Monday, 3 March 2014

A grateful dog has more worth than..

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend? I did! My weekend is usually super after a fantastic time in church! Have I told you lately that I absolutely love my church?! Lol.. Well if you need any reminding, you can find out a few of my favourite things about church HERE. We had another wonderful thanksgiving service yesterday and it is soo good to spend time praising a God who deserves it so and thanking Him for blessings past, present and future!


Talking about thanksgiving and saying thank you, its importance couldn’t be over-stressed. We have heard it before, a grateful heart receives more. Besides that, thankfulness is a sign of a good character and endears people to one’s self. In addition to saying thank you, it is important to have an attitude that seeks to always find something to be grateful for!

It is easy sometimes, to think “Oh but you haven’t done anything ‘thank-worthy’”, however, I have come to realise that sometimes we miss the opportunity to show love and gratitude due to our very limited outlook on things and this has the potential to undo many good relationships (platonic and romantic).

What’s your first reaction when someone does something good for/to you, no matter how little? Are you thinking and saying “You could have done better” “Is that all?” “Others are buying Swarovski jewellery, you are buying flowers!” (haha)

(Yup, don't be that person who forgets good gestures easily in the face of one disappointment)

The truth is sometimes we don’t know how much effort/sacrifice has gone into giving us that ‘small’ thing but if we keep focusing on what ‘could have been better’, we totally miss it! And sure enough we may never be the recipient of any further good gesture.

I remember when I was younger, we had someone live with us for a while and after every meal, he would go to my mum and say thank you. My siblings and I thought it was quite funny and made fun of him thinking, “Calm down bruv, it’s just food, it’s normal, and she’s our mother after all, if she doesn’t give us food, who will? Lol, In a way, it’s her duty right? Nothing special there.. Well, WRONG! I guess we forgot that the fact that we have food on our table 3 times a day, every day was a real blessing indeed and quite frankly the fact that she chose to take her responsibility and commitment to us seriously was indeed more than thank-worthy no matter how frequently it happened!

Have you said thank you for that meal? Have you said thank you to that loyal friend who has remained constant in and out of season? Have you said thank you for the last birthday treat? (even though it fell below your expectations). Have you said thank you for your Valentine’s Day card and cupcakes even though you were expecting your favourite perfume? (After ALL the not too subtle hints! lol). Have you said thank you because he never fails to call on you just to check that you’re alright? Have you said thank you because she is consistently nice to your friends (even the obnoxious ones!), Have you said thank you for the phone cards he buys for those long distance calls, have you said thank you for her keeping awake to ensure that she receives your long-distance calls?

This week make it a plan to show gratitude for even the ‘smallest’ of things and refrain (as hard as it may be), to keep from complaining “you mean that’s all?!”– You may be surprised at how far it will go!

Thank you to all those who visit, who comment and who come back again and again.. I am grateful xx


  1. It's easy to forget to say thank you for the little niceties, especially when we have a long list of request.

    appreciating people and God makes them want to do more . It gladdens the heart and I pray and am working at getting better.

  2. Thank you for this darling. A beautiful reminder. The long distance phone calls struck a nerve. I should be grateful for those who are considerate of the time difference.


  3. @Sykik.. It does gladden the heart and moves the recipient to do more! May we inculcate an attitude of gratitude by God's grace
    @MsTizzle, Thanks a lot dear xx

  4. Being reminded of the need to be thankful never gets old!!! Not sure if it was in this blog or some other internet word where I read about thinking God for 3 specific things first thing when I wake up in the morning. This has really helped me not only to ensure that God is the first person I acknowledge in the morning but also helps to ensue that I never go through a day without thinking God specifically for something
    I also think it's perhaps even more meaningful to thank God when we don't feel like it or it's the last thing we'd want to do :)

  5. Am pains so much not to be appreciated so I try to always so thanks o

  6. @Thankful, Thank you so much for your comment! I have learnt something new and I hope to adopt it too - Thanking God for 3 specific things first thing when I wake (and I think I will add, just before I go to bed too).. God bless you and thanks for stopping by xx
    @Anonymous, I know what you mean.. I think I blogged about it before.. I want to be the one that shows gratitude always Especially to God and also to people (So help me God) xx

  7. I'm gonna share this, it's too beautiful!

  8. Thank you dearie.. God bless you much! xx


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