Sunday, 21 September 2014

30Days of Praise - Day 21 *Ibo - Language of Praise*

One of my favourite languages for singing God's praise is Ibo...

There's just something about the language... Very deep and powerful!

I don't speak the language but for You Lord, I will learn :-)

"If  Ibo be the language of praise, then learn on" One, 2014

There are so many beautiful names of God in Ibo - Last year, during the Month of Praise, we shared some with their meanings.. You can view HERE.

I am praising God today with this beautiful song by Nathaniel Bassey (If you can, please listen to all Nathaniel Bassey's song, you will surely be blessed by his praise).

Imela Imela (Thank You, Thank You)
Okaka Onyekeruwa (Great and Mighty Creator of the world)
Imela Imela
Eze'm oh (My King!)

Onyedikagi (Who is like You?)
Ekere diri gi (Glory belongs to You)
Onye ne mema (He who does good!)
Ekere diri gi
Onyenagworia! (Mighty Healer!)

Please listen and watch the beautiful song here:

PS Join me in praising God! What language do you like to praise God in? Also, please share names of God that you know in different languages (with their meaning if possible) :-) 

Have a most beautiful and blessed week! xx


  1. This song...oh my I love it (thanks for sharing). I agree the language is deep especially in praising God...although, I'm a Yoruba girl (I wanna learn Igbo that if I can found someone to teach me).

    P.S: I love your blog, more strength & inspiration xx

    1. Awww welcome Oyebisi! Thanks a lot :-)
      I am a Yoruba girl too and on a mission to learn the Ibo language... in addition to French and Spanish :-D
      Amen to your prayers.. God bless you hun xx

  2. Wow I LOVE the song and also the great video accompanying it. Thanks for always pointing us to great resources! :) Who is like Him indeed?!

  3. heheheheh This is one of them days i go... Igbo Kwenu!!! Hey!! hehehehe I am Igbo and Proud Bubba, thanks for making our Ndi Igbo head to swell :). One of my best of praise songs is:

    The steadfast love of the Lord never ceaseth, His mercies never come to an end..... They are new each semester, new Each semester.. Great is thy faithfulness oh lord.... Great is thy Faithfulness...

    While we were in Uni, the semester always seemed to just suit in, cause we had bigger dreams semester by semester.. So i like my Remixed IMSU version :).

    Thinking about my best of names, i will just go with FATHER. I can so relate to it more than any other name. Cheers Ayo, trust you are doing great Bubba? Udo (Peace)

    P.S: Congratulation, each time I come here, I enter pastor mode :).

    1. new each semester, new each semester.... LOL but good reminder, at least for me as a student :-)

    2. My dearest (Pastor) JohnDBeloved :-) ... Thank you.. Your comments always bring a smile.. Indeed great is His faithfulness! Morning by morning.. Semester by semester new mercies we see :-)

  4. Omg!!! Ayoooo! U r in the spirit! Gosh, the Holy spirit is awesome. You need to add one of my friend to this post. She's yoruba and she's sold out to ibo praises. Yesterday she called me and asked me to give her the wordings of this song u just put up. I've been meaning to call up my mom to ask her for it. And now see it give to me with ease. Wow! SopuruChukwu oooo! Danna

    1. Awww thank God for that Danna! I am really glad.. I have been listening to the song on repeat :-)
      There was another one they sang in church yesterday and I almost melted! lol... It was with translations and it was just amazing! :-) xx

  5. Praising GOD in IGBO language is very deep like you said. Not because I am Igbo( part yoruba now, hehehe) but because, the Igbo language is forceful, it is authoritative! So when praising GOD in Igbo, it shows the Majesty of GOD. My yoruba friend bought me Franklin Edwards CD when we went to redeemed camp this month, and when I play most of the songs especially Mmma mma! I mentally lie flat on the ground! It makes me want to roll on the floor and worship HIM. Okorobia Dimkpa! Chi Onyem ji e me Onu! Aga ma churu gi mma mma! O di a gba wa gba wen! It brings tears to my eyes saying these words in praise.

    1. Yes, my Yoruba sister :-)
      You know, I was going to mention Mma Mma by Frank Edward too in the post - I will never forget the first time I heard that song - it was like an epiphany! I was like "Where has this song been all by life?!!".. It touched my soul deep deep.. And it was the female voice in this song (Enitan Adaba) that led it - I can never forget! Whenever I sing these lines "Okorobia dimma, mma eh, Chi oyem ji em onu" Oh.. I just blush/smile deeply - like when you see your crush or something lol...
      When I heard it, I got to the office and asked my colleagues to translate for me quick quick lol..
      God is worthy to be praised in a variety of languages and expressions! Awesome God!

  6. Beautiful song....thanks for sharing Ayo. I enjoyed listening to it.

    1. Awww, I;m glad you did dear.. Please share any songs in any language tou loveee! :-) xx

  7. I've gone through one of the worst periods of my live. And prior to and in the midst of it, i could not listen to any praise song, I was dead in spirit, I was frozen, I barely heard the songs I couldn't voice out the songs and even I did, I can't remember saying them. It was an Igbo praise that thawed a hole in the ice. Gradually, it's coming back to me, it's not easy, but the deep wordings of an Igbo praise makes me cry out and the Holy Spirit is there to catch me. I want to use this medium to reach others who have a deep hurt within them not to despair, it will take a while, but GOD will surely reach you. Ogbarankiti okwu juru nonu. It may take a while before you can open your mouth in praise, just ask GOD to help. Olori ihe Lori eyi! Impossible becomes i'm possible.

    1. Amen and amen! Thank you so much for sharing this sis.. Even in the midst of despair, praise has a way of lifting us up.. And moving God!
      I pray that you will fully be reconnected, and may it be even greater than it was before.. xxxx


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