Friday, 9 September 2016

Everything Written About You is Great! #MOP16

Today I want to praise God with this wonderful song by Steve Crown.

The God that I serve is a very great God!!

Oh Lord when I think about the wonders of your power and the wonders of Your creation, I cannot help but marvel at Your greatness! Every single thing that You do is great. You do mighty things, You do glorious things, You do great things!

You created heaven and earth in 6 days
You created man with a brain, spinal chord, sensory neurones, motor neurones, organs, tissues, blood, skin, systems and so many intricacies that we are still discovering.
You made animals - all manner of them! You who made Lions, also made Turkeys. You who made Orangutans also made Zebras! You made them all - big, small, wild, tame, exotic - all of them you made!

What a mighty God we serve!

You who raised Lazarus from the dead even though he had been dead for 3 days!
You who made the dead rod of Aaron come alive, bud with flowers, overnight! You are so great!
You who made Bartimeus who had been blind for over 30years, see again, in the blink of an eye!
You who healed the leprosy of Naaman with 7 dips in the sea - who can fathom Your power!
You who caused the dry bones to live again!

Nothing is 'too dead' for You!

You who took a slave girl and made her Queen in a foreign land
You who turned the fortunes of Jabez around, a man who had no hope at all
You who made a condemned prisoner, Prime Minister overnight!
You who can turn a beggar into a Prince

You do glorious things. The works of Your hands are great!

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of all flesh, is there anything too hard for You to do? Not at all!

Jehovah we praise You!!

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