Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A place called "beautiful"

Today's another day, nothing major has happened but a lot of lessons learnt. One thing I truly believe in is trying as much as possible to make/get the best out of everything and every kind of situation. I strongly believe that it's a decision that you make, things don't tend to just happen, YOU make them happen!! Don't wait for something to happen, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!! I can't stress this point enough but I hope it sinks in.... :-)

Anyways since I don't have enough to say about today, let me talk about yesterday which was Sunday... I LOVE SUNDAYS!! This never used to be the case though, I remember when I was younger and I LOATHED sundays, lol. The earlier bit was nice cause of church and sunday lunch but the latter part......arghh! The evening signified an end to a lovely weekend and the dreaded back to school reality!! Eugh!! :-( I remember there used to be something eerie about sunday nights and I just whole-heartedly disliked that annoying "News at 9" or "Newsline" programme they used to show at the time, the opening song was more like a dirge to me..... Oh how I hated it! lol

Nevertheless, I'm happy to say that I am grown up now *I think, or at least managed to convince myself :-)* and Sunday doesn't leave that bad taste in my mouth any longer. Actually I look forward to the day eagerly!! The reason for this change is largely attributed to going to church! I know it sounds really unconventional but trust me going to church on Sunday morning is one of the HIGH points of my week! When I struggle (yes I do struggle :-) out of bed in the morning, getting ready and dressing up is a ritual I quite enjoy a lot! As most ladies would tell you, looking good and dressing up to the teeth is one art we truly enjoy (Why do you think we spend sooo long at the shops/online shopping??) In addition to that, I want to look good for "my main main", my first love, Jesus.... I am an ardent believer in dressing up to church, no matter how relaxed the atmosphere is, I equate it to meeting with a celebrity or being the guest of royalty (of which God is above both) hence the need to dress for the occasion..

One of the best part though is walking into church....the ATMOSPHERE!! Oh so beautiful, amazing, peaceful, joyous... I really can't explain how I feel but it's a gooooood feeling!! Just being there is wonderful enough, the presence of God is really indescribable, you need to experience it to understand! My favourite part of church meeting/service is good/spirit-filled praise and worship! I love singing, dancing, clapping, jumping, screaming, being a child in God's presence. The great thing about praise and worship is that whilst you are giving it to God, He gives you back in return at that moment so much joy and peace in addition to a whole lot more!! Oh I love His presence sooo much, it's sooo great :-)
The people as well make up a good service as there's such nice comfort in a loving and welcoming atmosphere...

I know it can be hard to understand what the "fuss" is about but if you have experienced it before you'll appreciate where I'm coming from :-) If you haven't "then you just don't know, but you gotta ask somebody" hehehe - One of my favourite praise songs!!! (Just copy and paste to your browser)Enjoy.......xxxx

Saturday, 26 July 2008

PDA day

It's a loovely saturday afternoon today and perfect for a nice walk/picnic at the beach/ ice-cream date/ window shopping with a better half but erhmm I just remembered I'm single :-) Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining nor am I very much bothered but it would be nice to share such a day with "my man". Anyways no use crying over milk not yet bought :-)

For the single girl, it can be quite stressful going into town (special reference to the UK where I am) where it's otherwise known as PDA day!! (PDA as in Public Display of Affection!) Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to insult your intelligence by fully expanding the acronym but I remember the first time I heard it, I actually thought it was the name of a car navigator like GPRS lol (razzite like me) ... Anyways, back to what I was discussing, I know you guys understand what I mean when I say it is absolutely annoying and sometimes frustrating to see a man and a lady walking in front of you and then stop in the middle of road/street to french kiss with some bum grabbing thrown in for good measure......arggghhhh!! I get so irritated, Im like "Can't you just wait??". Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with being affectionate with your partner/husband/wife but.....mildly please!! There's such a thing as public decorum!! Whatever happened to good old hand holding or arms around each other or whispering sweet nothings to each other or even a brush of the hands on a specific part of (decent) body part?? Trust me, this things can be done in such an intimate manner that makes the action even more romantic than full on body grabbing or caressing!

Quite frankly I personally think it's disrespectful! Show that you appreciate my body so much that you would rather protect "it" from the full glare of men who would potentially start getting ideas about it in their heads! Be possesive about my body by waiting till we get behind the privacy of our home thereby allowing the other guys see but can't touch nor have what they can only see :-) Honey if you care about me, respect my body!! That's one of the rules of the game!!

Anyways, have a lovely weekend!! For the coupled up, enjoy the day out with "your man" or "your gurl", make sure you make the best of it, be romantic for a change, it's not a sin :-) and for my fellow "waiters" (as in waiting for "the one") erhmmm, be like me get a good book/movie and snuggle up in bed with ice-cream and every kind of naughty food that you really shouldn't have all the time. Better still, put on that gorge summer outfit with a nice pair of flip-flops or sandals, big celebrity shades and even bigger handbag and hit the streets/ shopping center/beach/restaurant looking even hotter than the day......... we are single and free aren't we! "wink"

God bless xx

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

My first post a.k.a my first child!!!! lol

Hey my new friends!! Glad you could join me on this new "escapade" (I wish!)..... I am neither jobless nor bored, (perish the thought!! :-)) but I have a desire to write an experience of the journey to finding the one whilst patiently waiting for the best that God has for me. Trust me it is not that easy especially when it seems like ALL the people around you are in one fulfilling relationship or another!!

I am single at the moment (obviously, lol), I've had a short history of relationships (thankfully, good ones :-), I've made mistakes in the past with regards to relationships, I am a christian and I enjoy a very wonderful relationship with God my father, my first love!! I believe in marriage and the knowledge that a good one or actually a great one is achievable by the grace of God. I do not believe in sex before marriage according to the word of God nevertheless knowing it's wrong doesn't make it easy to obey but it's possible by God's grace.

I believe that finding the right partner in God contributes to the success of a good marriage hence the reason why sometimes I am so "passionate" about getting that aspect right. I must confess, not very healthy all the time!! lol. When I remember some of the things I did when I was younger, I LAUGH!! LOL.

The blog name is inspired by the fact that me (one) plus God (The One) make a great combination and there's only one space left for the other "one", what can I say, three's company....four's a crowd :-)

I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy blogging xxxxx