Monday 8 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 8 Praising in Advance

The talk was so intriguing that people sat enraptured by the wisdom that spewed from the mouth of this great man. He spoke mere words but there was nothing 'mere' about those words. They were so soft, yet so powerful. One could almost feel the piercing of the words on one's heart.The words that proceeded out of His mouth seemed to come alive in the hearts of the people gathered.

And oh what a gathering! Men, women, children, families all gathered from far and near to hear what this Gentleman had to say! Time passed and none was the wiser, all that mattered was to sit and listen to the amazing words that this man spoke! His words were also followed by great acts! Wow! He could be referred to as the 'Wonder Wonder' - Double wonder, because one 'wonder' was not enough to describe His Wonderfulness!

Men followed, women joined quickly with their babies in tow. They thought in their hearts "Perhaps this Wonder-Wonder would solve my problems today too!"

Now, it was obvious that these people were hungry! The crowd was great, and for some, the distance to their homes was greater. The Compassionate One could not allow them go away hungry, so He turned to His companions and asked for the closest place to get some food to feed the crowd of people.

They must have thought in their minds "Huh? Food?! For this amount of people?! Which money? Which store?!", knowing not that Wonder-Wonder had a plan!

However, one who had seen Him turn a fruitless night catching (or not catching) fish to a mighty success of abundant catch in a matter of minutes, offered what was available.. "There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and and two small fish..." he said.

Others might have been privately smh-ing, rme-ing and every other acronym-ing possible.. "How on earth?!"

However, Wonder-Wonder took it, gave thanks and afterwards shared to His close companions, who shared to all. Yes, Every.Single.One.of.the.Crowd.Gathered! They ALL ate and more than that, to the fullest, and even more than that, had 12 baskets-full remaining!

(You can read the full account yourself in John 6:1-15)

In this month of 30Days of Praise, I know it may be easier or more convenient to praise God when things are good or even alright. When prayers are answered here and there or requests have been given the green light by our Awesome God. Thanking God for victories won and desires met comes almost naturally!

But what happens when what you have isn't what you asked for? Or the situation you're in is less than ideal? Or the issue seems nigh impossible? Or people have explained to you in very clear and factual terms why it cannot happen?

Like our Wonder-Wonder, take what you have, give thanks for it and watch it multiply!

When you thank God for what you have, it will multiply to more than meet your need, you will be satisfied and have surplus too!

Things not looking so great? What better time than to focus on and thank God for what you do have! There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Let's do it today:

Lord, even though I am not where I want to be at this time in my life, I look at me now and I see Your GREAT hand - Thank YOU Jesus.

Lord, for those waiting on You for that dream job, and one way or the other can still afford to survive - Thank YOU Jehovah Jireh

Lord, for those waiting on You for the money to meet that need, but one way on the other can lift their hands to work, the mouth to ask and their ears to receive phone calls of joy - Thank YOU Centre of our Joy.

Lord, for those who have been disappointed one way or the other but still have life to hope for another day - Thank YOU our Hope of Glory.

Lord for those who want to get married (like yesterday), however still have men/women alive walking on the street - Thank YOU our Bridegroom!

Lord for those who desire children, and can still caress their spouses - Thank YOU God of Abraham (Sarah), Isaac (Rebekah) and Jacob (Rachel)!

Lord for those who have an unrealised dream and can still have a mind to imagine and means to work - Thank YOU God of Joseph!

We could go on and on Lord and truly see that in EVERY situation you remain God and you are worthy of thanksgiving and praise!

Thank You because we know that in giving thanks, You are gracious and kind enough to do even more! THANK YOU!

Praise Him in Advance - Marvin Sapp (I Love This Song!)

Have you gone through a difficult time when you still praised God through it? What happened? Please share your praise-story with us, to the glory of the Most High God! xx


  1. And faith call those things that be not as though they were in deed.. Thanks for the reminder... :)

    1. Amen.. It sure does :-)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Thanks for reminding to keep up the praise even when i am discouraged. Nice piece....

    1. Thanks dear.. Praise has a way of lifting our spirits too xx

  3. Truly Bubba, I love this post, as it was a realllllllly enlightening read. Its amazing how when everything is easy and shine shine :), we thank GOD. But when things go haywire, or just are not ghen ghen again, we feel that the same GOD that was there for us at the good times, has left us. Sadly that aint true, as we should than him regardless. I once did this, as in Thanked GOD in advance for something i really wanted, and meeeehhnnn it worked.. Life is teaching me, that GOD always has this really great awesome ghen-ghen plan for us all, its just left for us to see it, and accept it when it comes.

    P.S: So many times, what we want never presents itself in the way we want it, so its better we take and make the best outta every ""seemingly"" little opportunity, and give GOD thanks in the most unlikely of events. Life may be really wrong, but GOD makes everything right at the RIGHT time. All we have to do is keep keeping on, and keep Thanking him.

    P.P.S: One +THE ONE for Governor of Lagos state oh, AIii Zaaa... you always know how to deliver your message to our heart of hearts shaaa.... :)

    1. Yes oh.. God has great plans for us, it's just about trusting in His timing..
      Thank you Pastor John De Beloved *Huge grin*.. Your comment makes sense gann.. It's a post by itself. Thanks very much for it.

      Yes oh, let the campaign begin! I will start composing the campaign jingle hehehe.. God bless you Bubba xx

  4. i got the gist about your blog from tibs...and am happy am reading it now..its full of inspiration. ts good to know they are young folks like us who still love God sincerely and truely. keep it up dear. will definitely keep reading

    1. Awww, thank you so much for your very kind comment Teetee.. God bless you loads!!
      Welcomeee!!! It's good to 'meet' you.. I will hop over to your blog soon xx

  5. Praising through the that's true heartfelt praise,one that's not moved by circumstances but always know that God remains the same amazing,glorious God and he always has a plan..oh, He always has a good plan for us!

    1. He does! Oh He sure does.. I fonly we can trust in His faithfulness xx


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