Wednesday 4 April 2012

Give IT to me!

I want to have sex!!

Ok, am I allowed to say that? lol.. But I do, I really do!

To be honest, I can't believe I'm writing this (as I can be very conservative... well in public! lol) but as I try to be as honest as possible in my writing/on this blog, allow me to be real.

So let me do a recap... I'm a single, Christian (born-again) Christian who loves Jesus! I have made a commitment to keep myself until marriage (i.e no sex before marriage, for avoidance of doubt) and I'm a strong advocate of  pre-marital sexual purity by God's grace!
So this blog is all about my journey with God to meeting The One! And I try (well key word being 'I try' :-) to write about different experiences on my journey to meeting The One.

I have had many some upheavals on this trip and I am just trying to waiting patiently on God to bring that wonderfully wonderful man my way and then we love happily ever after!

Now, as many of you will agree with me, it's one thing to make a commitment, it's another to be faithful to it! So recently, or more apt, let me say as I have begun to grow in age (I'm not getting older, just growing! lol), my desire to 'know' this man called my husband is growing oh! I don't know if it comes with age or just the fact that my body can tell that the time is ripe and it's wondering 'One, how far now?'

I'm sharing because I believe that some people go through the same. The other day, my friends and I were discussing and sharing our growing frustrations concerns about the increasing need for us to meet this God-blessed man so that we can also know what this 'sex' is ALL about! (in addition to other things of course!)..
I have wondered about how it will be, the pleasure of knowing that with him I can finally go ALL the way and revel in it. Actually, just to know and to see indeed how pleasurable the act I have so often heard (well I pray that my husband and I would have an explosively delightful and fulfilling sex life - it's even a prayer point, no dulling! Yup, God made sex to be beautiful in marriage :-)

Anyways, that over, I still choose to wait over and over again! But in waiting, I can't wait, in terms of seriously seriously looking forward to it :-) May my expectations not be cut short, AMEN!!

Besides the fact that I choose to honour God with this, I have heard so many testimonies of my girl-friends who chose to wait and how much of a blessing it has been to them in their married life. Truth is, no matter how long the wait is, the appointed day will surely come (can I get an amen!?).

Memo to One
In the mean time, I am waiting patiently and carefully so that I don't 'burn' lol.
Just a few helpful pointers
1. Try as much as possible to avoid sexually explicit materials including books, audio and visual materials
2. If in a relationship, limit the amount of intimate/alone time you spend together.
3. As nice as preparation is, don't dwell on sex ALL the time, especially when preparing for it means you think about every single detail, to the extent that it affects your body's response.
4. If in a relationship, limit the amount of kissing etc to avoid further 'problems'.
5. Very importantly, pray for grace because having said all, it's only by grace!

Lots of love peeps! xxxx