Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Smell it, go right ahead and eat it!

Please if you are not going to eat it, don't smell it/stare at it longingly!

This goes for both ladies and men... It just helps a lot of people and it would mean preventing a LOT of heart-break(s).

If you know you are not interested in being in a relationship with someone, Please, please and please don't act like you are. The least you owe them is honesty and transparency. Don't lead them on..

And by that, don't spend endless minutes/hours on the phone with them because 'I like talking to you'..

Don't introduce them to important people in your lives..

Don't share the odd kiss, holding intimately etc with them and then have it at the back of your mind that it's 'no strings attached'.

Don't go out to eat together, go on cinema dates outings, go bowling alone and say 'I like your company that's all'.

Don't text/chat/bbm endlessly with them just 'for the fun of it'.

State your intentions, let them be clear from the beginning. You do the person a great disservice by toying with their emotions. And there's a thin line between love and hate, especially when the heart is involved!

I'm just sharing this because I have heard so many experiences of guys and ladies who are heart-broken because they 'thought', and by all indications, you wouldn't blame them for 'thought-ing'.

You and I know when someone likes you more than being just friends, if you have any iota of respect for them, maintain your distance if you know you are not interested. Yes, it's difficult - hey, who doesn't like the attention but be kind. It could be your sister/brother/son/daughter tomorrow.. It could even be YOU!

A lot is said to people to 'wake up and smell the coffee, see the signs' but this is an appeal to the other side, please have mercy. Just have mercy!

God bless xx

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Tis MY season to be jolly...

SO it's everyone's favourite weather.. SUMMER is here in Britain!!... Or not..

Well traditionally, summer should be here.. From around the month of May / June, we ought to have ditched the coats and cardigans and started rocking our shades and shorts + the latest summer look..

Alas, we are still sitting huddled under the duvet armed with a cup of cocoa / coffee... Oh summer where art thou?! To make it more interesting we have some a lot of rain thrown in.

We ought to be heading out to the seaside for a lovely picnic with lovers and friends. We ought to be queueing by the ice-cream van politely waiting our turn to be served. We ought to be feeling cheery as the weather isn't making us look and feel so glum. I should be sun-bathing now getting my tan on *cough cough*.. Oh I forgot, I've got my natural tan swag going on all year round hehe..

I should be dancing in the sun not drenching in the rain.. arghhh... So I will go to bed until summer decides to turn up!! *angry face*.

You see sometimes in life, things ought to be a certain way. We believe that there is a particular time and season for everything. In fact we have it all mapped out. Do this now, then get that then, then settle it here etc etc.

I mean, by now, I should be gloriously bearing the surname of my significant other which by the way is wayyyy cooler than my previous one (and that my friend is no easy feat as my maiden name is uber cool!). I should be nearing the labour day of my first handsome son, and next week should be my maternity leave party from my amazing work colleagues at my superb job! I should be at this moment, typing with my feet up and the precious hubby giving me a massage while reading over my shoulders and chuckling at my endearing wit as I type to you lovely people! I should be typing to you lovely people about the beauties of married life and the excitement I feel about the one on the way *sigh*.

But just like summer in the UK, it has yet to materialise at the time I believe it should! SO what shall I do? Moan about it, be grumpy and angry, refuse to go out and sleep until I see a glimpse of what should be..

No. For in the same way, I have had to do without the summer for now, I will have to make the best of my life irrespective of what and where I am now. In the same way the dictates of the weather is not by any means in my hands, my life's timetable irrespective of what has been or what is the norm belongs to and is controlled + determined by THE ONE who owns my life and everything else.

Sometimes, our season as we know it is not quite what it should be and for some reason, things are not happening the way they ought to BUT life goes on and you can determine HOW you want it to go on in the mean time.. You can either wait doing nothing or ensure that you make every (darn) second count!

....Rather than focus on the cold, style it up! Buy a 'hot' coloured coat and glam it up! So you can't have a picnic on the beach, spend extra intimate time indoors with your loved ones. Use the fire place as your camp fire and hold your marshmallows over it! Play games: Twister, Monopoly, Cards etc.. Don't stop having fun.

No matter how long it takes, the sun can't hide forever, one day it will surely shine and then just to make up for lost time, make the shorts an inch shorter lol iKid, let's keep it G rated peeps..

No matter how long it takes, your season as it should be will come.. Solomon himself said it in Ecclesiastes 3, There is a time and season for all things under heaven (paraphrased).. The appropriate time and season will come for you... If nothing else assures you, when the sun eventually shines out brightly and you wear that summer outfit, remember we discussed it here and YOUR season will come...soon xx

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

IPray4U Challenge

*sweeping the cobwebs*..

I know it's been ages, I almost feel like a guest on my blog!

Though I haven't been able to blog, I haven't stopped blog-surfing and it has been wonderful. Thanks to everyone who keeps checking on me / looking out for me :-) I'm blessed by you xx

So, with regards to the subject title, it's a challenge that one of my favourite bloggers - aloted has posted and I would like to encourage as many people as possible to take part if possible.

I've always believed in the power of prayer. I totally and absolutely know and believe with all my heart that God answers prayers. There is no doubt about it. The only thing I don't know is how and when. But I know He hears.

Another huge conviction that I have is that God is love. His love is unconditional, without question and it blows my mind. I honestly cannot begin to understand it. In the same way, He wants us to love people. He said it in His word that the two most important commandments to follow are

1. To Love Him (GOD) completely and with all that we have / are.
2. To love our neighbours as we love ourselves.

We pray about the first and we work towards it daily. Now the second, we do part of it very well - the loving ourselves bit and sometimes we tryyy to complete it by loving others in the same way.

One of the ways we love ourselves is by praying each day about things that concern us. Things that bother us. Things that we would like to see happen in our lives. Personally, I pray consistently about my walk with God, my family, friends and of course a worthy life partner. Recently, the latter has been top on my prayer list.

Now, the prayer challenge is for us to pray for others for 7 days rather than praying for ourselves (or in addition to, if you really really can't help it!). For each day, pick a person whom you would like to pray for and then do so. Please read more about it and the background of the challenge HERE. Trust me, it's a worthy read!

So, here goes, in the next few days, I will be praying. I will not be dwelling on my own personal things but by God's grace, I will be focusing on loving others and praying for them. I am buzzing already! I have begun to make my list!

Here a few things I will do personally:
1. I will pray for one person each day.
2. I will do so for the person throughout that day.
3. I will thank God for them.
4. The only thing for me, will be to thank God for everything!
5. As a point of contact, I will pray for people who are going through things or asking for things similar to mine. (But not exclusively)
6. In addition to specific people, I will pray generally for other people as well.
(So help me God)

Please go to aloted's blog to indicate your interest in joining. God bless YOU!