Saturday, 20 June 2009

My Dear Daddy 2

My dear daddy,

How are you my first love? I missed writing to you last week and I'm sorry. I was soo tired out from all that happened that day, I really wanted to write to you but I was really exhausted. I know that you understand 'cause all through the day I could feel you so close through the immense success of the day. I smile with joy and I'm so proud that I have such a great father, daddy you make me GLAD!

My strength, my joy, my peace, the one that completes me, I want to thank you for the past week (well 2 weeks as it were, as I did not get the opportunity to say so last week). I don't really know what to say or rather where to start from....

I will just say one specific thing that made me think during the past week.. I thank you for Mr E's birthday last week. Remember how it used to be with him early last year, I asked and begged you for strength to get over him and still be able to live through it :-) He is a good man but wasn't the good man for me. As I wished him happy birthday, I smiled as I realised that I can talk to him now with my emotions intact and not all over the place :-) Thank you for allowing us to still be friends and more so for all the lessons that that period taught me!

Thank you for giving me back my self-esteem and self-worth, thank you for teaching me how to love and appreciate myself. Thank you for allowing me to make mistakes that I boasted "was beyond me" but then realised that anyone can be gullible by their own strength but you give grace to do all things.

Thank you that you made it easy for me to forgive and forget the past including myself, so I did not wallow in self pity and self condemnation but rather used the experience to be in a better position to love, understand and talk to people who are going trough similar situations.

Thank you for Mr E, he is my very good friend and I am glad I met him.

Thank you for wonderful and amazing friends! Oh daddy, the friends you have blessed me with are toooo much, please bless them extra special this week... thank you :-)

Tomorrow is father's day and even as the world celebrates fathers all over, I would like to say an early HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to the best daddy in the whole wide universe.

I love you always daddy.


PS Daddy can you please let Pink -Satin experience the joy of going to church as much as I do? She said she wishes she gets excited about it like I do. Please daddy, let her see that side of you so that she can also LOVEEE going to church like me and David (who said he was glad when they said unto him, "let us go into the house of the Lord). Thank you daddy :-)

Friday, 12 June 2009

Family Post: MUM 101

When I grow up, I want to be like my mum...

Yes, I want to be like one of the greatest women I know...

I want to love God as much as she does.. Honestly, she is a role model for honour and respect to her daddy.

I want to be full of love and loyalty like her... Growing up with my mum was such a delight, she made us (me and my siblings) aware that she loved us VERY much. Even though there were times when I could have sworn that she must have adopted me especially when she disciplined us silly (trust me, my mother did not understand how to spare the rod) yet, she would draw us close just afterwards and explain why she "had" to do what she did.

I want to be fuelled by passion for my dreams and aspirations like her...I know passion is embedded in the DNA of women, nevertheless permit me to say that my mum's is worthy of mention. When she believes in something she would not hesitate or be shy to go after it. My mum is a fierce activist, not afraid to STAND for what she believes in..

I want to be as intelligent, hardworking and clever as her.... She comes top of her class (whether in school, church or playground lol). I remember once going to her office and one of her bosses was like "you should be proud of her, she is so clever" and I beamed in my little heart, with my little self thinking "WOW, go mum!" :-)

I want to be as creative as she is.. She made growing up sooooo much fun, my goodness "Oh why don't we do it a bit differently this time" "If you do all your chores in time, we would go for lunch at xyz"

I want to be as beautiful as she is... Beautiful nice skin, nice legs, nice smile, great dress sense.. I hope I look like (better lol) you at your age. People say to me "Oh she looks more like your sister" (I smile in Spanish)

.....I am not writing this to flatter or boast or... rather I know that family values are being lost again and again in today's world so my quota to today's world (lol) is to make Friday "Family Post".. I hope to extol the virtues of members of the (my) family and take out time to "count" their worth in order to appreciate them even though sometimes they make us want to pull our hair out hehe (I'm sure you understand...)

I'm sure if you think of it, your post would be (ok, maybe not :-) longer than mine....

God bless xx

He'll do it again!


Sometimes, you feel so down and so low, you just need an uplifting...

Sometimes everything seems to be falling apart all at once and you just wish someone would come and rescue you from it all..

Sometimes all hope seems to have gone, nowhere to turn, no one really seems to understand..

Sometimes it seems like the troubles don't want to go away and there really isn't any help in sight....

Sometimes you have prayed and praised and done all the "good" things, yet nothing seems to be happening...

Sometimes even your loved ones are no where to be found and even the one you hold dearest can't be there for you...

Sometimes you wish the smiles that others see are really true and not the deep cry that goes on inside...

Sometimes you just want to give it all up...

....I heard this song again recently and for some reason it spoke to me so so deeply...

"Just take a look at where you've been and where you are now.."
"Hasn't He always come through for you
"He'll do it again....."

I pray that for you, you will laugh again, you will dance again, you will have hope again, you will believe in yourself again, you will dust yourself up and try again.....

Honey, things will work out again; you definitely may not know how and you may not even know when but be assured He WILL do it again!

God bless xx

Saturday, 6 June 2009

My Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,

I love you and I want you to know that I do. I know you can see that I love you but I wish I could express it better. How are you today? I know that sometimes I get caught up in my own state that I forget to enquire about you. Sometimes, it's even because I don't think you need me to ask for I know that you are always good. Nevertheless, today I want to take the opportunity to ask "Daddy hope you are alright and the throne is comfortable".

You have taught me that the best way to start conversations with you is to exalt your name and person with words of praise and adoration. So, this is for you my King, my Love, the owner of heaven and earth, the ancient of days, always constant and never changing, the one to whom all power in heaven and on earth belongs to, my healer, my provider, my dearest and best friend, my faithful father. I take immense pleasure in adoring you.

Daddy, I have noticed that my fellow blogging brothers and sisters have decided to take out a day of the week to say "thank you".. they call it different titles "Thankful Mondays", "Thankful Posts" "I Give Thanks Today". Whenever I read these posts, I am reminded of your goodness to us all and although I may not have listed them in the past, I definitely appreciate every one of them and say a big "THANK YOU". You know I can be a "copy-cat" especially when it comes to doing things for you, so I have made up my mind that I shall copy these thankful posts too.. I know that a thankful heart always receives more, so I would not allow my "more" to pass me by. Besides dad, I do it because I love you and I want to make you smile.

I will do mine a bit differently though, I will write you a weekly letter to gist with you in addition to saying thank you (you know I love your attention :-) and here's my first one. I really hope I would be able to keep up to date with them, you know me and my procrastination, I need your help in that area (pretty please with Jesus on it :-)

Thank you for the lovely weather that we have had in the past week, oh it was soo lovely and soo hot, I actually longed for a bit of cold! Alas the cold came just when I shaved my legs ready for my shorts. I guess maybe you didn't want me exposing too much leg lol (but I promise it wasn't too short and I was going to the beach too). Can you please make the sun come back before the hair grows back? Thank you :-)

Then how can I forget what happened on Thursday.. I remember waking up thinking "let this pass over too" but then I remembered the chorus of the song I heard just the day before "you may not know how, you may not know when but He would do it again" and then I became encouraged and everything seemed like it was going to be alright in the end and yes it was (I smile at thought), thank you soo much, you are too much!

Wow, Daddy I have only mentioned 2 things and I have written so long! Let me just say this, I thank you for Monday (the honour bestowed), Tuesday, Wednesday (the lady that came and the meeting), Thursday (making something out of nothing), Friday(oh, Friday was too much! I was, and still am overwhelmed), for today (even in the rain... wow) and tomorrow (with you, I know it's going to be alright!)

I can't wait to be in church tomorrow, just like David... "I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord" and it's thanksgiving Sunday too, yipeeee!!!! (praises, dance and food hehe)...

I love you dad, you mean the world to mean...

Oneplustheone xxxx