Monday, 10 March 2014

Flaunt It!.. Hearty Meals just got all shades of interesting!

Hi everyone! Hope you had a brilliant and restful weekend? (Isn't it interesting that weekends are there to rest but we actually hardly ever do that!).. It's just an extension of work, many times - 'social' work.

Mine was great! It was a great time at the Redemption Camp for the Special Holy Ghost Service - If you haven't had the opportunity to attend one of these... You're missing a right treat! It was superliciously-listic! And it was topped up with a fantastic time in church on Sunday! Brilliant weekend!

Anywyys, I am introducing 2 brand spanking new 'days' to the blog! As many of you know, Tuesday is Waiting and Loving It!!! Day.. Now, on Monday we have *Flaunt It* Day and on Wednesday, there's a very interesting series starting up! I will talk about that a bit more on Wednesday so.. stay tuned! :-D

Now, *Flaunt It* Day would be a platform/avenue for new/emerging ideas, innovations, releases, achievements et al! I believe very much that with God, impossible is nothing! And with Flaunt It, we would be able to celebrate people who have begun to do great things, start new businesses, launch new initiatives! And oossible give ourselves a bargain in the process too! (don't you just love freebies like me?! :-D)

So without much further ado.. I present to you the first new and brilliant business idea -


Healthy eating just got interesting..

Hearty Meals is the brain child of two wonderful young women in Nigeria and is all about making healthy eating more achievable for you and I (Yayyy!)

It's really simple... Are you desirous of a healthy liifestyle yet unable to have the time to commit to achieving it? Did you start off the year with the fantastic plan of losing weight/living a healthier lifestyle yet time and chance said no?

The Hearty Meals team are dedicated to ensuring you are afforded the chance of meeting your daily calorie requirements, whilst exciting your taste buds (yippee!), and not having to stress about getting this done each and every day (*bliss!!*). They create and provide delicious, nutritious and well-balanced meals for you using fresh and seasonal ingredients free from refined carbohydrates and measured to the right quantities.

Nutritionists develop a unique menu for you based on the principles of balanced and healthy eating standards, Their very experienced chefs shop, cook, while the delivery team deliver healthy meals to your doorstep, in good time, making sure you don’t have to lift a finger to do so. (*sigh* I'm in food heaven!)

All you have to do is sign up and you have healthy AND delicious meals delivered to you at a veryy reasonable price!! (Amazing huh?!)


Contact numbers are 08098884079, 08172044525 and 08172044526  
Registration is free when you quote 'oneplustheone' (valid while stock lasts!! hehe)
Facebook - HeartyMeals Nigeria
Tweet Tweet - @heartymealsng
Instagram: @heartymealsng
Google +: heartymealsng
BBM Channel: C0019F882


Would you like to feature your idea/business/innovation et al on Flaunt It Monday? Please send me an email or on twitter @1plustheone

Have a fabulous week people and don't forget to Flaunt It - God's style! *cool shades*! xxxx


  1. These pictures are tempting...

  2. Very tempting right? lol.. They taste even tempt-ier :-)
    Hope you're doing well xx

  3. I too want to be featured on flaunt it Monday. Lol God please give me a unique idea!!!!!,

  4. Choi..... you're almost making me drool here!!!

  5. @Anonymous, I look forward to featuring you here too!! I say amen to your prayers! xx
    @Fluffy, lol.. I know right? Hope you've placed your order! xx

  6. Fab idea! healthy meals on the go. First time on your blog and loving it. would you like us to follow each other?

    following you anyway :)

  7. @Ngozi, Thanks a lot for stopping by and Welcome!! Stopped by your blog too and it looks great! Well done on your weight loss journey - pretty amazing xx


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