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Waiting and Loving It!!! Feat Maria and Tokunbo Dunsin

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It's another Tuesday and you know what that means... Waiting and Loving It!!! If it's your first time, a huge WELCOME to you! Please feel free to read the introduction HERE and this post HERE ... Also, you can check out previous features on the blog!

Well today, I am stepping back to allow a very beautiful and lovely woman take us through her and her husband's experience.. I absolutely enjoyed reading and was blessed in so many ways.. Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy.... xx

Waiting and Loving It - My Story

My name is Maria Dunsin formerly known as Maria Ugbodaga. I am from a large family of nine and the 7th in my family. We were brought up by my lovely and devoted parents.  I worked for my church in Nigeria for a few years and travelled to the United Kingdom for 'greener pastures'. Life in the UK initially wasn't what I thought it would be initially as I encountered some difficulties. Anyways, I guess I have been destined to work for God as I was offered the job of a Secretary in my church in the UK. I worked for a caring man of God, a man with a big heart.

Working in the church office was tough but I overcame the challenges. One particular challenge I had was that, everyone was getting married, and I would be the one to welcome them, prepare the documents for their counselling sessions and be one of the first few to know that they were about to walk down the aisle. It got to a point that I became almost depressed as nothing was happening in my life. My pastor who was like a father to me, was there to consistently encourage me not to settle for less and always affirmed me, saying that I was beautiful, and that if anyone approached me I should ask them "Can you maintain me" (Lol). 

This boosted my confidence and I knew that there was one Mr Right out there for me as I wasn't getting younger. This continued until one 'Brother' Tokunbo came along. He was very gentle, quiet, helpful, a confidant and he became my best friend. After so many years of 'shakara' (playing hard to get) and a careful consideration, I said yes and we got married in 2009. 

"Though the vision is for an appointed time, wait for it for it shall surely come to pass"

Paraphrasing Habbakuk 2:3. As I got married at the age of 34.

The Tale of How we Met...

I met my husband as I said earlier on in our church, he actually came to the office and I was told that he was a member who went away as he got a job outside Manchester, where I reside in the UK. After his contract ended (he was working out of town), he came back and came by to say hello to our Pastor and his lovely wife. I remember that day because, Pastor's wife cheekily introduced us and I was like "And so?", because to me he didn't look like a 'brother', 'spiri- koko' (my usual expectation of how a spirit- filled brother should look). He had a few rings on and he didn't look like Denzel Washington. 

Don't judge me, lol.... That was my own expectation and prayer point to my heavenly Father of how I wanted my husband to look like. 
Please, don't judge people by the way they look or dress o, as I almost missed my blessing! Be open minded and get to know people first, as the ring he had on was him trying to 'belong' to the society he was living in, (Do you know that as I am typing this, I have extra rings on and that doesn't mean that am less spiritual!).. By the way, he doesn't wear any ring now apart from his wedding band.

The Attraction crept in....

What initially attracted me to him was his quiet nature, his level of commitment and dedication to the things of God. As I got to know him more (he often came to the office to help Pastor as he was made one of his PAs), I realised that he was a genuinely nice and caring person, who would go the extra mile to help people. Also, it wasn't just me who saw this, other people's opinion of him as 'Mr Nice' confirmed that it wasn't just me that thought he was nice, he was indeed a good man

He hasn't changed, he's a good father and a wonderful husband. The bible says "Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised" Prov 31:30. This is true and it applies to men too!

When he made his intentions known, and after some 'grilling' and investigation about him done by my wonderful and blessed Sister, (sis you know yourself) and myself, I was still not clearly sure. One night after I had a heart to heart discussion with my sister, I went to bed with concern because to me - this is the man I would be spending the rest of my life with and I didn't want to go in and come out of the marriage, as I see marriage as a life commitment. I prayed to God and I received a word from Him in Jeremiah 1:7, this to me didn't make sense as it didn't talk about marriage or clearly say, "Maria, you can marry Tokunbo". But later on, it became clear that God was saying to me that if people doubt or oppose your decision in saying yes to him, tell them that I, the Lord was sending you to go ahead. 

This word kept me going and thank God, he also had a revelation which he shared with me that the journey would be rough but once we focus on Jesus, it would be smooth later. 

A Time to Wait...
The issue of sex was not even a topic of discussion in my family as we were brought up in a Christian home and our beloved father was a strict disciplinarian. And as I gave my life to Christ, I also got to know that it was a grievous sin that Christ frowns upon as Hebrews 13:4 says "Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge". The fear of my father, the discipline of my older Sister and the commandment of God on sex was the beginning of wisdom for me! I could always picture my father in my head, wearing his glasses, slightly pushed down his nose, holding a big whip (known as koboko in Nigeria) and saying to me 'Don't you dare!'.

Now that I have crossed that line...

My advise to the singles out there, is pray, pray and pray to God until He's tired of hearing your voice about your future partner. Also, that  He should help you to identify that person when he/she comes. God will never fail you, He's our father and He loves us so, so much that He would not let you fall into the wrong hands. In addition, seek godly counsel and listen to them prayerfully.

The View Looks Mighty Good from Here! :-)

One of the best parts about being married is being called 'Mrs. Dunsin' *wide grin*.. There's respect that comes with being married and of course the fact that I have someone to share 'stuff' with! :-)
I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did!Their story is reflective of God's faithfulness.. No matter how long it takes, He will certainly come through for you.. Also, to encourage you that no matter how long it is, it is still very possible to wait.. Not easy but God honours.. It is true afterall, everybody is doing IT - Waiting and Loving It!

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  1. Great story. Keep up the good work Ayo!!

  2. This is so inspirational and encouraging

    God bless their union

  3. Wow, this is nice..reminds me strongly of a couple I know..So inspiring Ayo

  4. thanks for sharing this..."pray until God is tired of hearing your prayer about your future partner." well noted. SHALOM!!!

  5. Our God is faithful! my pray is that God will continue to hold ur marriage n I pray also he will provide a godly spouse for younger sister and nieces too. bridget

  6. @Uki, Thanks a lot dear and welcome to the blog! xx
    @Inthe, a truly beautiful couple indeed
    @Uje, Amen! Thanks dear.. God bless you xx
    @Mesoma, Thanks dear.. I wonder who the couple are.. lol xx
    @Nhyira, I know, I loved that part too! Thanks a lot for stopping by xx
    @Cherrywine, Thanks hun xx
    @Bridget, He definitely is faithful! Thanks a lot for stopping by - Welcome! And Amen to your prayers!! xx
    Thank you everyone for your comments! Really appreciate them xx

  7. A wonderful tesimony to me to not settle and wait on God no matter how long it takes. This was an encouraging read. Beautiful couple!

  8. I really enjoyed this one. Pray till God gets tired of hearing your voice.GBAM. Marraige is a life time commitment, not an in and out journey.
    God bless your union

  9. @HF, Yes please, never settle! God has great plans for you xx
    @Anosi, Amen! Thanks dear. xx

  10. Wow, this is really God at work. Their testimony is so inspirational.
    It's really a joy to serve a God as good as ours.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us. I'm blessed.

  11. Wow, this is really God at work. Their testimony is so inspirational.
    It's really a joy to serve a God as good as ours.
    Thanks again for sharing this with us. I'm blessed.

  12. Oneplustheone. Wow thank you so much. I know this is not the blog I am going to comment on.

    I got to this blog through your other blog with the title of the song today oh I will lift up my voice and sing. I was googling for the words and I came across your blog. I thank God because this is my message for my present season. You nailed it for me. Now I truly am seeing God's word come alive. "there is no trial you go through not common to man" You wrote the blog two years ago and yet today it crossed path with me and really ministered to me.Thank you for now I know who wrote it and l love the song even more. I am Zimbabwean but this song originating from Nigeria, I heard it last year for the first time and since then. I love signing it. May the Lord God continually bless you and may He continue to lead you to write blogs that are heart felt and that will touch and change the lives of people for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

  13. @Hannah, it's really a reflection of God's faithfulness.. Thanks a lot for your comment hun xx
    @Anonymous, Awww.. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. It's always wonderful to know that God can use something - no matter how old it is to be a blessing. Thank you very much for leaving a comment - it's so encouraging and God bless you richly! I pray that He will meet you at the point of your need and as you praise Him through whatever comes your way, He will show up BIG for you.. Thank you xx

  14. So many lol-worthy moments in this post. That Denzel Washington reference and picture almost made me spill my early morning drink, lol. We all love a spirit-filled, Denzel-looking brother. Don't we, ladies? God bless you both :)

  15. @Maggielola, I also laughed when I read the Denzel part.. We all usually have 'fantasies' of the kinda man we want to marry.. I think mine has changed over the years.. Will Smith.. Shemar Moore, Boris Kodjoe (!), Wasiu Ayinde Marshall (iKid).. Lol.. xx

  16. funmirach.dina@gmail.com14 March 2014 at 15:11

    The Almighty will establish and confirm your marriage with signs and wonders in Jesus mighty name. Congratulations

  17. Ps: I lurrrrv Mr and Mrs Dunsin's story. And yes I agree with Mrs Dunsin, there is respect in the Mrs. I'm calling it so that she can tickle a bit more, God has satisfied you.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks #one so much for fishing out these wonderful people and their amazing stories xx

  18. @Funmi, Amen! Thank you so much for your comment! xx
    @Isioma, Thank you so much ma cherie! I hope Mrs D gets to read your comment haha.. xx

  19. That was such an inspiring story. Thank God for a mentor like your pastor too who kept you grounded till it was time. Wish you and your husband a blessed and happy union, Mrs. D!

  20. Amen! Thank you OurStories Inc.. You're so right, it helps when you have someone encouraging you through it.. xx


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