Friday 14 June 2013

Dear Daddy

My dearest Daddy!

My King, my Darling, my Faithful One! Thank You for your everlasting faithfulness, for Your love unfailing and Your mercies unending.

I am forever grateful to You for loving me despite myself and extending your ALL to me that I may draw near to You and receive such love, such joy, such peace, such freedom in this world and better still, life for all eternity... Wow! The magnitude of your sacrifice is overwhelming and I am so grateful

I am grateful for the fact that I can always depend on You, that You can never fail me and that I can rest secure in Your love for me.

I am grateful to You for preserving and reserving the best for me and for making all situations- irrespective of how they seem - work in my best interest. Thank You my dearest Lord.

I am grateful to You for never ever giving up on me. Even when I get tired of me and my many weaknesses and failings, You are always so kind and faithful, generous in graciousness to lovingly receive me again and again; to assure me that I am never too 'bad' for You, my wrongs are never too ugly for You, my weaknesses do not put You off me. Daddy THANK YOU.

I appreciate You, I really do. You are my glorious prize, my heart's desire, my true love, the passion that fills my heart above all others and I love YOU very much.

Please continue to take pleasure in my existence and I hope that I never do anything to hurt You.

Please bless all who are reading this right now. I ask that You please open the eyes and hearts of those who do not have a relationship with You. May their eyes be fully open to SEE.

Daddy, please grant them the desires of their heart and let them have a new song to sing, a step to dance.

Thank You my Precious.

Love, now and always.

Your Forever (and ever and ever and ever) girl,

Monday 10 June 2013

This is IT!

This weekend, I had so many many discussions about marriage and relationships which was largely coincidental! lol

But I am glad cause I learnt a whole lot.. Many new things (In relationships, one keeps on learning).

So I was speaking to a couple very dear to me and I asked both of them what the deciding factor was for each of them when they chose to say I do to the other. (That is in addition to other factors like love etc etc)

For the lady - The fact that she could talk to him and feel that she could just be herself with. Someone she could share her most intimate thoughts with and still feel very comfortable about it.

For the man - Loyalty. He said, for him as a man, it was important to know that you could have a woman by you who is ready to stand by you through the good and the bad. Someone who is always on your camp, someone who keeps believing in you and is happy to ride the storms out with you. Someone who doesn't just throw in the towel at the sniff of bad times.

Hmmmm.. I like to ask this question, what would be the deciding factor for you? Can you identify with the answers above?

If you are married what made you think "Yes this is it!"?

May God help us to make the right decisions in marriage xxxx

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Welcome to Lagos

For many 'returnees' to the Motherland, there are many 'Welcome to Lagos' moments.

Those things that you know probably 'hardly' (debatable as they do happen in other places but I guess not as blatantly as it's done in the city of Lagos!).

Honestly, Nigeria is a wonderful place and Lagos an even more fascinating city.

Many unique things about Lagos:
- If you can survive driving here, you can drive anywhere - Possibly give a Formula 1 professional a run for his/her money!)
- It's a city that makes you 'generous' whether by social conscience or by force.. You have to tip anyhow and anywhere... Tip the security man, tip the driver, tip the corn seller, tip the man who smiles and greets you when you come into work et al.
- Prices have magic power.. So your neighbour may drive in his Mercedes to buy corn by the road side and it will be sold to him for N500 - last price, while the magic takes over the price when you go to the exact same place by foot and you get the exact same shape, size and cooking time of corn for N150.. Yup magic can be real.

I could go on and on.. However let me tell you about a 'Welcome to Lagos' moment that I had recently..

So I was sitting at my desk, busy typing (or blog-hopping, can't remember - mehn, a break is needed to 'refresh' the brain once in a while).. When one guy comes in and says to me that his boss aka oga wants to see me.. Because my line manager is also his boss, I thought he was referring to her.

That's how I went down to the said office and 'oga' says please have a seat. So there I was 'having my seat', patiently waiting for my line manager to turn up and 'oga' starts having conversation and asking questions and all that. He eventually cuts to the chase and started his spiel about wanting to go out after work for a drink etc....

Holdddd on!

In our initial conversation, he had told me how much of a Christian he is and how he could pray about anything (emphasis his not mine) on this earth and it would come to pass. On his left finger was a very thick and shiny gold band! On his screensaver was the picture of his daughter! Someone had just come in to ask about his WIFE and daughter and he replied without flinching that they were fine! He had just had the audacity to 'summon' me (without me knowing) from my desk to walk a whole floor, lift not working (part of his responsibility by the way), so I'm talking about a flight of stairs in the heat (no light in the building at that time either - yup, you guessed right, his responsibility as well!)

 ..... So wife and kid in tow, very visible and well displayed and this man tells me that 'you're a beautiful girl you know', let's go out for a 'drink' after work.... Welcome to Lagos!