Thursday 28 April 2011

How to be in a relationship!

Hiya lovely people..

As always, it's been to loong. And in the way of time, so much has happened. I have missed blogging as usual and I come back here often and wish I could just type something or 'bluetooth' my thoughts to my laptop *that would be so lovely*..
Well here I am, and I'm so glad I'm here!
A big thank you to all who have stopped by especially first-timers, a big welcome to you, God bless you indeed.

So as per the topic at hand...

You know, one thing I have realised is that because it has been too long when I have been in a proper relationship, I feel like I need lessons! Honestly though, I need to learn the basics of how to act during the 'chasing' stage and then how to comport myself on a first date etc.. For instance, how do you front 'sufficiently' without seeming like you are not interested or making it obvious?? If I don't front, how would I act in such a way that I don't seem desperate or keen? What are the etiquettes of dating and relationships I ask??... gosh I need help!!

Many people think or assume these things come naturally to them but mehn I beg to differ.. You would just notice that for some reason, relationships don't seem to work or guys/ladies tend to lose interest in you for no apparent reason. Later, you would deduce that there's someone in your mother/father's village doing you.... No my dear, you are 'doing' yourself!

So I want to take the bold and unashamed step to ask you wonderful and experienced (and by experienced, I refer to people who have been able to sustain successful relationships!) people, what are the secrets to dating and being in a fulfilling relationship?

Practical steps would be much appreciated and of course steps that are pleasing to the One (Almighty God!)...

Lots of love xx