Saturday 24 July 2010

Till death doth this Go?

I told you I would be back *wink*

Hope you all had a great day, mine was nothing short of AWESOME!! I attended a FANTASTIC gospel concert and it was absolutely fabulous.. even if I am lying in bed at the moment, not being able to move! I tell you, High praise is the most effective anti-dote to feeling low/discouraged/depressed/guilty/sad/heart-broken etc.... Why don't you try it out tomorrow... It's Sunday, you can have some "Praise-o-fen".. (If this encourages at least one person to attend church tomorrow, you would have made my weekend + your weekend + His weekend! :-)

Tell me how it goes, I eagerly await your positive responses!!

On another note, I have always wondered if it were possible to completely fall out of love with an ex.. You see, people say that love lasts forever and that like energy, it is never lost but is only transformed to another form. So for instance, love doesn't end with a relationship, it only translates to another emotion such as hate, anger or jealousy...

So I say to myself, that must be quite a situation for a lot of people seeing as sometimes before you meet The One, you kiss quite a number of frogs/caterpillars/apes (lol) whom you sometimes fall in love with (?)....

So there was this guy I (think) I was in love with and now I (almost strongly) believe I have gotten over him.. The thing is, I haven't seen him in a while and so the letting go part has been quite good.. He's coming into town soon and I am about to know for sure if it's all done and dusted now! I am actually looking forward to seeing him so I can analyse the way I react/respond to him.. I shall definitely be coming back to share with you..

Afterwards, then I would do a post on "How to Let Go" or perhaps "How to handle unwanted emotions"... Please pray with me that it would be the former! lol

Lots of love xx

Friday 23 July 2010

Where are the Beautiful Ones I Ask?!?

Is it possible to find a guy who has it all?!!

I ask because I really want to know. For those who have met Mr Right, would you say he was all that you wanted/asked for without compromise?

It’s such a tricky situation sometimes.. I am not trying to be pessimistic; I just want to hear your opinion (in an objective manner).

As a young lady, you have plans about the kind of guy that you want to be with.... For me, it would include but not limited to good Christian, good looking/attractive, generous, good sense of humour, intelligent, tall, available and ready to make a commitment. But it seems like I meet guys who have one or two of the qualities and are lacking in other areas I consider vital.... So the problem isn’t finding a tall and handsome, young, intelligent man, it’s the fact that he doesn’t really see the point in going to church or that he is as stingy as a church rat!

Other times, it’s finding a good fire-brand Christian, attractive, young man, short/average height with the personality of a toothpick!

Why is it hard to meet a man who loves God, looks good, kind-hearted, charismatic, can hold a decent conversation, confident height + *cherry on the top* single!?

May God help us single ladies…

So what do you think? Is it possible, are our demands unrealistic (bearing in mind – ask and you shall be given), are they all married or are the beautiful ones not yet born!?

(I would also appreciate some male perspectives please!)
PS: Sorry about being MIA….. I shall be here more often, God willing!
And thanks for the comments on the last post…

Lots of love xx