Thursday 15 October 2015

Let Me Love You...

Yesterday was a dear friend-like sister's birthday! (Happy Birthday - whoop whoop!!)

Now, my friend is such a wonderful person and we hardly ever disagree on much however one of the things that we disagree on a lot is her phone culture.. or shall I say her lack of phone culture lol.

It can be very very difficult holding her down on the phone! It's not because she's not a phone person but that she often has a very long distance relationship with the device. If it hasn't been tossed somewhere far-off, it is dead due to its battery not being recharged!

You can imagine the frustration in trying to communicate with her.. I think I'm getting used to it ("think" being the operative word lol).

Now, back to yesterday being her birthday, I gave her one of my unsolicited lectures on the importance of having her phone with her and alive a few times during the day (in the most loving way of course - it was her day of birth after all :-D) because again, that phone-LDR was going on and people had been trying to get through to her to no avail!

As you would imagine, I'm not the only one who has a thing or two to say about her phone habits, her family and close friends do too! I have come to realise that the reason why it gets to us so much is because we actually want to talk to her, communicate with her, be able to relate with her at different times of the day, particularly as it was her birthday.. In short, we wanted to show her some love and it was mega frustrating to be deprived of that opportunity!

You know the interesting part of it all? She doesn't quite get what the fuss is all about! Lol

Now, the reason for that long story was to draw the attention that in the same vein, when you love someone, one of the ways you express that love is by allowing them to love you.. You get me?

Sometimes, we could get so independent that we forget that it is important to let go sometimes and allow people in our lives the opportunity to love us..

You don't always have to be 'fine', sometimes, show your vulnerability to them and give them the opportunity to help you so that you make them feel needed and important in your life. If they love you, it makes them feel very good doing it for you.

Give them access to your world - Don't try to 'shield them away' or protect them from your troubles. People who love you want to share in your pain and struggles. In the same vein, don't feel that you don't want to 'disturb them' by sharing little or what you might consider trivial milestones in your life..

Bottom line is as you show love to others, give them opportunities to love you too.. Being independent and self-sufficient is great but sometimes (or perhaps more than you know), they want to be able to be there for you too!

Lots of love :-) xxxx

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Monday 12 October 2015

Glowreeyah Braimah's Expression!

It feels sooo good to be blogging again!!

I know, I know, it's been a while.. I 'disappeared' again just like that.. Thanks for the love guys! Thanks to all those who checked up on 1 + The One while we were away.. Special shout-out to those who sent emails and interacted on social media, you rock and you are huge sources of encouragement! May God bless you real good!!

So, I went for this absolutely amazing concert yesterday!! Some of you might know my love for attending gospel concerts as I have talked about it on here a number of times.

The Expression!
I was eagerly looking forward to this one because it was the album launch of one artist that is fast becoming one of my favourites, not to mention the fact that she wrote and sang one of the most powerful songs I have heard - Miracle Worker, I wrote about the song HERE, you can also watch an interview she did with the Good Morning Nigeria Show posted below..

Gloria Braimah aka Glowreeyah's album launch was tagged 'The Expression' and oh what an expression of praise and worship it was!!

It was held at The Rock Cathedral in Lekki and what a beautiful beautiful sanctuary it is!! The ambience was set and it was time to let go of all inhibitions as I looked forward to worshipping along with some of my favourite gospel ministers.

I couldn't wait to listen to 'Miracle Worker' live - I don't think I could ever get tired of listening to that song. Something happens every time I hear it. It's my go-to song when I cannot pray. I have hardly heard it in worship without tears streaming down my face as at that point I feel absolutely vulnerable before my Miracle Worker for whom NOTHING is impossible, my Destiny Changer who writes and sets the destiny of a man and no man can argue and who can turn one's life around no matter how far we've strayed!

Glowreeyah and Nathaniel Bassey singing Miracle Worker LIVE at The Expression!
I was expectant but I can tell you that my expectations were greatly surpassed! It was nothing short of amazing! Some things I observed was that the gospel industry came out in great support of one of their own - borrowing Pastor Paul Adefarasin's word - a plethora of Ministers came out to support Glowreeyah. It was a beautiful sight indeed - love in action.

... And you know where love is, God exists, because indeed, God is love! Well, each of them came on stage and tore the roof! From Sammie Okposo and his oboto dance lol (As you see me so, I no get wahala, as you see me so, na only Halleluyah!), to Onos' Alagbara. We had Pita lift his voice in beautiful worship, Nikki Laoye as great as always, Nathaniel Bassey, Nosa,Tuke Morgan, Frank Edwards and Cobhams!! Haaa, I can write a whole post on this one.. I just kept looking at him in awesome wonder and total adoration of our Great God! Only a great God can give great talent!!

His duet with Glowreeyah was breath-taking, his rendition of the hymn Rock of Ages and then his beautiful song 'Ordinary People' left people speechless in profound admiration for this extraordinary man!

Glowreeyah and Cobhams Asuquo during their amazing duet!!
Now, Glowreeyah herself was SUPERRR! She glowed.. There's something about this woman that is incredibly special. There's this grace around her and I believe that's why you can hardly catch her without a smile on her face. You know those kind of people that you like being around? Yes, that's Glowreeyah! I loved how she told us the stories behind each song and the creativity that was definitely obvious in the variety of styles in her music.. And her voiceeee!! Honestly, God has richly blessed Nigeria and His church!

Glowreeyah - Glows so gloriously!
I don't know which of her songs I would say was my favourite (of course, you already know I am partial to Miracle Worker lol), I predict that Covenant Keeper would be another great anthem, as well as the Exclamation song (don't worry, you will soon find out when you hear "I Exclamation YOU!" :-D Another one I loved was the song that was like a prayer for Nigeria produced by Mosa.. My goodness! That was a song and a half!!

Covenant Keeper

Her new album is a treasure indeed and I don't think anyone has to be cajoled or excessively persuaded to get a copy.. Trust me, you don't want to be on a dulling P, you would be grateful for it!

The Expression.. Get your copies NOW!!!
Something else I would like to point out is something a dear friend whom I attended with said - Gospel concerts in Nigeria are better organised and of a better quality than most secular events. I didn't say it, she did! lol (But I whole-heartedly concur :-D).. They sing LIVE, their hosts are usually excellent (well done Chigurl and Freke Umoh!), the organisation and stage management is usually very professional, they often start on time(!), and of course, the icing on the cake - the anointing makes the difference!

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