Monday, 12 September 2016

Love, Life & Lightchild - Regardless, You are Good

When we hear the word 'praise', I believe most people will automatically think fast song... dancing... clapping... jumping etc. This is true of the act of praise. However, sometimes, praise transcends the beat, the tempo and melody of the song... Sometimes, it’s the words that we say that makes what we are saying ring out a praise.. Such is my choice for this week...

The song is called 'You are Good / Jehovah the Most High'. I heard the chorus “You are good and Your mercy is forever, Hallelujah” of this song in 2013 and at the time, nothing was making sense to me, personally. I had folks close to me who were going through personal situations that none of us could make sense of, there was weekly news of "This person has cancer" or someone has passed away as a result of this illness or that ... moreso, personally in my life, it looked like I was doing a lot productively externally but nothing was coming in, struggling to find answers and it seemed like life was 'living me, and not me living life'.

Then I heard this song one Tuesday... “You are good and Your mercy is forever, Hallelujah”... and what it did for me was bring some clear and fresh perspective to me. Though I was going through some pretty hard stuff and had focused on it for long, my attention was drawn to the fact that all that I am going through doesn’t change the fact that God is still good and it’s by His mercies that I still have the grace to still be alive and go through all that I was facing.

It was like God was saying to me, will I still praise Him even in the midst of all I was going through? I would always sing/say that "I vow to praise You, through the good and the bad..." - (another favourite song of mine by William Murphy).. would I praise Him now?

So I got into the studio whilst preparing to record our new album, and wrote a few lines to the chorus and got one of the guys in Lightchild to record it... The words sum up my thoughts and my heart...

Through the good times, You are good
Through the bad times, You are good
When I’m down, You are good
When I’m out, You are good

As I go through the pain, You are good
And though this disease is trying to kill me Lord
And cancer is staring at my face Lord
I can testify that You are good

And when my friends desert me
Lord I know that You are good
And when I’m going through this trial Lord
I know that You are good

This song has helped me put the centre of the focus of my life and being where it needs to be, regardless of my situation, circumstance, good or bad.... back on God, not just what He does, but more importantly on who He is.

The song is officially not out on release so you won’t find it anywhere as of yet.... But do enjoy a little snippet of it and I pray and hope it will lift up your heart and spirit as it does for mine!

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Beautiful, beautiful! Thank You Lightchild for sharing this with us! It's a real privilege indeed to be able to sample one of the songs from your hugely anticipated album.

As always, your song is such a huge blessing and as Christians we often need to be reminded that the nature of God is goodness. Everything He is and everything He does is good. Even when it doesn't make sense, we trust Him enough to believe that He is working all things out and in the end, His goodness shines through for us to see!

So like Lightchild, I encourage you to take a moment, even in that dark place, to lift up your voice and join in singing a great song of praise to our God - For He is good and His mercy is forever! Halleluyah!!!!

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I saw this quote earlier today and I loved it! In good or bad times, God remains GOOD!
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