Thursday 22 September 2016

Your Steadfast Love Extends to the Heavens - #MOP16

Your steadfast love
Extends to the heaven
Your faithfulness
Extends to the sky
Your righteousness
Is like majestic mountains
And Your wisdom, like the depths of the sea

I praise You God with this Don Moen classic. Along with 'Shepherd of my soul', it takes me to a sober and deep place of reflection and worship of Your wonderful love and nature.

I was also quite excited to find this same words in the book of Psalm, Chapter 36 and verse 5 and 6!

Lord, You are so great in all Your ways and I praise You for being so good, kind, compassionate and loving to all men.

Yes, You hate sin and cannot stand it but You love ALL men - sinners and saints alike. You are ever willing to forgive us when we come to You in repentance. Like the father of the prodigal son, You welcome us with open arms and great rejoicing when we come back to You. You are able to restore us back to the position of sons and daughters, no longer slaves or servants. Thank You.


It's still the Month of Praise here on 1 + The One and it has been absolutely wonderful. Don't forget, you can be a part of it too! What's Your praise to God? Share with us and most importantly share with HIM!
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