Monday, 26 September 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - In Awe of You... I Love You Lord #MOP16

Lightchild Family is blessed with a group of musicians and vocalists, who have become more than musicians who come together to make good music, but also a family of worshippers that love God and love music....

So when we do get a chance to come together to rehearse or just hang out, we would sometimes sing a few of our favourite worship songs before we get on with it...

So here’s a little video of one of our favourite worship medleys, unrehearsed (so pardon the hungry looks, we just got in from Sunday service)... It’s 'In Awe of You' by Trey McLoughlin and 'I Love You Lord' by Muyiwa Riversongz.

These two songs are classics that we as individuals and as a group have covered and sing pretty much most times we get together or lead worship.. Hope it touches your heart as it does ours...
...... Lightchild
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Editor's note - Lightchild is the man on the keyboard! :-D

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