Monday, 19 September 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - You are God, Yet Still Mind-Full of Little Me

What is man that Thou art mindful of him? 

That is one phrase that gets me into an 'awesome moment' from my feature song this week. I know that there are just a few people (most especially from our generation) who take pleasure in taking long walks on the country side, admiring nature, landscapes, seeing how pleasant and beautiful the scenery looks from the window seat in the plane.

Each time I get the chance to have some moment to myself and get locked into my zone, I love to take long walks along the banks of the Thames in my area. There is this spot that I get to that I sit and have conversations with God. Often times, I’ll get to admire my surroundings, the water flowing through the Thames, the swans and birds going about their business, the clouds moving in different formations and the flowers blooming... I then begin to think of how big, great, awesome, magnificent and thoughtful my God is..

He is that much intentional in the ways He has designed the earth, paying every attention to every detail and as Big as He is, He chooses to want to know me personally, relate with me on an intimate basis and then to top this, He calls me friend!

Sometimes, I think of how unfaithful, undeserving I am of His love, mercy and grace... the times that I knowingly and unknowingly do my own thing, things that most likely upset Him and could make Him flick me away or squat me like a house fly... but yet, He still always, always, always, always... (regardless of what I do, whether good or bad) loves me and stays faithful to His word/plans for me. If only you understand the importance of Him being faithful and 'always' loving me...

What blows me away the most is that the God of the universe, as big, mighty, powerful, awesome.... as He is... will then say that He is mindful of me .... as in His mind is full of me (my little remix) and even though I’ll gladly be happy to be a servant to Him, He no longer calls me a slave, but He calls me friend. I can peacefully just grab my glass of coke and selah...

I started out writing about one song, but it’s turned out to be 3 songs! These three, are songs that ring out my praise to God this day...

1. You Alone are God - Marvin Sapp

There's no question of Your greatness, no searching of Your power.
All the wonder of Your glory, to You forty years is but one hour.
Your knowledge is all encompassing, to Your wisdom there is no end;
For You alone are God, You are God alone.

Your mercy is everlasting, Your truth is here always.
You are He who was and is, and is to come.
Who is He that can number you days,
You've flung the sun to burn in space,
And the night's moon powers light from day;
You are God alone.

Now unto the King, eternal, immortal, invisible,
The only wise God, the only wise God;
You alone are God, for You are God alone.

Be all glory and honor, dominion, and power, forever and ever, amen.

2. You Called me Friend - Fred Hammond

Perfect and true, pure in all your ways
O Lord, there is none else like You, no one like you
And all these things keep me in awe of You
For I'm overwhelmed that You would call me friend

What is a man that thou art mindful of him?
Could an awesome God find common ground within?
Just to know that you delight to be with me
Fills my heart, with so much joy

Ruler of everything
You are creator, Lord and King
Willing you have taken my debt as your own
I would gladly give all to be a servant or a slave
For I'm overwhelmed that you would call me friend

3. Lovin’ Me - Jonathan McReynolds

Now I'm nowhere close to a perfect man
And it takes a supernatural love to even understand
That beyond the walls behind, the mask and confident smile,
Was a broken man trying to grow up and make life worthwhile,

And I know there were times that you probably shouldn't,
But I thank you for always lovin' me
And I know anyone else they probably wouldn't,
So I thank you for always lovin' me

Now I know there were days I looked at myself,
I felt like less of a person compared to everyone else,
What about this flaw to big to small, can I exchange?
And trying to make-up for where I fell short, I let sense slip away

And when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see
Oh, I just thank you for always lovin' me.
And I know I get bad but you wait patiently
I just want to thank you for always lovin' me.

Lord I just thank you for always lovin' me
So you just keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
Though I know I don't have everything that it takes you keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
And regardless of every mistake that I make, you keep (lovin' me)
And it probably don't matter what I do or say, you keep (lovin' me)

And even with the pimples on my face, you keep (lovin' me)

......... Lightchild

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