Monday, 17 March 2014

Monday Morning Reflection

Hello people!

It's another Monday morning to love right? right? (I had to ask again cause that question is dodgy, lol).. But yeah, I choose to believe and be excited at the fact that this is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Woop woooop!!

Hope your weekend was great? Like I mentioned on Facebook (You haven't been on the blog's Facebook page?! *shock gasp* lol.. Here it is Please like and share too!), Saturday was the birthday of a man I have deep respect and admiration for! A man of God indeed. A man who makes Christianity look mighty good, marriage desirable and restores much hope in Fatherhood! Please help me to say a huge GOD BLESS YOU to the one and only PAI, Pastor Agu Irukwu - son of God, Husband of one wife and father of 3 children + multitudes too + friend of soo many!


Anyways, over the weekend, I was also reflecting on the Dear Daddy POST of Friday and as I thought about the God of my youth, I couldn't help but reminisce a little on how far my love-relationship with God has come... It took me back to a place of singing old worship songs (Amen, Amen! I will enter His gates..).. I remembered the joy of being taught in Children's church Sunday School and all the many activities that made church so wonderful (it still is today, thank God!), I remembered the prayers made, the answers to them and wonderful testimonies from God.. I remembered the not so pleasant experiences too, the lessons learnt and how God saved me from them.. I realised even deeper that God is ever so mindful of me.. and not just me, every single human being on this earth! His love is so large that He can have a uniquely individual love relationship with each of us.. You have your own love-history with the King of Kings or if you haven't, you can have your own love-history with Abba Father.. What a JOY!

So I encourage you this morning, just like a wife or husband looks at their spouse of 10, 20, 30years and remembers the early days, the days when they would play-fight - the time she overlooked that misdemeanour and just proved her unconditional love for you, the time he nursed you back to health when you were ill and how it made you feel "I never want to let you go", the time she went all out to set before you a feast of delicacies and you thought "I sure hit gold!", the time he danced silly and sang off-tune just to make you smile and forget the tough stuff going on and it made you want to spend the next 50 years with him again!

In the same way, I encourage you..

Remeber when He healed your heart?

Remember the way you used to wake up early so you could spend time in fellowship with Him - your own personal time?

Remember the time you begged and asked "If only You could just do this Lord".. and He came through for you?

Remember how you promised Him that "No matter what you faced, you would still praise Him"?

Remember the God of your youth - It could have been 10years, 5years, 2years or even 1month.... I encourage you to go back to the place of your love anew! xx


Have a blessed and wonderful week all!

Flaunt It Monday coming up!! :-) xx
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  1. Thanks for this. Just reflecting on the love of God. Its been so faithful. Thanks for this!

  2. Yummy post dear! We must never FORGET to REMEMBER!

  3. @Nike, Thank you dear.. God is indeed faithful xx
    @Sisi Blu, Love that - Never forget to remember! xx


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