Tuesday 26 February 2013

Atoke & Banky DoubliYou.... A lesson

I'm sure many of us would have heard about, if not read the famous 'Love Letter' written by Atoke on Bella Naija... You haven't? *shock gasp*, read it HERE (Glad to be of service :-)

The open letter of love has received mixed feelings with some applauding her ingenuity and others scoffing at the idea of a lady expressing her undying love for a man.. Like how can? *rolls eyes* - Puleasee it was a satirical piece and actually so?! (anyways, that's story for another day)..

Me, I am firmly on team Atoke! Lol.. I must say that I believe the letter was written humorously and it certainly had that effect on me and many others. Definitely, Atoke has found a new fan in moi :-)

Anyways, I'm not writing to discuss the merits or demerits of Atoke's way of reaching out to Banky W but through the funny article, I learnt some lessons.

You see, my mum has always told me that when you want or desire something, don't stop! Don't be discouraged, be persistent, unshakable in your pursuit and no matter how long it takes, most often you would get it!

The truth is that the reason why many of us don't get what we desire is that we give up too easily and quit too early.. There is power in persistence, having a 'can do' attitude and believing that impossible is nothing.. Even the bible says that "ALL things are possible for he that believes"..

Faith works in all circumstances - with people and most especially with God. When you have a strong belief in something, it pushes you to work at it and come up with creative ways to achieve the impossible.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone. A lot of people are afraid of failure, of rejection.. "What will people say? How will they see me? What will they think of me? Am I worthy enough? WHAT IF IT FAILS?

Our fear of the 'unknown' keeps us from stepping out of the ordinary to attempt the extra-ordinary, to step out of the mundane, to do the unusual.

And let me tell you the truth, your fears are not totally unfounded, when you do step out, people would talk, they may even laugh, you may even fail at the first few attempts but if you stand tall, bold and never give up, if you keep pressing forward and be dogged in your determination, you will WIN..

And guess what? When you win, everyone becomes your friend. The "I told you so" becomes "I knew you would do it", The "Oh that's preposterously impossible" becomes "Oh, you inspire me!"

I challenge you today, I DARE you today to do THAT thing despite what the outcome may be. As long as it's right and the desire for it is there, nothing but YOU can stop you (Remember, even God recognised that with unity and determination, human beings could build a tower to heaven - imagine that! {Gen 11}..

Ignore the taunts, close your eyes to the smirks, tune out of the criticisms, forget the failures and BELIEVE!

And what happened to Atoke after it all? She got a response and her belated Valentine's gift from Mr Banky DoubliYou :-) .. See proof HERE

People may not even understand your dream / desire or why it's so important but you do! So don't live for 'people', live for God and yourself!


Friday 15 February 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy,

It's been so long that I have written to you here.. I want to cover my face in BB fashion when I remember how I said here that I wanted to make it a weekly endeavour.. I am really sorry.

Before I go on, let me just say to you that You mean the world to me. You are my no 1 and I can not survive without You. I am nothing without You. You make my life complete, You make life worth living! You give me hope, You give me such joy and confidence. You are my real Sugar Daddy :-)

Thank You for providing for me in such special ways. I am particularly grateful for the gift of life - for me, my family, friends and all the wonderful people who read this blog. Daddy, thank You so much.. Words are ineffective to fully express my deepest and heartfelt appreciation to You.

Lover of my soul, how was your Valentine's day yesterday  (I don't know if it's noted or acknowledged in heaven lol) but one thing I'm certain of is that You show love to me and everybody on a daily per second basis. Oh! You're just too wonderful! I love you <3 p="">
My day was good, thank You for making it interesting though I didn't have a particular valentine. I remember telling you that I didn't want to 'roast' as that would be regression oh! Seeing as last year, I was sufficiently and heart-warmly valentined.. My motto is forward ever.... backward never! And I know that that's good with You because You said it, that "the latter rain shall be better than the former"..

Anyways, thank You for that amazing surprise I had at work to cheer me up! I got my first delivery . It was music to my ears to hear "delivery for a.. Miss 1 + the One" hehehe.. I thought surely I must be dreaming lol.. Thanks for using my beautiful and incredibly lovely friend to do that for me.. I won't forget the gesture it was so sweet.. And I thoroughly enjoyed the goodies :-D

Thank You for all the people who had a great time with their other halves yesterday, it's just lovely to be able to share 'romonce' :-D.. And for those who didn't have that 'someone', Daddy, please make a way for US all  so that by next year, we will be grinning from ear to ear, inspired by that special someone.

I love You Daddy - with my heart, my soul and my mind.

Your Little Girl forever,
1 + The One xx

Wednesday 13 February 2013

It's Valentine's Day tomorrow.. What's the plan?

Girls love surprises, surprise your girlfriend this Valentine by introducing her to your real Girlfriend!

During the Valentine week, even food will lead to a break-up.. "Why did you feed me? Did I ask you? So you mean I'm a baby? It's over between us!"

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have officially announced that no one should spend more than N500 on their girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Be warned!!

It is Valentine's Day Week aka The week of looveeeee! lol.. I have been regaled with so many Valentine jokes, threats to boyfriends as to what will happen if they dared any acts of forgetfulness or "Baby, I don't believe in Valentine's Day, I don't need a special day to show love, my love for you is everyday".. *rolls eyes*... "Bets I like Valentine's Day, shikena"

To be honest, being a die-hard fan of love, I loveee Valentine's Day.. It gets me excited! I belong to the school of thought that love should be shown everyday BUT I still believe that it doesn't hurt to have a special day that the fact that I love you and you love me is particularly and carefully celebrated! It's like your birthday.. I don't have to buy gifts for you only on that day.. Gifts should come randomly BUT I like my birthday (ok, very poor analogy but the point still remains that no guy should please give me any excuse about not believing in Valentine's Day.. Don't worry, I can believe enough for both of us!)

Soo, what are you doing for Valentine's Day? Are you planning something extra extra special for that extra extra extra special individual?? Yes? Well done.. You get a pack of Indomie... No? *shock gasp*. It's not too late plix.. Mend your ways..

Here are some tips..

1. For the ladies, make an effort with your look for your man! Men are visual beings and appreciate it when their ladies look good! Do your hair the way he likes it.. wear the outfit he particularly likes.. put on some heels, use a nice perfume, wear your beautiful smile throughout the day! Just look good (bonus point is that looking good makes YOU feel good as well!) - Also, I know some guys like when you send them pictures of yourself in that look just for HIM! lol ( I don't know oh, *shrugs shoulders*)

2. Gifts always work well both ways.. You probably know your other half better than anyone else. Before you buy a gift, think well.. Don't just walk into a store and pick the first red heart-shaped item you see or the ceremonial perfume and chocolates or football jersey.. What describes them? Put a personal touch to it. It doesn't even have to be expensive.. My friend's fiance gave her this message in a bottle gift.. It was so beautiful AND romantic.. and not very expensive.. Be a little more creative when you buy them their gifts - it's not their birthday..

3. Action speaks louder than words... Sometimes, doing something out of the ordinary will be a hit! Do the dishes this time, watch football with them, play Fifa 2013 with them *yawn* lol.. Cook for her, tell her to sit down while you do the cooking and washing up.. Let her have the night off.. go with her to the mall, lol massage their feet..

4. Flowers!! There's just something about getting flowers that makes me feel feminine *batts eyelashes*.. Send her flowers at work.. Send him a football at work (iJoke hehe)

                                 (Fresh flowers please! lol)

5. Do things differently tomorrow and for the extra romantics, you can even start today *wink wink*

PS I am currently single so do not judge me for the suggestions above.. In other news, I shall be thinking of creative ways to amuse myself tomorrow and get into the Valentine spirit! hehehe

So, What are you up to for Val's Day???

Monday 11 February 2013

Let's talk about... BOYS!

Valentine countdown special: 3days to go!! :-)

Valentine Post coming soonm but today I want to talk about boys... yes boys! (Like that's not what I talk about a lot lol.. It's my time)

Anyways, I had the opportunity of speaking to one of my exes (is there a word like that??!) who happens to now be a very good friend of mine.
I think I must have mentioned it on the blog before that sometimes when the opportunity arises, I like to know what happened or hear the proper truth, especially when things ended on a confused note..

Well... this one I wanted to know as I was sooo into this guy and things just didn't work out (you know when you even start suspecting 'those people' in the village!)...

So I asked the question, "guy, let's talk?".... And I learnt a few things..

1. Boys tend to run shy away from emotional stuff. (why? I don't know.. I guess they are not built to be as emotional as ladies tend to be)
2. You need to really really understand what they are saying when they are not quite saying it. Boys usually are not the best at expressing themselves and we need to literally pray for a discerning spirit to truly understand when they speak or act in certain ways.
3. Sometimes, it's best not to read a boy's actions 'verbatim'.. understand the reason behind an action. It may not be as straight-forward as you think.
4. When a boy is going through stuff, he has a high tendency to do senseless things and / or push you away. It's not you, it's just his way of dealing with 'stuff'. It's a 'protective' mechanism - they try to use it to protect themselves from being vulnerable. Rather than face it and deal with it, they'd rather not face it and rather push you away. It's not always because feelings have changed towards you, they just prefer to sort out things on their own
5. Sometimes, when a boy acts weirdly, in an unusual manner or out of character, you need to find out why... Boys don't talk or share easily unlike ladies. So in the most loving manner, ask questions, find out what's going on. Be bold to ask difficult questions. (Again, he may become very defensive but prod gently and let him understand in very clear terms that the reason why you ask is because you care).
6. When they push you away or discourage you, still 'push' gently to understand him..

In effect, the underlying issue is communication, especially in relationships. Clear, open and sincere communication cannot be over-emphasised. For any relationship to thrive, both parties have to have an open line of communication and be willing to fully express themselves.

A lot of relationships have suffered huge blows and untimely deaths because of mixed communication, bottling up feelings and emotions, a person's perspective or interpretation of an action etc..

Now, you may have noticed that in the above list, I used the term 'boys'... I believe that when a boy makes that long journey to being a man, those things above shouldn't really be his issue. A man knows how to communicate with his woman. A man is designed to be the head, to lead. Real man have emotions and are not afraid to be vulnerable before someone that they love..... In short, real men are not afraid of love, neither are they afraid of showing love or being loved.

So, what do you think?

PS Welcome to all the new people who are following this blog! You're absolutely wonderful and I appreciate you coming back.. God bless you :-) xxxx

Wednesday 6 February 2013

I Love You - Just Say It

Recently, a pastor was with a women’s congregation and he made these requests of them:

Pastor (question): Can those with husbands raise their hands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands)
Pastor (question): How many of you love your husbands?
Ladies: (They all raised their hands)
Pastor (question): Are you sure ladies, before God? Can I prophesy?
Ladies: Yes!!!
Pastor (question): When did you last tell your husbands that “you love him?”
Ladies: (Various answers but some of them said) – “today when leaving the house”, “last night”, “when we went to bed”, “This morning when I woke up”, etc..etc…
Pastor: Each one of you should send a message of “I love you” to your husband right now.
Ladies: They all sent the text message “I love you” to their hubbies
Pastor: Now exchange your phones please
(ladies all exchange their phones)
Pastor: Read out loud the replies from your husbands please.

Below are the replies to the messages from their various husbands:
  1.   Is this message lost???
22.  Aaaah who is this??? Sorry wrong number please
  3.  Am I dreaming??
  4.  What is the matter!!??
  5.  What exactly do you mean??!!
  6.   You need money again abi???!!? (lol, classic response)
  7.   Hey! Did you smash my car??!!!
  8.   The message should be sent back to the intended owner!!!!
  9.    To hell jor!!!!!!!!!
 10.   I will beat you to death today until you tell me who the message was intended for!!!!
        (Joke source: BBM broadcast/Unknown lol)

..So when last did you tell your spouse “I love you” and how often do you it?
Please don’t let the words “I love you” become extinct in your marriage or don’t save it for ‘special occasions’.. There’s something reassuring about saying it again and again.. (for both you and your spouse)
You can try it out right now J

PS: Apologies for the hiatus, I have moved locations and I'm now blogging live from the beautiful continent of Africa :-)
And special shout out to my darling sayedero .. Thanks for always checking in xx