Wednesday, 7 September 2016

You're Beautiful! #MOP16

I was going through the first edition of the Month of Praise in 2013. (You can read HERE) and I have to say that it took me to a very beautiful place.

That year, it was all about the names of God! Each day, a different name was used to praise God and in many cases a song was shared. Those songs came from my collection of worship songs that I absolutely loved and still love.

As I read, I came across this song that I had almost forgotten about!

Have you desired to pen a love song to God? This one does it such justice!

The God we serve is such a beautiful God! You only need to see the work of creation to get a glimpse of the beauty of our great God! Indeed, you need not go too far, look in the mirror and behold just how beautifully and wonderfully you have been made! Praise God!!!

Our beautiful, absolutely beautiful God! Creator of heaven and earth. Maker of mankind, animals and plants! The One who made not one single mistake in the course of creation. The One who saw ALL that He made and called it good. Beautiful are You Lord, beautiful are Your ways, You are all together lovely!

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