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Love, Life & Lightchild - "Whatever You do with Me...." #MOP16

It’s the Month of Praise (#MOP16) at 1 + The One!

So I’m starting this month’s post with possibly my best song ever. This is one song that I feel encapsulates my entire being and life story from the beginning, to where I am right now, to the future and to the very end.

As most people know, music is like my very first love and if there is a song that I literary sing everyday, the one song that is at the top of my mind’s playlist and is played at anytime of the day, the very first words that come out of my mouth each time I see the light of another day, it is the song.

It’s one of the songs (as a musician) I would have said “I wish I wrote that one”. I have remixed it, done several versions of it, even a classical version…

It’s simply called – “God” by Joanna Rosario.

I can boldly say that for every momentous occasion or time in my life, whether good, exciting, thrilling, not so great, trying, waiting, full of suspense, this song has been the most appropriate for me personally.

I look back at the little and big achievements, successes and even at the times that I felt like, “Hey, God, hellooooooo! What’s going on? I don’t get what You’re trying to do with this situation I'm in, this brother needs some urgent help”… The words of the verse “whatever you do with me, it’s alright” locks me down into the nature of God that is ever faithful and ever sure, the one that makes me reassured that though things may not look like what it’s meant to at that point, yet will I still trust Him.

Simply because, He knows my beginning, He has the plan and He’s the one painting my story on a huge canvas, and with God orchestrating this masterpiece, I’m most certain that, just like He did on the seventh day of creation, when He’s through with me and His plans and purpose for me are being actualised, He and I will take a break, have a drink and some cake, look back, see how beautiful everything worked out for His pleasure and my good, and He would say “This is good” and I’ll say.. “Yea, You the Man!”

One thing this song does for me personally is this: whenever I feel like complaining or going on about how not so good things are, once I get to the point where it says “whatever you do with me….” It changes my outlook and perspective of the situation I’m in and switches it to praise, instead of moaning or complaining.

I hope the song blesses you as it does to me!
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God - Joanna Rosario
Oh Thou who knowest my beginning
Thou who created the plan
Who orchestrated my life's journey
God, You are my God

God of decisions, Creator of answers
Thou who ordained my way
Through my transition, held my position
God, You are my God

I will forever give You praise
Honor and celebrate Your name
God of the past, present and Who is to come
Oh, God, You are my God

Whatever You do with me it's alright
You have my total trust, You have my trust
Glory and honor, dominion and power
God, You are my God

God, oh God
You are the only wise God
God, oh God
You are the only wise God


Lightchild is a brilliant musician, songwriter and worship leader who has encountered many (manyyyyyyy!) songs. He also teaches on worship (in addition to many other things!), so I am looking forward to his take on the month of praise.

Personally, I can remember vividly the first time I heard this song. It was at the 1st Festival of Praise concert in Manchester, 2011. It was done so beautifully by the choir and it left such a mark that afterwards, I had to go and look for it! I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was already on my phone (The playlist was set up for me so I didn't actually know which songs I had).

After discovery, I played it on repeat and it seemed as if it touched my soul!

It is such a beautiful song and I pray that you are blessed by it and that the words come alive in you!

Praise God because He knows everything about you, right from the very beginning and up until the end!

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