Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pastor Lucie's Daughter

Let me tell you about this gorgeous human being that God blessed this earth with.. The meaning of her name itself is so apt - Light.

You see, when you see her, she already does her name justice as she illuminates the entire room with not just her beauty but her charming smile, bright disposition and spirit. A beautiful, bright, warm-hearted woman whose name is Lucie. Today, I crave your indulgence to celebrate this wonder-woman who happens to be my mother... I feel so honoured to be called Pastor Lucie's daughter.


I carry that title with such pride because it is indeed such a privilege to be blessed with a mother like mine. Infact, times when I reminisce of how much fun she made growing up to be, and how much effort she put into moulding her children to be all that God wants them to be, it makes me smile from within and just appreciate the God of this woman who has made in her such a vessel of pure gold.

There are so many special, funny and naughty (all mine of course :-) ) moments I recall.. How can I forget my first day at Secondary School - me and my young, bold (yeah right) self venturing into the 'unknown' and how my mother ensured that she walked me in and stayed to introduce me to my first friend - it was like Kindergarten all over again! (lol), and it wasn't even Boarding house - but I thank you Ma Mere for doing that, you made me feel so protected, so cared for.

 (My mum and I from very longgg ago!)

Thank you as well for honing my skills in letter-writing! haha - I hope you can remember the countless letters I wrote to you, especially when you upset me and I just had to 'express' myself by writing a letter, surreptitiously tucking it beside your pillow so you wouldn't see me doing so while ensuring that you couldn't miss it. Thank you that you never told me off for expressing myself, instead one way or the other, the letters worked and I found you listening to all my grievances spelt out therein - I laugh in Spanish - Thank you for not laughing at my childish antics but giving me the opportunity to love writing letters (I hope my husband thanks you later!)..


Thank you for showing me how to give and how to love people - Teachers in our Primary School used to love having me or my siblings in their classes as they knew that come Christmas/New Year, the bounty would be worth it! Thank you for leading by example and having people over at our house all the time - it was never a dull moment, and I learnt how to go to extra lengths to help people.

Thank you for being a role model in looking FAB! Mehnn.. I don't even think I have that strength yet but I know that it's inside me somehow somehow lol.. I remember how you hated our hair looking untidy and always threatened to cut it off if we didn't manage it properly.. Err, I am still learning Mama hehe (but you are not allowed to cut it anymore!)

I could go on and on! However, I cannot finish this piece without thanking you for the very best lesson of all - thank you for showing us first hand what it means to love God and be devoted to His things. I remember you as the beautiful adult Sunday School Teacher that many people loved - you found a way to make remembering the weekly memory verses very interesting! I remember you coming tops in your Baptism class - my Mother the holy efiko! I remember you heading the Ladies' ministry and doing a wonderful job of it! I remember how trustworthy you are with money and keeping records and accounts, you are the organiser extraordinnaire! I remember the times you would call us to together to pray or to worship or to encourage us to fast till 12noon (That was the longest 3 hours ever!) Lol.. I remember so many sacrifices that I saw you (and still see you) make for your heavenly Father and you don't know how much it inspires me. Thank you for praying for us (sometimes, I feel I can close both eyes knowing you got me covered *wink wink*), thank you for encouraging us to do more, to do better while honouring God through it all.

I love you sooo much - words are ineffective to express how much! Today, Pastor Lucie, Princess Lulu, Mama Rere no 1, I Just want to say Happy Mother's Day. May you reap bountifully all the seeds you have sown and the labour of your love to God and to men.

PS I know you will read this, as you read every single post that's published on this blog... Your support is so strong. Thank you Mummy 
(Looking like the Princess that you are on your 50th birthday!)


  1. Lovely! Happy mother's day to your mum. God blesss her and all the mothers out there daily sacrificing to the betterment of all the people around them. Your apple didnt fall far from the tree at all...Beautiful woman

  2. I saw "Pastor Lucie's Daughter" and thought maybe you were starting a new fiction series. This is way better!

    Happy Mothers Day to your mum! I can see where you get your good looks from.

  3. Your mom is Beautiful! You are so blessed to have her in your life. Happy Mothers Day Pastor Lucie!!

  4. Thank you so much AyoOluwa Otseoghena. I bless God for the day you were born and for being such a loving, kind, lovely and wonderful daughter. May our heavenly Father continue to increase your greatness. I give God all the glory for giving you the grace to follow Him and to serve Him with so much dedication. Love you always Ayomiola. Hugs a
    nd kisses

  5. did I see 50th birthday there just now? OMG! your mumsi looks so good.
    Happy mother's day to you ma. God bless you for indeed raising a godly seed

  6. @HD, Thank you so much! I say a BIG Amen to your prayers -God bless all mothers richly xx
    @RB, Aww merci beaucoup! Thank you very much xx
    @HF, Thank you hun.. I thank God for the gift of a wonderful mother indeed. Thank God for all our blessed mothers xx
    @my darling mama, you are extra extra special! Love you loads xx
    @Frances, Yes oh, over 50 and fabulous!! Amen and amen to your prayers.. May God bless your mum richly too in Jesus name.

    Thank you everyone, I appreciate you loads xx

  7. You need to stop lying! Olurun o fe!!! This hottie is not your mother. Maybe a sister, but definitely not your mother *wink*. You are blessed ma!

  8. Happy mother's day to your mum One plus the One! Long life, more prosperity and more blessings.

  9. @Inthe, Lol.. I better go and check again! Thanks a lot :-) xx
    @GS, Amen and amen! Thanks dearie xx

  10. Wow, your mum is so beautiful. She is not yoruba, right? Cos she doesn't look it.

  11. Thank you very much @ilola! You're right, she's not Yoruba, she's from Edo state xx

  12. Awwww....lovely and beautiful Ma xxx


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