Monday 30 September 2013

Let's lift Him up in Igbo! What do You call Him?

... So we started off with His praise chant in English HERE and then moved on to Yoruba HERE.. It's time to do it the Eastern Nigerian way! Igbo kwenu!

Isn't God just amazing?? The way He's created so many languages, yet still understands every single one of them.. And you know what? He understands even the unspoken words - The language of the heart, the language of the sigh, the language of the tears and the language of the smile.. PRAISE HIS AWESOMENESS!

Here goes.. Please delight in the praise of our Father in Heaven.. (with translations)

Onye di kagi? (Who is like unto You?)

Echetaobisiki - (When I think of You, my heart is strengthened)

Agunechemba (The Lion that guards the universe)

Omemgbeosirike (The One who shows up when it becomes impossible)

Amamamasiamasi (The All-Knowledgeable One)

Chijoke'm (God who holds my portion/inheritance)

Eze'm (My King)

Igwe! (Your Majesty)

Eze-ndi-Eze (King of all Kings)

Onye na gworia (The One who heals sickness)

Ogbajiri igwe kpo ya nku (He breaks the gates of iron in pieces like wood)

Eze Ebubu (King of glory)

Eze Udo (King of peace)

Omalicha Chukwu (Beautiful God)

Ogwo ngbe oyiri dibia (The God that performs when magicians fail)

Chi nji eme onu (The God in whom I boast)

Odimegwu Judah (The Lion of the tribe of Judah)

Otiri Pharaoh mmanwu (The God that shocked Pharaoh)

Okaa Omee (The God that does as He says)

Chi mere nwanyi aga oturu ime (He makes the barren to have children)

Chi mere nwa boi oburu ogaranya (The God who turns slaves into kings)

Onye di nso (The Holy One)

Aren't you just proud to have such a GREAT GOD as GOD? Truly, there is none like Him! He is the One that has a name that is above every other name!

Thanks to my wonderful friends who helped with the names and the translations.

What names do you call God in your local dialect?


  1. Thank you so much for putting up the translations! I have wondered about the meaning of several of these names (e.g. Agunechemba) especially since they're repeated in a lot of Naija gospel songs. Now, I know. Dalu!

  2. Uko ke ekong-this means, a Mighty Warrior in battle. This is Ibibio.

    1. Dike n'agha is Mighty Man in Battle/Warrior/of War in Igbo. Hallelujah!!!

  3. RB, You're more than welcome! It helped me a lot to know the meanings of the names that we often sing about in Nigeria.
    UIK, Halleluyah! Thank you very much for that.. JEHOVAH! Uko ke ekong! xx

  4. Ah. I LOVE!!!
    Lemme add a personal fave... Chi n'aza ekpere God that answers prayers...
    Ogbara nkiti okwu juru n'onu ya
    He is keeping quiet oooo doesn't mean He doesn't have what to say (more like He is bidding time. He has the power to do ooo so don't mistake his silence for weakness)
    Then Anyanwu otutu... The bright morning star or sun
    And finally Ekwu eme... The God that does what He says

  5. Halleluyah! GOD GREAT GOD!
    Thanks E' xxx

  6. Have been longing to figure out the meaning of these words.Thanks for simplifying these great phrases. I can now connect well with Most High through these beautiful and powerful Gospel songs.

  7. PRAISE THE MOST HIGH! As a first-generation Nigerian-American this is well-needed. I'm in love with the many ways God is embedded in our culture. Bless you all.

  8. thank you sir for these words
    i am an indian now i can mean what i sing in this beautiful igbo language so much deep meaning. God bless you

  9. Thank so much. You have helped us who loves Nigerian gospel songs

  10. Thanks was looking for the meaning of Agunechemba­čśÇ. I am Yoruba, one of the names I call God is Arugbo Ojo, meaning Ancient of Days!

  11. I am Ibibio,I call Him Uko ke ekong...means mighty in battle ❤️


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