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Waiting and Loving It!! - Feat Adewunmi and Felix Makanjuola

Hiya! It's Tuesday and yup.. Waiting and Loving It!!! Hope you loved listening to Four Kornerz yesterday and also had the opportunity to take a bit of time to revel in the memories and love of the God of your youth!

Well, I have the pleasure of introducing the 7th couple here on Waiting and Loving It!! I am particularly excited as it's done a little bit differently! I've been chasing up on this fab couple for a while now and their busy schedules hadn't enabled them to respond until now - But I'm mighty glad they did and it was definitely worth the wait as you would find out soon..

We would be featuring them in 2 parts - First from the Mrs and next from the Mr! And they have aptly captioned their own mini-series as "How I Met Your Father" and "How I Met Your Mother"...

I'll stop right here and let you enjoy, learn, be blessed by their real-ness!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Waiting and Loving It Part VII

How I Met Your Father - Adewunmi Makanjuola

*cue music*

***It Was a Spring Day***


Where do I start? Through a family friend, I was introduced to Felix; I remember the day clearly.

The phone rings, I say Hello’ and after observing the usual telephone protocols and pleasantries, the next question my friend asked was ‘Are you still single?’ I burst out laughing; typical of ladies right?! My answer was ‘err yeah, why do you ask?’, and her response was ‘I have someone for you’; I laughed again..{and Sarah laughed}

So, I said to her, that I'm not interested and wasn’t really looking for anyone. You see, to be honest, I really wasn’t looking for anyone, and I was enjoying my season of singleness, a season of just seeking after God and nothing else. She said to me ‘Don’t you know you are getting old?’, have in mind I was only 22 years old at that time; in my mind I thought to myself ‘Oh no, you didn’t!’. Anyway, after a long tussle, I finally succumbed to her match-making powers and said ‘Okay fine’; thank God for persistent friends.

She gave me his name, and straightaway I went on Facebook to check out who this guy was; oh come off it we all do it! I just wanted to make sure the person existed (laugh out loud). Apart from knowing he existed, I also wanted to have a mental image of who this man was; one peek and Oooooohh yes my baby is fineeeee (laugh out loud – don’t judge me).

From that day on I kept on praying, it took Felix about a month before he even called me, I thought maybe he’s not serious or even ready. After the initial calls and intermittent Blackberry messages, it took him a year before he actually proposed to see me in person! (Yes a year….a full, whole year!!… Hmmm that’s a book on its own.

During the one year period of just talking, I learnt a lot about God and about myself. I think God was really testing my patience, because after a few months of talking, I wanted to meet him already, but he wouldn’t ask me, and I kept silent too (Ladies, I believe in being lady-like and let him do the chasing – but it was hard – arrrgh!).

So one year later, here comes the light after a very long tunnel (!!), on that fateful Sunday afternoon I finally saw the man I had been speaking to on the phone, he wasn’t as tall as I imagined, but a mighty man of God.

***Just before summer***

So it took a year for me to see this guy. Who does that? I mean why? Was I supposed to just wait around for this guy like I had nothing better to do? The answer is YES....just joking!

The wait was the most trying time of my life. I didn't think I would survive it!

The hardest thing was being on his BBM contact list and he would not as much as say hello. Yet he'll be updating his status like no man's business; everyday is someone's birthday - and by the way they were mostly 'girls' - if it's not Michelle today, it's Bukky tomorrow (laughing out loud right now), but that wasn't funny back then, that just used to annoy me. Once in a 'very' blue moon, Mr 'Celebration of all Female Birthdays' will decide to send a BB message, 'Hi Wunmi'. That would just get me smiling but I'll make him wait a bit, like I've been busy or something (err, yes I said it), I didn't want to come across like I was just by the phone waiting for him to remember me). If I'm very honest those times were hard, how can someone be so close and yet be so distant at the same time?

Remember I said the waiting time was a trying and testing time for me, I finally got to a place where I was comfortable with me and secure with the promises of God for me. I took comfort in the Words of Habakkuk 2:3

"For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”
I decided, if Felix was the God ordained man for me, then I need not worry or succumb to gimmicks, all I had to do was commit him to God's hands and when he has finished celebrating everyone's birthday, he will come home.

***Summer time***

So with continuous prayers, and limited communication, one day Felix begins to warm up, then he asked if he could meet up with me and that maybe we go for a meal. I still remember the day, it was a Sunday afternoon, I had just gotten back from church, and we went to Wagamamas. Felix and I talked long and hard. One of the things I liked was that Felix was intentional about the relationship right from meeting me. He said he wanted to be in a relationship with me and believed I am his wife... We had many talks and did a lot of getting to know each other. 

Waiting Till 'I Do'...

From the early stages of our relationship we talked about boundaries. Felix said he didn't want to kiss me, but will like the honours when we are joined and the officiating minister says, 'You may NOW kiss the bride'. I thought that was romantic of him, but secretly thought to myself if it was possible. We talked openly about what we can or cannot do. This was very helpful to both of us; there were times when Felix felt like he couldn't wait - fortunately I would be strong and firm, and there were times I would feel like just giving him the 'snog of life' (laughing out loud) but he would restrain me and remind me of why we chose to wait.

We tried to help ourselves because we both agreed we are human and anything could happen, for example, we made sure we didn’t spend too much time together alone especially at night. We realised that the later it was in the day, the more sensitive we were to touch and so on.

Why The Wait?

As a virgin, being in a relationship wasn’t going to change my status. I believed in keeping myself for that special person. Also, based on my personal beliefs as a Christian, I felt I wouldn’t be giving God and my husband the best of me if I didn’t keep myself chaste before marriage.

I had to speak to God, because there was no way else to know about it. I needed to hear from Him, to make sure that my steps where being ordered by Him. God being faithful would show me scriptures, this in turn reinforced the knowledge I had and also gave me the inner peace conviction that it was okay to go ahead and wait. Also, while I was waiting I went for single ladies conferences; I was working doing what I needed to do as a woman but most importantly spent so much time with God.

***Autumn leaves***

We started a relationship and on June 25th 2013, Felix proposed to me and the rest as they say is history…. Well not quite! When I crossed over into 2013, I didn't know I would be married before the year was out. There were many oppositions. Many people in my family thought it was too soon for me to get married being one of the youngest in the family (extended family included) but Felix reassured me that if God meant it to be that year, it will be – and so it was!

...And the best part about being married…

#Best-friends #Unlimited Sex (loooool) #Sharing together

And there you have it folks.. Like I said earlier, I loved reading Adewunmi's love journey with Mr 'Celebration of Birthdays' lol.. Many pointers too and one of the ones that stood out for me is that it's great to be on the same page with your partner. Agree on significant areas of your relationship. There were clearly defined boundaries and time frame as well.. Also, being able to hold yourselves accountable.. You may not always be strong at the same time but just like the bible says -

"Two are better than one, Because they have a good reward for their labour, for if they fall, one will lift up his companion..." Ecclesiastes 4:9-10b

So we eagerly await the Mr's response right? By the way, he blogs at

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  3. @Tommie, I know! I am very interested in his side of the story too! #QuestionofLife.. Hopefully we wouldn't wait for too long.. Check again next week Tuesday! xx
    @Inthe, Hahaha.. Your comment cracked me right up! Don't worry, there are many people who chose not to and we shall 'out' them by God's grace... Put your lighters up people! :-D *rings cele bells*
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