Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My Praise to God - Bodam Taiwo #MOP16

I was really excited to get this email! I have known Bodam for almost half of my life and I thank God immensely for the friendship and sister-relationship I have with her.

I also really admire her passion and love for God and any task given to her (I mean while we were in Secondary School, she started with us in SS2 and one session was enough to convince the school authorities to make her Deputy Head Girl - there wasn't even such a position prior to that, but she came and inspired them creating that role!)

She is (among many ministries) also the founder and convener of the Ladies Monthly Prayer Session (LMPS) with over 200 women being a part of this over the years, and getting women to pray every last Friday of the month in their various locations for all manner of things. To God be the glory, there are many testimonies to show forth the faithfulness, power and mercy of God! Personally, my prayer life has been hugely impacted by this ministry!

So, it's still all about God's praise this month on 1 + The One and Bodam shares with us her own unique praise to our God, the Most High!


It took me a while to write this little note of praise because for me Praise - deep, no-holds-barred praise - is so intimate that it's something just between me and my God... Something I guard very jealously! But like every great love affair, the private feelings of love and affection become so much, that you just want to share it with somebody... And so, this is me attempting to share these heart feelings and I invite you to join me in praising my awesome GOD today.

JESUS, there's something so beautiful about your name... Something so special, something so precious, something so awesome...

JESUS... The only name that brings peace to every storm... The only name that calms the ragings of my heart... The only name that gives me complete confidence that this too shall pass...

JESUS... The name above all other names... I have never called your name and another name has proven greater... You have been Jesus over my sicknesses... Jesus over my finances... Jesus over my job... Jesus over my life...

JESUS... All that I am... all that I have... my entire life, my hopes and dreams and fears find a place in your name...

JESUS... My Husband... My dearest friend... My comforter... my healer... my advisor... my confidant... my fashion adviser... my career adviser... my mentor... my priest... my father... my counsellor... my encourager... my teacher... my accountability partner... my everything...

JESUS... Who is like you? No, really... who is like you? How did I survive before I knew you? You are merciful... so merciful... You are faithful... ever faithful... There is NO promise you have made that you haven't kept...

JESUS... I stop and sigh... Everything I want to say stuck on my tongue... Tears come to my eyes because I cannot adequately express myself to you... And in this moment, when words are not enough, I lift up my heart to you and speak to you heart to heart... All the things I wish I knew how to say... You hear it anyways... Words are not enough... With you, words are never enough!

JESUS.... my Lord, my Saviour, my King and my ALL... I love you!

Bodam Taiwo
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It's still the Month of Praise here on 1 + The One and it has been absolutely wonderful. Don't forget, you can be a part of it too! What's Your praise to God? Share with us and most importantly share with HIM!
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