Sunday, 11 September 2016

The Great Healer! #MOP16

Today in church, we had a class where we spoke about divine healing.

As always, it was a beautiful reminder of the fact that the God that I serve paid a very high price for my wholeness and access to excellent health!

Your word says that by Your stripes I am healed, and what a covenant that is!

You were bruised for my iniquity, the chastisement of my peace was upon You and by Your stripes I am healed!

Thank You for taking the suffering and pain, all for my gain. Thank You because You did it out of pure love so that I wouldn't have to suffer for the wrong I did and will do. I am so so grateful to You!

You said in Your word in Exodus 15:26 - "I am the God that healeth thee" and You do not lie or repent of Your words.

Thank You because I can run to You even at the slightest headache and by Your word, I am made well. Thank You my great God - for only a great God like You can do great things!

Glory to Your name Jesus!!

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