Friday, 19 September 2014

Dear Daddy - 30Days of Praise (Day 19)

Dear Daddy,

My Special Best Friend! The undisputed Champion of the whole universe! The One who needs not fight to win a battle - Only a word and it's over. Wonderful wonderful Jesus. The name above all names - at the mention of Your name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that You alone are Lord.

You are Omni-God.

Omniscient - All-knowing God! There is nothing that You do not know or You are not aware of. Nothing ever happens behind Your back and nothing ever takes You by surprise. You are the fountain of all knowledge - You are the Teacher of teachers, the Doctor of doctors and the Professor of Professors! With You, I need not worry or fear about what tomorrow holds, You know it all.

Omnipotent - All-powerful God! All power in heaven and on earth belongs to You. You give it to whomever You please. There is nothing that is too difficult for You to do - You who created the ancient hills and the mountains we see today. You make the rain to rain, hail to hail and snow to snow. You are the One who can shut the mouth of lions and make the impact of fire as nothing. You are the One who gives us the power to trample upon snakes and scorpions!
Borrowing the words of the Psalmist - The Lord is my Light and Salvation, WHO shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life, of WHOM shall I be afraid? All-powerful God, with You there is no shaking!

Omnipresent - Always present God! You are everywhere at once. You are there with me when I pass through the waters and You are with me even through the fire! You are the One who never leaves nor forsakes His own. You are reliable, trustworthy, unfailing, faithful and dependable. You never abandon Your own, even in the hardest of times. Thank You for holding my hand and carrying me through life. Thank You because even when You are silent, Your presence is there, Your eyes never leave me.. I am the apple of Your eyes. Thank You.

I don't think I say it enough my All-together God - I appreciate You. I love and appreciate You from the bottom of my heart.

Always Your little girl,
One xx


  1. this is amazing. The way you always make me see things in a different way God is just too awesome...omnipresent God, omnipotent are toooooo much.

  2. Oh this omni- reminds me of my Latin learning - omni mearning all / everything...

    Thanks for the great post, I love all three of these attributes of God, especially the omnipresent-idea: Wherever I go, whether it is another country, a difficult situation, an exam hall, a walk on the street - God is with me. Reminds me of Joshua 1:9 - "I ll be with you wherever you go!" May we be more aware of this amazing thought and pray to him constantly. He does indeed carry us through life :)

    1. Hmm... That means that the name has Latin origins.. Thanks for that lesson dear Teacher Sebs..


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