Tuesday, 23 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 23 *Miracle-Working God* by Glowreeyah Braimah

I heard this song today and it has been melting my heart since first listen...

It's a beautiful worship song by Glowreeyah Braimah featuring one of my newest favourite gospel singers - Nathaniel Bassey (I was actually looking for more of his songs when I saw this collabo!)

I read Glowreeyah's introduction to this heart-felt praise and it made me fall even deeper in love with it... You know, I believe that we birth some of the best of us during tough times/situations. When you go through challenges in God, you come out of it better, stronger and usually with a gift/story/experience to bless many others.

Here's the background to the song and please have a listen as you praise God - our Miracle Worker, still very much in the business of doing great and awesome miracles! Praise His wonderful name!

"‘Miracle-Worker’(The Yahweh reprise) was given to me,as I prayed in my ‘Jugsy-Nduks’ room. I lay face-down on the floor because my knees could not bear the weight of my agony that day. This lasted for approximately 8 minutes and 3 seconds. At the very same moment, my 2 year-old niece was fighting for her life in an Intensive Care Unit in the USA. Doctors were trying to revive her through Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation(CPR). Soon after, she slipped into a coma and was in that state for a few weeks. In between the last full-stop and this next sentence, it is best left to the imagination what a harrowing time my family had to endure during that period.

I sang this song every-day because I could not find the words to pray.
I promised heaven that I would record and release the song as soon as my niece left the hospital. Promise kept. Here you have it!

Interestingly,my fellow stake-holders in the process (Wilson Joel and Nathaniel Bassey) were also going through several near-similar encounters. For WJ, he also had a family member in hospital. For NB, anytime he turned on the TV etc, all he heard was a confirmation of the lyrics of this song.

Today, Fefe (pronounced Fay-fay) is the effervescent joy-ball she has always been! Her laughter peals like bells ringing. It is almost surreal to believe the awesome transformation. From down and out, to up and about! A few weeks ago, I visited her and when I I sang her ‘Miracle-working God’ song to her, the smile she gave me was worth more than a million rainbows!

Who would have known that such a trial would birth such a triumph? YAHWEH!


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Miracle Worker - Glowreeyah Braimah feat Nathaniel Bassey


  1. Wow! Thank God for Fefe. Really thank God for her.

  2. ....""When you go through challenges in God, you come out of it better, stronger and usually with a gift/story/experience to bless many others"".....

    True that Bubba, I think GOD makes us go through the relatively Sad moments to help us appreciate the Relatively Good times more, and vice versa. So we should praise GOD regardless, cause as my Blog Mother Janyl Benyl whom i love so much says, ""A heart of Gratitude opens doors of opportunities""

    Cheers 1+ THE ONE. xx.. Frm Acting Pastor JdB :)

    1. Acting Pastor JdB, loveeeet! :-)

      Your blog mother is right, very right.. Gratitude opens doors!

  3. The song is beautiful, the testimony too.Thanks for sharing both.

    1. I love it, been listening to it and when I am not listening to it, it's playing on my mind :-)

  4. I totally love this song as it comes from a deep place of worship. Oh and the testimony behind it gives depth to the meaning of the words of the song.
    I just thank God for always proving His Might (ability) to us even when He doesn't need to...He's indeed a Miracle Worker!

    1. Amen! He is.. I loveee the song too!!
      Whenever I listen to the song, I can just imagine what she must have been feeling, hoping and trusting on our last and wonderful Hope.. He is a miracle-worker indeed.
      Thank You Lord for every single miracle.. What would we do without You?! Thank You Lord


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