Thursday 2 July 2009

10 Secrets to a happy Marriage/Relationship

Hiya I'm Backkkkk!!! lol... I really need to be cautioned by the "Blog Police"...
I have just been too lazy/busy/occupied to blog in the past few days + personal drama (s).. But hopefully this time I am back-ish.. I remember my note that stated that I would blog so much, Naija bloggers award would have no choice but to give (dash) me all the awards available... Now I guess the only award I would be eligible for would be... "Oh please get off blogger and get a life" award.. I can imagine my total joy (surprise/shock/pain/betrayal and everything in-between) that I would be feeling lol.. I would have to think of a good speech for that one.. That should keep me sufficiently busy for the next few days (hehe, I already have a good excuse if I don't blog soon-ish)
Anyways, how have you good people of blogville been? I have missed you all, from the witty to the inspirational to the feminists, to the good-natured rants to the tales of motherhood to the gossips (information) .. I haven't even had enough time to go blog-trotting, it is well, I shall repent of my deviant ways and reform my character :-)

So I have been reading a LOT lately and I just have to recommend these authors - Francine Rivers (I think I may have mentioned her before but just in case...) and Karen Kingsbury.. These women are just phenomenal! Trust me on this one, you would not be the same after reading their books... they weave real issues such as relationships etc etc into such wonderful fiction, you wouldn't be able to put the book down.. what's more, they do it from a christian point of view that sorts of put the icing on your cake :-). Don't be deceived, it's christian but there's nothing religious or methodic (is that a word?? well we must start using it someday right?:-)

For those who are particularly interested in relationships (as I am) I got this lovely secrets from Karen Kingsbury's book.. It's "10 Secrets to a happy marriage" but I have decided to add "to a successful relationship" as well for it helps whether you are in marriage or in a romantic/platonic relationship.. It was so brilliant I just had to share with you beautiful people..

....And if like me you want to write it up boldly and stick it up your bedroom wall, where you can wake up to reading it each day and see it before you retire for the night so you can even dream about it then please by all means do so!
More importantly, please make an effort to actually practice it and not just read it, at first it may be difficult but I'm sure in the end it would be well worth it!!

1. God has you here to serve one another. Love acted out is serving.

2. Women need respect and nurturing. Love your wife so she knows you'd lay your life down for her. Share a hobby - find something you can do to have fun together. Continue to date her and admire her.

3. Laugh often.

4. Be patient. Love crumbles under the weight of unmet expectations.

5. Spend more time trying to fix yourself than your spouse.

6. Keep short accounts. The bible says "Do not let the sun go down while you are angry. Make it a habit to forgive.

7. Determine upfront that divorce is not an option.

8. Learn about love languages. Not all people show love or receive it the same way. You want a back rub and your spouse wants a clean kitchen. The love languages are fairly simple: Acts of Service, Quality time, Physical Touch, Gifts and Words of Affirmation.. Learn them. Love is better received when it is in the language that person speaks.

9. Words of affirmation are a love language for ALL men.

10. Men are born to be leaders. He cannot lead unless she gives him the confidence to do so. If you love your husband, build him up. Confident men do not seek love outside the home.

PS I was actually trying to see which one of them was my favourite and to be honest I couldn't quite decide, they are all soo true!

PPS I think EVERYONE should read the book "THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES" by Gary Chapman. Simply put, you will be amazed and the way you relate with people would change :-) (and no Gary Chapman did not pay me for the advert lol)

PPPS I listened to Verastic's blog radio for the first time this afternoon and I just want to say Congratulations girl, you're definitely a star!