Thursday, 18 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 18 I am because of You

So I'm here today
Because God kept me
I'm alive today
Only because of His grace
Oh He kept me
God kept me
He kept me
So I wouldn't let go

This song has been like my song of the week.. The words are so deep..

Indeed Lord, I acknowledge whole-heartedly that if it weren't for You, I wouldn't be here today. I wouldn't be standing today, I wouldn't have survived all life's lows, I wouldn't be smiling today, I wouldn't be full of joy today.

Lord, if it weren't for You, I would have given up (a long time ago). If it weren't for You, I would have compromised many times over and would still be looking for help or succour somehow, if it weren't for You, I wouldn't look forward to waking up or living.

If it weren't for You, I would have been very afraid of what the future held, I would have been filled with anxiety and worry. If it weren't for You Lord Jesus, life would have swallowed me up.

Thank You Lord because You make life worth living, You give me a brand new opportunity when I fail or fall, You give me the grace to dust myself up and try again, You give me the grace to succeed, You put a spring in my step, You put such inexplicable joy in my heart.

All that I have, all that I would ever hope to have; all that I am, all I could ever hope to be is all because of YOU.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I give You all the praise.

I Almost Let Go - Kurt Carr Singers


  1. First off.. I am first to comment Bebe.. heheheh I love the feeling oh jari. It makes me feel like Simba of Lion king. :)

    Truly Bubba, there is plenty to be thankful for. You know ehn Bubba, a lot of people have come in and gone out of my life, some i even chased away sef :) but GOD has always had my back, and I am so grateful to him, cause if not for GOD, my life would have been without life.. I almost lost someone linked to me by BLOOD last Tuesday, and this Post just reminded me that even though there were losses, I am thankful for life. Thank you 1 + THE ONE for being you in the midst of all the societal storms... Cheers. xx

    1. Lol.. John De Beloved!! Great to have you comment first! Thanks Bubba :-)

      Thank God for the life of your relative! God is wonderful...

  2. Yes O

    I have met the God who makes impossibilities possible.
    This song just gets me
    When I think of God, I just freeze because He is mind-blowing!

    1. Glory to God! He is indeed able to turn impossible situations around (in the twinkling of an eye!)


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