Monday, 22 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 22 *ABC of Praise* feat Lucie Felix

Hello everyone! Thank God for another beautiful and blessed week!

I am excited about today's post because it's so wonderful!

One of the many great ways of praising God is by extolling Him calling Him by His different names.. You know how when you want to ask a favour from your loved one, you call all their given names to soften them up, make them smile or praise them :-)

Now, the thing about our awesome God is that He has innumerable names that describe His nature, His character and His greatness! He loves to hear us call Him by His many names and sometimes, He even introduces Himself personally to you by a new and unique name..

Today, we get introduced to what our guest writer refers to as 'The ABC of Praise'... She takes you through the names of God using the 26 alphabets and guess what? There are even multiple names for some alphabets.. You can now praise God using His many different names!

Join us in praise as we recite the ABC of Praise! -

All-powerful, All-knowing, Almighty, Amazing God, Author of eternal salvation, Awesome God, Ancient of Days, Alpha, Adonai, All sufficient, Advocate, Anchor of my soul, Answer to every puzzle

Beautiful, Burden bearer, Bright & Morning star, Bishop of my soul, Bearer of sin, Bread of life, Banner, Blazing light in darkness, Balm of Gilead, Beginning, Builder of all things, Branch of righteousness, Blessed Redeemer, Buckler, (The) Best

Caring Father, Creator of heaven & earth, Creator of the universe, Creator of all Creations, Counsellor, Comforter, Covenant keeper, Conqueror, Consuming fire, Closest friend, Confidant, Chief Cornerstone,

Dependable, Defender of the weak, (my) Defence, Deliverer, Daddy, Defender of widows

El-Shaddai, Elohim, Emmanuel, El-Elyon, Everlasting Father, (The) End, Eternal Rock of ages, Everlasting God, Eternal God, Excellent, Everything to me

Faithful, Faithful & True, Fountain of living water, Father, Father of the fatherless, Fruitful Vine, Fortress, First, Father of glory,

G God of miracles, God of wonder, God of power, God of the impossible, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Israel, God eternal, God, Great, Gracious, (My) Glory, My Guide, God of gods, God of heaven, Gentle Saviour

High & Lofty One, Holy, Healer, Helper, Holy one of Israel, Highest, High Priest forever, my Husband, Hope of glory

Invincible, Immortal, I am, Immanuel, Indescribable, Incomparable,


Jesus, Just, Just One, Judge of all, my Joy, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Saboath, Jehovah Hosenu, Jehovah Gibbor, Jehovah Kanna, Jehovah Shammar, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Mekkadeskum, Jehovah Ropheka, Jehohah

Kind, King of kings, King of glory

Lovely, Loving, Living God, Living Word, Light of Israel, Lord of lords, Lord of hosts, Living water, Light of the world, Lover of my soul, Lamb of God, Lily of the valley, Lion of Judah, Lifter of my head, Loving hope, Light at the end of the tunnel

Merciful, Maker, Mighty one, Most high, Morning star, Man of war, Marvellous, Magnificent, Majesty, Majestic God

Name above all names, Need of everyone, Nail in a sure place, Nissi

Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omega, Only wise God, Owner of heaven & earth, Offspring of David, One Who relents from doing harm

Perfect, Powerful, Provider, Physician, Problem solver, Prince of peace, Prince of life, Pillar, Possessor of heaven & earth, Potter, Potentate God, Power of God, Portion of Jacob, (My) Portion

Quickening Spirit

Reliable, Righteous, Righteous Judge, Redeemer, Rock, Refuge, Resurrection & the life, Rock of ages, Rock of salvation, Rock of my strength, Rock that is higher that I, Rewarder, Restorer, Renewer of my youth, Rebuilder, Ruler of creation, Rabbi, Root of David, Rod of Jesse, Real

Strength, Shepherd, Saviour, Sustainer, Shield, Sanctifier, Shepherd of my soul, Shepherd of Israel, Stone of Israel, Sun of righteousness, Strong Tower, Sun & a shield, Sure foundation, Strong Deliverer, Source of my joy, Sovereign, Sufficiency, Solution to all problems, Slow to anger & abundant in loving kindness


True, Truth, Tower of salvation, Trustworthy, True vine

Unchangeable Changer, Uncreated Creator, Unquestionable, Untamable, Uncontainable, Unequalled, Ultimate, Unstoppable,


Vine, Victorious, Voice of hope

Wonder worker, Wonderful, Wise, Worthy, Winner, (The) Way, Wisdom of God, (The) Word

Xcellent, my Xceeding great reward

Yahweh, Yeshua, Yea & Amen

(My) Zeal

*squeals* My Praise vocabulary just received an amazing upgrade! I look forward to lifting high the praise of our great King with His many wonderful names!

Is there any name you'd like to add too? Please inform us and praise our Quickening Spirit!



  1. Oh my, Oh my....Hal le lujah!!!!!!!....Glory Glory GLORAY. This praise post is excellent. LOVE IT!!

    1. Halleluyah!!! I LOVE it toooo! So many names of God to explore! xx

  2. U= Understanding, the only person that understands our weakness, and knows before time what to do to help us....

  3. I just wrote down every of God's names...I didn't copy and paste somewhere in my phone o....I wrote it down with pen and paper... kabiyesi lo l'olorun mi. He us wonderful. Agbanilagbatan... the merciful one..the ever patient one...who is like unto thee. The one that never judges you...the one that never shares your secret when he's bestest confidant. Glory be unto your name....

    1. Yes oh! Our great great God who is worthy of great praise!!
      I love that - the one that never shares your secret..

    2. Agbanilagbatan!!!!!!!!!!!! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaabiyesi My Father, Owner of my life, Oyigiyigi

    3. Yes He is! Owner of my soul and all that is within me!

  4. Oh wow, The ever Patient One, hmmmmn. That's deep, considering that I am still trusting Him to help me to be more patient, as in, Loooooong suffering. May I add, Akiikitan (The one whose praise is never ending)

    1. Akiikitan - His praise can never end!
      May God give you the grace to be patient dear :-) xx


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