Thursday, 6 December 2012

Guy, I'm doing YOU a favour!

So yesterday I was at a meeting and while people were sharing some stuff and counting their blessings, it was the turn of a young man who looked relatively newly married cause I could see his young wife and months old baby.

Anyways, he was talking about having what could have turned out to be a very embarrassing, disappointing and sad situation and one thing he said was that in the midst of it all, his wife kept encouraging him and being positive saying that all will be well in the end (thank God for good wives ey?)

Anyways, thanks to God it had a very good ending and all was indeed well.

Next, it was time for the wife to speak and the first thing she said was "I have always told him to thank God for marrying me. The bible says when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing and obtains favour from the Lord. I have said it that when he married me, God started to favour him in new ways"..

When she said so everyone laughed and were urging her on, especially the ladies and you could hear chants of "yes sista" "tell them!" "that's right!" etc lol..

Now, what she said and the conviction with which she said it was for me wonderful and truly beautiful. The truth is that we as ladies need to start recognising and confessing our immense value and worth.

She was so sure and confident about what she was talking about and believed it so much that when she was saying it, her husband was just nodding... The blessing he got benefited her and their daughter immensely BUT she did not fail to recognise God's promise concerning her presence in his life.

Ladies, know your worth! You are a good thing.. Even to that totally popular and blessed and gifted and talented young man! It is YOU that God says in finding, the man obtains favour from God.. So He may have been incredibly favoured but I tell you, meeting you increases favour upon his life.. He has to be grateful to God for that.

Do you know that God does not answer the prayers of a man that maltreats his family? Yup! God places a lot of emphasis on him treating you right!

Don't be satisfied with a man who feels he is doing you a favour by being with you.. nah ah! The favour is mutual - infact yours comes with a cast iron guarantee :-)

"He who finds a wife, finds a good thing, And obtains favour from the Lord" Proverbs 18:22