Friday, 21 March 2014

Dear Daddy

Dearest Daddy,

It's me again! I am so glad that you never get tired of hearing my voice or speaking to your little girl or getting my mails.. What would I ever do without you?! :-)

Today, I just want to say thank You!
Thank You particularly for the new and wonderful people I have met in the past few days. Thank You for the encouragements and for putting things in place so that I know that you will never leave nor forsake me.

Thank You for strength this week (Cause Lord I sure needed it!!). Thank You for the lovely news I heard this week.. Thank You for making your girls giggle! Thank You for encouraging your daughter as she shared with me.. You rock!

Thank You for the faith You have given my family and I.. It is such a wonderful privilege knowing a God like You.. Thank You because every single time, You make it clear that it is so worth it, knowing and having a relationship with You!

Thank You for the blog community - Lord, You have indeed blessed this world with soo much talent! As I say thanks for them, I particularly want to thank you for Berry Dakara.. Sometimes, people do stuff for you that touch you so deeply; and Daddy I just want to ask that You bless her and her Cakes 'extra special' this weekend and let her be celebrated even more!

Thank You for so many things I cannote even count - Thank You for my past, thank You for my present and thank YOU for my future!!

I love you - King of my heart.

Your forever girl,
One xx


  1. Hi dear, still can't follow because of the google glitches. will do as soon as its sorted :)

  2. Thanks dear. Glad to have you here again xx


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