Tuesday 27 September 2016

Praise Him with my Talent - Ayobami Soetan (Lightchild) #MOP16

It's still the month of praise and I thank God for what He is has done so far. Hope you caught up with Love, Life & Lightchild yesterday!

Now, one of the areas I consider Lightchild's greatest talents is his dexterity on the keys. It's not just talent, I believe it's a gift from God. It was self-taught and I admire the way he 'enters' into worship when he plays. He has played with a wide array of worship leaders from around the world and he continues to glorify God with his talent.

I pray that like David, he will play and God will be glorified, he will play and demons will flee, healing and miracles will take place. Above all, may God be pleased with his praise in Jesus name.


So I’m not one to take selfies or record snapchats or upload personal videos.... though I get to boss people around to do so.... But on my last mini break from music, work and the hustle and bustle of home, I could not resist the 'urge' to play out two of my favourite songs on two different pianos that were just eyeing me up and asking to be played. By the way, this was over 9 months ago....

The first one is a free style version of the song 'Great is Your Love - The Walls Group'... I remember the first time I heard the song, I literally left it on repeat for a whole week... Simple in lyrics, catchy in melody but fully expressing the words of my heart at the very first moment I heard it...
".....Great is Your love, always covering me... so undeserving, You still look out for me...."

This second one is an excerpt from the song 'More than anything - Lamar Campbell', an old classic song, that has this phrase that gets to me every single time .... "because of you my cloudy days are gone... I just want to say that I love You more than anything"....

I guess my life is characterised by one major theme that you’ll always hear me say - If not for God’s love, grace and mercy... I can’t begin to imagine where I would be, what I’d be doing now, what my life would look like et al. Even in the times that I thought I was good or was doing good, my goodness still comes up short when compared to His, and makes mine look like rags. And at the times when I was so unfaithful to Him, I’m glad that He didn’t and doesn’t take away these three forces (grace, love and mercy) away from me. That’s why He only, gets my unreserved praise, anytime, any day, anywhere!


Express your praise to God in the best way you can. Make it as diverse as possible. God loves to see His children praise Him... like children. With abandon, displaying the talents and gifts He has blessed us with and totally glorifying His name... So sing, dance, shout, clap, jump, smile, kneel, play an instrument.... Just praise Him!!

It's 3 more days to go in the Month of Praise here on 1 + The One and it has been absolutely wonderful. Don't forget, you can be a part of it too! What's Your praise to God? Share with us and most importantly share with HIM!

Email to send in your praise!

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