo much! It's all the 'busy-ness' of life... God help moi!

So as always with such a long time passing, there's so much that has gone - and is going on..

As per the last post.. I have been longing to blog about the follow up of the meeting.. SOO guy came back, and all I can say is "Halleluyahhhh" lol

I can safely say that I wasn't acting a fool around him, it was a more confident, self assured young lady that met him this time around.. I tell you, God is the best esteem booster..

For any lady or guy who is still locked in the past of a broken relationship, let me assure you that there's hope.. Sometimes it's harder when the other person has moved on with someone else and it feels like you're stuck in a rut... God has a way of working things out.. Remember, he has a plan for you and like a true father he would hand-pick your own for you.

He's done it before, yours wouldn't be any different!

Lots of love xx

Saturday 24 July 2010

Till death doth this Go?

I told you I would be back *wink*

Hope you all had a great day, mine was nothing short of AWESOME!! I attended a FANTASTIC gospel concert and it was absolutely fabulous.. even if I am lying in bed at the moment, not being able to move! I tell you, High praise is the most effective anti-dote to feeling low/discouraged/depressed/guilty/sad/heart-broken etc.... Why don't you try it out tomorrow... It's Sunday, you can have some "Praise-o-fen".. (If this encourages at least one person to attend church tomorrow, you would have made my weekend + your weekend + His weekend! :-)

Tell me how it goes, I eagerly await your positive responses!!

On another note, I have always wondered if it were possible to completely fall out of love with an ex.. You see, people say that love lasts forever and that like energy, it is never lost but is only transformed to another form. So for instance, love doesn't end with a relationship, it only translates to another emotion such as hate, anger or jealousy...

So I say to myself, that must be quite a situation for a lot of people seeing as sometimes before you meet The One, you kiss quite a number of frogs/caterpillars/apes (lol) whom you sometimes fall in love with (?)....

So there was this guy I (think) I was in love with and now I (almost strongly) believe I have gotten over him.. The thing is, I haven't seen him in a while and so the letting go part has been quite good.. He's coming into town soon and I am about to know for sure if it's all done and dusted now! I am actually looking forward to seeing him so I can analyse the way I react/respond to him.. I shall definitely be coming back to share with you..

Afterwards, then I would do a post on "How to Let Go" or perhaps "How to handle unwanted emotions"... Please pray with me that it would be the former! lol

Lots of love xx

Friday 23 July 2010

Where are the Beautiful Ones I Ask?!?

Is it possible to find a guy who has it all?!!

I ask because I really want to know. For those who have met Mr Right, would you say he was all that you wanted/asked for without compromise?

It’s such a tricky situation sometimes.. I am not trying to be pessimistic; I just want to hear your opinion (in an objective manner).

As a young lady, you have plans about the kind of guy that you want to be with.... For me, it would include but not limited to good Christian, good looking/attractive, generous, good sense of humour, intelligent, tall, available and ready to make a commitment. But it seems like I meet guys who have one or two of the qualities and are lacking in other areas I consider vital.... So the problem isn’t finding a tall and handsome, young, intelligent man, it’s the fact that he doesn’t really see the point in going to church or that he is as stingy as a church rat!

Other times, it’s finding a good fire-brand Christian, attractive, young man, short/average height with the personality of a toothpick!

Why is it hard to meet a man who loves God, looks good, kind-hearted, charismatic, can hold a decent conversation, confident height + *cherry on the top* single!?

May God help us single ladies…

So what do you think? Is it possible, are our demands unrealistic (bearing in mind – ask and you shall be given), are they all married or are the beautiful ones not yet born!?

(I would also appreciate some male perspectives please!)
PS: Sorry about being MIA….. I shall be here more often, God willing!
And thanks for the comments on the last post…

Lots of love xx

Thursday 20 May 2010


Quick question,

Can guys and girls JUST be friends??

I know this is an age old question but I would still like to know..
How "close" can you be to a friend of the opposite sex who is in a relationship? I have had this conversation with a lot of my girl friends who are in this kind of situation.

For instance, I have a friend who is "best friends" with this guy who has a girlfriend... He talks to her, *his buddy* first thing in the morning.. sends her texts/emails and sometimes an additional phone call just to show he cares.. When he has issues, he runs to her for advice especially when he wants to get a female opinion (you get me?).. He even seeks her advice when he wants to do something special for his girlfriend (No one questions the fact that he loves his girlfriend, he lets the whole world knows!)..

Although they are really just friends, I always ask the question "Would you like your boyfriend to have a girl-friend like that?"... As a guy, would you be comfortable if your girlfriend had that kind of relationship with another guy? What would happen during "vulnerable" moments? (cause there would surely be)

So what are your thoughts?? Where do you draw the line of friendship?? Is there a line to be drawn really or should your other half be a bit more understanding and accommodating??

Thursday 8 April 2010

There's Nobody like You.....

....... For some reason, I have only just listened to this amazing song by Lara George. I cannot begin to describe how much I love this song. Perhaps it's because of the deep love I have for the One she sings about.. Oh the words are so beautiful and so true! And the way in which the song is sung with such emotion and passion makes me "enter" into it...

I love any song that talks about the fact that there's no one like our God.. This is soo true! Like one song aptly puts it, you can search everywhere and through eternity and still find that there is no one like God, there is no one like Jesus!

This is why/how I know:

-No one loves me the way He does
- No one makes me feel the way He makes me feel
- No one completes me like He does
- Nothings satisfies my soul like He does
- No one makes me feel complete like He does
- No one makes me feel as special as He does
- No one will willingly die for me like He did
- No one will wipe away all my tears like He does
- No one cares as deeply and as sincerely as He does
- No one knows how to fill my heart with such utter joy like He does
- No one makes me smile like he does
... I could go on and on..

Ok, just a little bit more :-)

- No one is as great as He his
- No one holds the world in the palm of His hands like He does
- No one sends rain in due season like He does
- No one knows how to make the thunders roar and lightnings strike like He does
- No one knows how to make the birds sing or the lions roar like He does
- No one knows how to make the sun set or the moon shine like He does
- No one knows how to part the sea in two like He did
- No one knows how to send fire from the sky and even lick up water like He did
- No one knows how to heal diseases with words like He can
- No one knows how to touch you in the place where it really hurts like He knows
- No one understands like He does
- No one forgives all like He does
- No one knows the beginning and is the beginning like He does and is
- No one knows the end and is the end like he does and is

Oh Ancient of Days, Balm in Gilead, Holy One of Israel, I Am that I Am, Sword of My Excellency, Faithful Witness, First Begotten of the Dead, Prince of the Kings of the Earth, Alpha, Omega, Son of God, Amen, Beginning of the Creation of God, He that holds the Seven Stars in His Right Hand, Who Walks in the midst of the Seven Golden Candlesticks, Who has the Sharp Sword with Two Edges, Who has the Seven Spirits of God and the Seven Stars, Holy, True, Who holds the Key of David, Who Opens and no man can Shut, Who shuts and no man can Open.... THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU!

Wednesday 7 April 2010

I'm Waiting....*sigh*

I’m waiting for the right guy to…

Take me out on a perfect date so I can…

Look hot and…

Wear my special outfit…

He would also spoil me with treats…

And buy me that blackberry/Iphone…

We would both go on special trips and…

Tour all the wonderful places I have heard off…

He’ll be the one to make me smile and…

Feel completely satisfied, on top of the world…

This will definitely improve my productivity and…

Make waking up early in the morning much more interesting…

Especially as his texts are the ones I would wake up to…

Calming my early morning nerves and…

Ensuring I would be a saint through the day…

Sorry I was practicing for when I would be too busy…

Reading his texts and spending time with him…

Sometimes it would even make me forget what to write (or that I was writing!)

I’m sure some people would read the above with a smile and a little shake of the head! Isn’t it funny that some of us are waiting for the right guy to do all the things that we plan to do or hope to achieve? (Mind you, for some ladies, you can strike out the ‘right’ as they are just waiting for a guy, period! Lol.. We sometimes feel that once that right man comes, most of our life’s troubles would be sorted. There’s so much expectation placed on the right man and the right relationship that it sometimes contributes to extinguishing it even before anything can take root!

I strongly believe that one should embrace all of life’s opportunities as we have it now and stop putting off certain things until the right man comes.

Don’t wait to go on that date, do it now! Try setting up a ‘date’ with your friends and treating yourselves to a nice day or evening out! Learn to feel comfortable and enjoy your own company and that of your platonic friends. Factually, it may not be as exciting and wonderful as it would be with a significant other, nevertheless it is very worth it, you only have to try it to understand and appreciate the power of good, solid friendships!

Wear that gorgeous outfit now!
Don’t wait for a guy you can impress before you look nice. Love yourself enough to do things for yourself and not for the sake of others, it helps your self-esteem and the way you rate yourself. Besides trust me, if you don’t inculcate the habit now, don’t expect a miracle later.

Waiting is good, waiting is beneficial – I mean, the bible says that it develops our ability to be patient and patience they say is a virtue… On the other hand, waiting can be hard, it can be frustrating, it can be an absolute nightmare.

It’s up to you my friend to decide if you would rather ‘count sheep’ whilst waiting, or get on with other aspects of life and improve yourself in the process.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Oh How Times Have Changed!!

You have to read this to believe it!

So the question now is do you think we should revert to this system, and are women just too liberated for comfort in today's world? In addition, would this measure, if strictly adhered to, perhaps reduce the rate of divorce in today's world??

lol xx

Oh how times have changed!!! *Sigh*

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Valentine new wahala?

It seems like everyone around me is getting engaged!!

Left, right, front, back... ..

I blame it on Valentine's day, in fact the whole month of February!!

Now people are no longer satisfied with chocolates and flowers on the 14th, oh no! they want you to put a ring on it!! (Actually maybe Beyonce may partially be responsible... that's for all you Beyonce-ogling guys out there hahahaha - evil laugh - now you'll think again before watching THAT video again, serves you right!)

As if the pressure wasn't bad enough! lol I feel sorry for the guys.. Shey it was the amount you spent on gifts you were "fearing" before... Now you will have to save up for that sparkly ring (and it has to be nicer than the one her friend got mind!) and of course the great big day...

So guys do you feel the pressure? And ladies, would you like a valentine's day proposal??

Personally, my verdict is still out on it you know. For one, it would be sooo obvious unless the guy's got extra game and manages to still make it unique regardless of the fact that there's a ripple of "YES!" across the world on the day!


... NEW POST!! lol


I know, I know! It's a looooooong time coming!

Happy New Year and everything in - between!

Oh my goodness I've missed blogging/blogville/everything blogified!

I'm always glad to be back..

I don't know why I am so lazy when it comes to blogging!

If only I were confident (not to mention technical savvy hehe) enough to do audio posts seeing as I like to talk soo much!

I'm guessing that then I would be regular enough lol...

I must mention here that you guys are tres amazing!! Your encouraging comments put the much needed grease on my elbow to come back! Merci beaucoup ma cherie(s)!! :-)

So much has already happened this New Year!

With respect to that, I would just like to say that please appreciate everyone that you love, don't wait for "tomorrow" to show them how much you care.. Remember tomorrow is not promised to anyone, we can only hope and pray for it... Do something nice for them TODAY!! Especially that thing you've been meaning to do.. "I don't have time" is not a good enough excuse.. Don't wait to have to forcefully look for that time...

My simple message to you is that God has blessed us with such wonderful (and not so wonderful :-) people around us, let's show them just how much we appreciate and love them back!

I love you all!! (Forgive/permit me, I'm feeling quite emotional!)
More importantly I hope you fully understand how loved you are by God... He loves you, He truly truly does!

PS - Someone once said that women are very random, meaning we jump from one train of thought to another... Is that true?.. Actually judging from this post and many others I would have to kinda concur lol!

Peace, love and joy in Jesus...