Monday, 17 March 2014

Flaunt It! Four Kornerz....You Can Lean on their Shoulders

It's Flaunt It Monday peopleeeeee! Yayyyy! Right, if you don't know what the excitement is about, please read about the idea behind Flaunt It HERE - It's all about celebrating new things, celebrating talent, celebrating initiatives and just absolutely flaunting the beauty of the gift and creativity of God which He has so richly invested in us all! Hope it also inspires you too!

It's my immense pleasure to present the 2nd feature here on Flaunt It! It's from a genre I absolutely love and love to talk about no, not food - Music!!

Four Kornerz - A brilliant all-male band made up of 4 good-looking, God-ly brothers! Like, it's so amazing to see 4 'all-together' guys who have the God factor.. and guess what?! They sing too! Infact, they sing, play instruments and worship! Did I hear you say *God is GOOD*!

Well, today they officially release their latest single and I encourage you to definitely have a listen and download too, and guess what?! As at 10am this morning, it was released and made FREE to download (Did I hear you say, Good-looking, God-fearing and Generous?!)

I won't say too much but allow you to judge for yourselves and understand how really fantastic these guys are! I saw the video first time I heard the song and I have to say the excellence in quality made me proud to know they serve an Excellent God! I absolutely love their music! See video below:

So you know I love you people right? Well, the lead singer and oldest of the brothers agreed to say a few things about the band and their latest single.. Here goes!

7 Questions with Four Kornerz (Lead Singer - Charles Deji Juba)

1. Background Check


Four Brothers (Deji, TJ, Vidal, Daniel) of Nigerian heritage, living in the UK. We've been involved in music for over 10 years and have a passion for sharing our music and message to the Four corners of the world (hence the name Four Kornerz)

We started off in Church many many years ago. I remember singing in school and church choirs back in '92 so the musical gifts have been honed over many years. Four Kornerz debuted in 2004 so it's been 10 years in the making.

2. Memorable concerts you've done/been a part of?


Too many highlights for us; playing alongside so many of our musical heroes like Kirk Franklyn, Tye Tribbet, Israel Houghton, visiting many countries and hearing people sing our songs...It's been a fantastic journey and we're looking forward to the next chapter. This summer is already heating up; we've got Big Church Day Out, a few European dates, one in Africa and we'll be headlining with Fred Hammond in May this year! (Super!!)

3. Who writes your songs?

It's a collaborative process. I write a lot of the lyrics, TJ is the MD, but the finished product is a combined effort

4.  What/Who inspires your songs?
The songs are a reflection of our Faith in Jesus, our personal lives and our love for good music. We like to party so a lot of our songs have a funk and RnB influence as well as the Nigerian rhythms. Plus growing up we listened to every kind of music so our range touches on Rock, Jazz, Hiphop and more. I'd describe us as a mix of Israel Houghton, Earth Wind & Fire, John Legend, Cold Play and Black Eyed Peas :)

5. What inspired the song "Lean on my Shoulders"

It was inspired by a close friend of mine who had gone through a terrible episode (abusive relationship, health issues, emotional breakdown) At that point I realised I could do more good by just being a friend and be there for made me realise a lot of times we can get overwhelmed with life's dramas and, even though we all put on a mask of confidence, we all need a shoulder to lean on.


6. What one word/message would you like anyone listening to it to take away?

You're not alone. You're stronger than you realise so don't give up.

7. Any parting words?

It's crazy to think that a musical journey that started in a small youth church in the RCCG in Ebutte metta ( Lagos) could now be rubbing shoulders with Prime Ministers, Grammy award winners and travelling the world and getting fans and radio play globally. It's like Lupita N'yongo's Oscar speech "No matter where you're from, your dreams are valid"


I have heard their Lead Singer speak and I can definitely say that you can't miss the God in him - Absolutely wonderful and very inspirational!

You can download their new single 'Lean on Your Shoulders' FREE on their Facebook page
Also visit their website

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Have a wonderful week folks, don't forget to Flaunt It - God's styleee! :-) xx


  1. Waoh! Great song! Well done guys

  2. I've not listened yet, will do. I 'think' I like the new theme. Still thinking o x_x

  3. Yeeeeee!!!! I Love it!!! The concept of the video is awesome!!

    And they are brothers!! Wow!! Love the song!!! :)

  4. @Tommie, lol.. I would really like to know what you think about the new theme (still testing out stuff)..
    Yayyyy! You liked it.. I loved the video too! And the song has a way that sticks in your mind..
    And yup, they are brothers - blood and everything lol xx


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