Sunday, 14 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 14

Lord today I want to praise You for gifts and talents that you have richly blessed every human being with!

I praise You because You didn't create any single person empty... We are full of You because we are made in Your image. Creativity is in our DNA. You have made us very complete and very unique.

I praise You because it is only a wonderful God that can create wonderful creatures who are diverse, yet collectively amazing!

Thank You for the singers, I hear some people's vocal range and I am like WOW! Father indeed You do mighty things!!

I see how adept some people are at playing instruments and I am like WOW! God, You are truly awesome!

I see how some people can create beauty out of an empty space, a great eye for detail and I remember how You formed this wondrous earth and all that's in it out of nothing. You are amazing God!

I see how people can use their minds and intellects to solve complex problems as if it were A,B,C.. WOW! You are just incredible God!

I see the gifts that you've given some to love and care and be selfless beyond human nature and I know that Your love for us must be immense indeed.

Awesome God... I couldn't even begin to list the inummerable talents and gifts that you so freely bestow on us all and today Lord, I just want to say You are worthy of our praise!

Thank You for not making us empty! You are amazing God!!


  1. Oh yes our God is awesome...mami...I see are doing a very good job with this post series...

    1. Thanks my dearest Tibs.. #TibsforPresident! :-D xx

  2. he sure is awesome wow it day 14 mann and you are good at this

    1. Thank God! 16days today.... And counting :-) xx


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